Healing the Mind’s Separation

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There is a division in the mind of humanity, and it is the root cause of all our inner-pain and conflict. We collectively project this division outside into our external reality and we see a human world in great turmoil.

Humanity is at war with itself. Can you imagine an organism trying to defeat itself, believing part of itself to be bad? It would simply exist in conflict and be likely to destroy itself. Is that what we want for the human race? Because that is the trajectory which has been set by our collectively perceiving a divided world; a world of good and bad, right and wrong.

The effect that this perspective has on our own being is that we feel like a divided person. We feel incomplete because we are not accepting part of our own self. We are rejecting it because we perceive it to be bad. We have judged it, and condemned it as undesirable, thus we reject part of our own being. We feel unholy. Part of us is good, and part of us is bad. However these undesirable ‘bad’ aspects of our being are simply a product of the original division in our consciousness, the primary malady.

Therefore if we heal the original division in our mind, we will simultaneously heal all of the resulting pain, conflict and perceived external division that results from it.

Our perception of the world will be altered, so that we no longer see things in opposition anymore; we no longer see a world that has been judged in terms of good and bad. We simply see a reality which is out of balance. This balance can be extreme, or it can be mild. But it is evident everywhere in the societies and civilisation of mankind, because it is present in the individuals within that society. If it were not there within the individuals, you would not see it manifest in what those individuals created together.

Yet balance naturally restores itself when it is allowed to because that is natural law. However, if it is prevented from restoring itself by a state of consciousness that cannot perceive the wholeness of reality and thus attempts to push part of reality away, the restoration of balance cannot occur. This is why we suffer. We resist the rebalancing process of life; we resist our healing.

When we no longer create division and dis-harmony through our judging of reality, (including ourselves), we free ourselves from the feeling of being divided inside. We free our body of all dis-harmony and inner tension. All sense of inner-conflict and struggle disappear. Our body relaxes, our heart relaxes. We simply feel whole and complete.

The thinking mind is what keeps us separate from this feeling by bringing our energy into thought, which essentially operates on dualistic principles. If you are thinking, you will at some point notice yourself dividing reality, ultimately into what you do want to experience, and what you don’t want to experience. We when think about or observe the presence of something we don’t want, we internally resist it. We do this by contracting and tensing-up our body, which inevitable causes a conflict, because our body is not designed to exist in a state of tension. The body wants to be at peace, relaxed, expansive and open to the currents of life. If tension is present, energy cannot flow and circulate around our body as it is meant to.

So there is a conflict between the ego, which wants to put up resistance so that it can avoid suffering, and the entire human organism which wants to be free of tension so that life’s energy may flow freely through it. As you can see, it is the ego which creates the suffering through its resistance of the forces of life, which are actually deeply benevolent, restorative, and healing.

Consider the sun for a moment. Does it judge us? Does it withhold its warming rays depending upon our actions? No, it simply shines on, because that is its nature.

Similarly, the deep intelligence of life (which I also call higher consciousness) simply sees us in the light of pure awareness, without judgement. By fulling seeing us, by being fully aware of where we are in our mind and what is going on in our body, it can see where there is imbalance. By its very nature, higher consciousness is restorative and healing, and it does this energetically. When we open up to it, relax and allow its healing energy to flow through our being, we experience its restorative nature, as our inner balance is restored.

But if we do not open up to this process, and we keep denying ourselves rest and healing, pushing ourselves, and isolating ourselves as human beings are prone to do, then life adjusts accordingly. We find that life brings us the experiences that will bring us to a place of non-resistance. It may feel like life is “grinding us down” but really it is simply frustrating our attempts to avoid becoming aware of our deep need for love. It is bringing us to a place of humility, so that we learn we are not in total control of what happens in our life. Our ego, in its fearful way, wants us to remain unconscious, but this is not how life works, and it cannot continue for very long, because Life desires that we become fully conscious. And to become conscious means that we end our resistance to the deeply loving forces of the universe, and we let them permeate our being, so that we may merge with them.

Ultimately, we resist life because we don’t trust it. We believe it wants to hurt us, but we only experience pain because we resist what life presents us with. We perceive it as undesirable and unwanted – an enemy.

Yet when we understand how life works, how, being profoundly intelligent beyond comprehension, life orchestrates all of our life circumstances so that balance can be restored and healing can occur, we stop resisting it. We accept and welcome what life brings to our doorstep as necessary for us to open up, and become a humbler and wiser human being.

