There is a way, a simple and powerful way, to release every little bit of accumulated negative energy from every cell of your body. It is a technique that has been practiced in many traditions and cultures for thousands of years, because it is totally effective at healing and restoring the body to its naturally vibrant, radiant and joyful state. It is deeply liberating and also deeply enjoyable. The technique is called shaking.

Watch this short demonstration by Kim Eng, partner of Eckhart Tolle.

Many things weigh us down and pull us into feelings of heaviness, stress, fear, anger, tiredness, even depression. The purpose of shaking is to move in completely the opposite direction, towards how we are supposed to be feeling: Light, energised, open, positive, joyful and loving. Shaking the body releases the contraction and tension held deep in the tissues of our body as fear – and enables vitality and consciousness to flow into those places instead, through increased circulation and oxygen intake. Fear (which manifests as tension and resistance) cannot continue to be held in the body when we shake. It is the very best physical and spiritual antidote, and it is also deeply enjoyable (especially when done with beautiful music).

Through shaking the body, you release all the blockages that prevent you experiencing the depth of your being. You connect with something more full, more real; something beautiful, lighter and higher which transcends negativity and fear. It is joy, bliss, ecstasy, divine freedom. The fundamental Truth of who you are.

Experience this for yourself now, with this beautiful 12 minute shaking music meditation. Just shake your body in the same way shown in the above video. Loosen up your limbs first, then when you are ready to shake your whole body, press play.

INSTRUCTIONS: Rather than focusing on the beat of the music (which plods), listen more carefully to the percussion, to the shaker, which skips along with more energy, and shake your body in time with it (or as close as you can). Breathe more deeply and rapidly than usual, in order to flood your body with oxygen. When the music ends, just sit down quietly for a few minutes and breathe more slowly.

Of course, shaking can be done in silence, and it is also very good in nature. But the music is helpful because it gives us a template for movement, and it can give us more energy. It also speaks to our heart and keeps our mind focused on beautiful sounds, rather than wandering into thoughts. Below are some slightly longer pieces of shaking music, if you want to experiment.

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