Ultimately, life’s omniscient consciousness want to wake us up to its intelligent, all-pervading conscious and loving presence, so that we can work in harmony with it, empowered and guided by it, sharing its loving wisdom, its light and its heart-centred intelligence with all those who come into our life.

When we see how life’s intelligence works, we relax totally and find it easy to put our full trust in it. It has no desire to hurt us. It only wants to awaken us to its love, to enable us to feel it’s joy, to bring us the sweetness that comes from being in a place of humility and gratitude – a place of union, where there is no division or distinction between us and the divine universal intelligence. There is simply one loving, intelligent force that we embody, allowing it to flow through us and direct our thoughts and actions.

Seeing this, we cannot help but feel totally secure, totally safe and totally protected wherever we may be. We cannot suffer in the hands of such a loving consciousness, but we must end our resistance to it for this to be so. We must allow it to embrace us if we wish to enjoy the guidance and total security it provides. And we must let go of our deep fear of its all-pervading consciousness, intelligence and power. It is a pure force of unconditional love, and it will never, ever harm us.

Alexander Bell


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How to transcend the global drama & live in Peace


These are crucial times on the planet. Tension is increasing within many people, especially those that follow the mainstream news media channels (including social media) because a certain picture is being formed of where things are leading, and it does not look very positive. Fear is increasing as a result of this, and people are being simultaneously stirred up into states of hostility and anger in response to methods of leadership that seems to be almost surreal.

Humanity appears to be in big trouble, seemingly with another war looming on the horizon. There is a picture of reality that we are being encouraged to envision by the bad-news media, (including alternative and social media sources). It is a reality of conflict, hostility, oppression and fear; many people’s worst nightmare.

But is it true? Are things heading in the direction that the media is encouraging us to believe they are? Are things going to unfold in the way we are being shown? Are we going to experience another widespread war?

No, it certainly need not be so. But each one of us has to make a crucial decision. Who do we trust to inform us of what is true?

If we put our trust in the media, in the news reports, in the entertainment industry, in the politicians and actors (which are often interchangeable), we are obviously trusting something outside of ourselves, and most importantly we are trusting that the intentions of these organisations and those who work for them are positive. We are trusting that the information they are presenting us with is for the benefit of our happiness, our peace of mind, for the greater enjoyment of our life.

But clearly, it is not.

Is there anything that destroys our peace of mind more than following world news? It can be totally relied upon to create anxiety, fear and pessimism in even the most optimistic person, and it begs the question “Why do we follow it?”

We seem to hungrily consume stories of conflict, suffering, and hostility. Perhaps all the injustice we perceive stirs up our anger, our inner fire and makes us feel more alive, more motivated to protect the goodness of this earth. Perhaps we are afraid, and we are waiting for our fears to be proven correct by the unfolding of certain world events. Or perhaps we simply just want to know what is happening in the world?

Whatever our motivation is for following the news through all the various media channels, the important thing to be aware of is how it affects us. How does it make us feel? Are we left feeling good about life on Earth, or are we left in fear and dread about the future? Does it help us lead a more empowered life, or does it leave us feeling powerless?

An intelligent creature would not consume a food that made it sick. Yet the “bad news media” channels are poisoning our minds with negative information and dark visions of the future that are leaving many, many people living in a state of fear.

So at this point we must remember that consuming the media product, in all its different guises, is totally optional. If we wanted, we could never switch on our TV or radio again. We could choose never to buy another newspaper. We could choose not to give our attention to the political theatre, to the stories of conflict and hostility that pass before our eyes on social media and so on.

Many people might say that this is to be ignorant of what is happening in the world, but remember that this is not what is happening in the world. It is merely a collection of all the bad news, negative opinions and hostile communications that has been gathered for you to consume. It’s a bit like visiting a sweet shop, full of many colourful varieties of sugar-laden treats, and believing that was all there is to eat on the planet, and wondering why it made you feel so unwell.

We live upon a deeply beautiful planet, a planet upon which there are many species, of which humankind is but one. Do we really think human beings are in charge of this planet? They are not. There are incredibly powerful forces at work on the Earth, and they are forces of evolution, of deep harmony and creativity.

At this particular time on Earth, mankind is being required to align itself with these powerful forces. It is being asked to attune to the forces of harmony and creativity. This is being asked of us individually as well as collectively. We are all being asked to choose a state of harmony, a state of peace, rather than a state of fear or conflict. It is much like a body which has a serious disease, like cancer. The owner of the body has to choose whether they really want to live, or do they want to give up and surrender their vitality, inner strength and determination to thrive in good health?

If we are to survive and thrive on this planet, we have to attune to the natural forces of harmony which permeate it. We have to work with the planet, rather than against it, because this planet is a conscious living organism, which will not allow itself to perish. So to work in harmony with it, we simply need to be an agent of positivity and peace. An agent of creativity, rather than destruction; part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

The earth is so incredibly intelligent that it knows who is working for it and who is working against it. Those who are working for it find that their lives flow in a very effortless and beautiful way. They feel deeply supported, guided and protected by the Earth, because that is exactly what is happening. Those who working against the natural harmony of the earth – either intentionally or unintentionally – will find life to be very challenging – like walking upstream against a strong-flowing river current.

The current of human evolution is flowing towards collective peace and harmony, and we are simply being asked to go with this flow. This means letting going of all that creates dis-harmony; specifically, our fears, our ego, our conflicts and judgements. We are being required to let go of all of them so that we can be carried along on the currents of evolution, towards a reality of total, all-pervading peace.

For many people, fear is one of the hardest aspects of the ego to let go of because it has been so deeply ingrained in our psyche, from a very young age. It is this ingrained fear that the media plays up to and feeds, and we accept what is offered to us as valid information that has some bearing and importance in our life. But really, all this information only serves to perpetuate the view that the world is a dangerous place.

Human beings naturally want to feel secure, so there is a subconscious belief that by staying informed of ‘world events’ we will have greater security, as we will ‘know’ what is going in and be able to prepare ourselves for it. But do we really feel more secure when we stay in touch with the news? I believe the opposite is true. It makes us feel more insecure.

If we want a deep and lasting sense of security, we would be very wise to unplug our mind from the media stream of information about the world, and attune our consciousness to a more natural and infinitely more real level of information. It is the information communicated to us not by our mind, with its endless doubts and worries, but by our heart which connects us directly with the earth and informs our being with a more subtle and grounded stream of communication.

Our heart brings us the peace that we need to proceed in life free of fear. It shows us the vital importance of totally trusting in a power that is far greater than ourselves, and of allowing ourselves to be an instrument of positivity and light, so that we may uplift others who may be experiencing doubt, fear and insecurity.

This is our greatest purpose – to help others to find a sense of trust and faith, so that their way forward is lighted. It is not lighted by us, as our light can only awaken the light within another, so that they themselves can see through eyes which are free from the shadows of doubt and fear.

When a sense of trust in the heart is developed, through distancing ourselves from the mind’s fears and negative visions (many of which are planted by the ‘bad news media’), and through strengthening our heart with simple, natural healthy living and meditation, we get a clearer view on reality. It is not what we once believed it to be. It is now illuminated by the light we perceive shining in our heart, and we realise that it is up to us. It is our choice whether we experience a bright future or a dark future. It is up to us if this present moment is filled with security and peace, or tension and fear. We are the one who decides, through our choice of consciousness.

This is why a spiritual practice (like meditation) which elevates our mind from the collective level of fearful thinking is absolutely essential. We often think we are immune to the consciousness of others, but it creates a gravitational pull that we are often unaware of. If everyone around you is engaging with the level of thought, there will be a pull to do the same. This is why it is very beneficial to gather with like-hearted individuals, who are interested in transcending the divisive realm of dualistic thinking and connecting with the unifying realm of peace. We are supported in this process when we join with others who share the same desire. If we are alone, or surrounded by people who have very different priorities in life, it will be more challenging to free ourselves from the collective mindset, which is very much one of insecurity, doubt and fear.

The reality of peace, light, freedom and joy is accessible at all times, to everyone. But we have to choose it consciously. We must choose to let go of the realm of thought and bring our awareness to a deeper space; a place of stillness and quietness. A place of depth and fullness. This place is our heart, the place where our attention is always wanting to gravitate back to, if we would only extract it from all our complicated adult thoughts and be silent and still. It is simple.

Patience is necessary as the mind slowly lets go of thoughts, but as it realises that there is absolutely nothing to fear, that there is no threat whatsoever in the realm of the heart, it starts to say yes. It starts to embrace the realm of the heart as it’s true home, which indeed it is. As we allow this to happen, our hearts desire is fulfilled. It gets the attention it has been desperately longing for. It is given the opportunity to release its radiant peace and it fills our being with love.

As love washes through us, we finally merge with that which for so long we had been attempting to remain separate from. Divine Love; all-forgiving, all-powerful, endlessly patient, compassionate and caring. It has awaited our return since we first became lost in the realms of fear and doubt. Once we reconnect to it, our days of doubt, insecurity and suffering will be over, as we will see what is truly guiding our destiny on this planet. It is nothing external. We are not at the mercy of anything ‘out there’.

We access the heavenly realm of our heart, which envelops us with total security and lifts our consciousness beyond the drama of the dualistic world. We access the reality of peace beyond the realm of thought, now untouched by what previously seemed to be so important in the world, and we see this peace mirrored in our immediate surroundings.

Love has fully taken the reins within our consciousness, and it guides us faithfully onwards towards our destiny, in happiness, freedom and joy.

Alexander Bell
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Forgiving yourself


Self-forgiveness requires self-awareness, because it goes quite deep, often back to childhood where certain founding belief systems were created about being good enough to be worthy of unconditional love. If any parent gets angry and punishes their child for what they perceive as ‘bad behaviour’, then not only are they demonstrating conditional love, but they are teaching the child that this is the way to treat his/herself.

Children essentially end up treating themselves they way they were treated by their parents. The parent demonstrates what the child deserves, and this creates the fundamental belief system in the child “I deserve this”. Therefore if a child was punished by its parent, as most children are at some point, you will find the deeply held sub-conscious belief “I deserve punishment”.

The most basic understanding of punishment for the child is the withholding of love, to be replaced by coldness, anger or mis-treatment. To a child, lovelessness is possibly the worst punishment, because all it wants is the love of the parent. When it is absent, immediately all the child’s thoughts turn to how can it bring back the approval and love of the parent. How does it have to be better? How can it be more loveable? Because it perceives that it is not good enough as it is.

As the child grows up, it subconsciously fulfils the belief system of “I deserve punishment” or “I do not deserve love/happiness” and self-sabotage gets played out. Love is rejected, and the individual denies themselves self-love. They opt instead to punish themselves through the denial of love, because this is exactly what was demonstrated to them by their parent(s). This also gets played out with other individuals, especially in intimate relationships with members of the opposite sex. Loving attention is asked for, but then rejected, in a strange form of power game that brings a feeling of control and security to the person playing it. However, it also brings deep loneliness and suffering, a punishment which the individual believes they deserve.

If you have an individual that believes they deserves punishment, they will punish themselves in the same manner as they were punished. They will be harsh and critical of themselves, they will create emotional pain for themselves, they will hurt others (sometimes intentionally) and they will compound it all with feeling guilty about what they have done.

So not only does the layer of guilt need to be lifted off, but underneath this the critical self-judgements need to come into awareness, so they can be challenged by the more mature adult mind. At the root of it all, you will usually find the belief “I am not good enough to receive unconditional love”, and thus we deny ourselves of it.

To remove the weight of guilt from our heart, we have to see that we are not to blame, as guilt is essentially self-blame. Why are we blaming ourselves? We believe it is our fault that things go wrong. We believe that we are to blame for the bad things that occur in our life, and around us too. This comes again from childhood, where we learnt that everything was someone’s ‘fault’. And if love was not forthcoming from those we looked up to, it was surely our fault; a consequence of our failings as a human being.

So to undo this, we have to see our goodness. We have to be disciplined in that we do not focus on any perceived failings, but we learn to commend ourselves, to see the qualities of our personality. Our guilt is always saying to us “you did it wrong”, “you messed it up again” “it was your fault” etc. but that is simply the echo of the critical voice of the parent. If we can be alert and see that voice arise, we can choose to refuse to listen to it anymore, and thus free ourselves of the effect which its condemning tones have upon our being.

When we look back, of course we have made mistakes that might have hurt others, but such things are the consequence of learning how to be a fully responsible and fully developed human being. Mistakes are made, and we do our best not to make them again. Sometimes they are made over and over again, as we are stubborn, but that is another aspect of our humanity which we can learn to let go of. As long as the desire to learn and grow is there, we should not punish ourselves for struggling to do so, as it is not easy. As we forgive ourselves, we are learning to be more patient and tolerant with our inner-child, rather than impatient, harsh and critical. Inside, we are still that small child, longing for love, yet somehow afraid of it, because when it gets withdrawn the void it leaves is unbearable.

This is why we need to open our heart to the higher love that is never withdrawn, because it is the only 100% reliable source of unconditional love. To become aware of and accept the unconditional love of our divine spiritual parent when it is revealed to us is the healing of the wounded child, because to accept it is to confirm “yes, I am worthy. I do deserve love.”

Because unconditional love is always being extended to us we have many, many opportunities to stop denying ourselves of it, to forgive ourselves and let ourselves experience it. So forgiveness occurs as you allow yourself to experience it, free of any thoughts of guilt or unworthiness.

Only the letting-in of unconditional love can heal our wounds, erase all our perceived mistakes and sins, and bestow its beautiful light upon us.

Alexander Bell


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Being at peace with your human family

img_2289Human beings have the capacity to be such deeply kind and caring creatures, to enjoy such warm and positive relationships with each other, that I often feel it is a great shame when people let negative thoughts about each other create a sense of conflict and spoil the possibility of friendship. And it is usually such small things that people get upset about. Opinions about each other, judgements, criticisms.

If only we could see what we are doing when we judge another person in some way, if we could observe the sense of separation and opposition we are creating. When we see this, we simply need to remember how nourishing it feels to accept and respect them instead, to see the good aspects of their character, to understand them with their own struggles and challenges, and allow compassion to take the place of judgement.

It is so deeply fulfilling to have the attitude that everyone is your friend, and to realise that friendship is far more important that being right, or being a perfect person. In our humanness, none of us are ‘perfect’ people, but we all have a heart, and it is vitally important to focus on this in our relations with other people.

Often we focus open the ego of another person, and we see their faults. We judge them critically, and as a result we create the feeling of a barrier between them and us. This is such a deep shame, because harmony between individuals is always possible when we let go of the petty hostilities of the ego. We often forget how joyful, beautiful and fulfilling it is just to be in a state of harmony with other people. All we have to do is see the goodness in that other person, rather than being mentally critical of them.

Human beings sometimes have a hard time doing this, because we have been conditioned with a highly critical mind, passed down to us by our elders. But the human species is evolving, away from all that causes disharmony, division and conflict between people. We are evolving towards fully embodying love, so that thoughts of care and compassion replace thoughts of judgement. Words of kindness replace words of harshness and criticism. And actions of selflessness replace actions of selfishness, meaning that we often prioritise helping another over satisfying our own desires.

This may sound challenging, but once our heart wakes up and we realise that living from our heart is what we are here to, we find such a deep fulfilment that was missing from our lives previously. We are here to care for one another, to help one another, to share joy and happiness with one another. And nothing great is needed to do this, because joy and happiness are natural feelings within a human being that is not caught up in their ego, in the realm of judgment and opinions.

If we could just see how the ego turns friends into enemies with a single judgemental thought, we would realise what effect it is having on our lives and our happiness. Our happiness is deeply connected to the quality of the relationships (both inner and outer) that we have with all the people we know.

If there are people towards whom we feel unfriendly, perhaps even holding grievances or harbouring bitterness and resentment, then we will feel this as a sense of inner aggravation, of unfinished business and discomfort within our mind, which keeps coming back into our consciousness until we resolve it. We can do this by forgiving that person. In our mind, we decide to stop punishing them, and we allow our heart to be more compassionate towards them. We no longer harbouring ill-will, therefore we free ourselves from the inner sense of hostility that comes from being in conflict within another individual. It a very liberating and important thing to do.

And it is the same if we feel guilty for something that we ourselves have done or said. We carry around an inner burden that weighs our heart down, making it very difficult for us to experience our full happiness and joy. Again, forgiveness is the remedy. We need to forgive ourselves, and thus stop blaming and punishing ourselves. The weight vanishes from the heart, and happiness can flow back in.

It is important to remember that we are usually trying to do our best, to deal with all the many thoughts and feelings that arise within our being. It is not always easy, as often we feel we have no control over them. If we recognise this very common struggle, that most human beings (including ourselves) are experiencing within their lives on a daily basis, understanding and compassion will naturally arise within us. Hostility will disappear and we will be at peace with ourselves and with all those whom we know.

Peace & blessings,


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Healing Humanity


Within the minds of many, many people on this planet there is a division in the perception of humanity. You could call it the “them and us” mentality, and it means that rather than perceiving every single person as an integral part of the same whole, the whole is split up into “good and bad”, and we desire freedom from the bad. But this perception is not truly accurate. It is simply a product of the dualistic nature of the thinking mind, the origin of all division and conflict.

The idea of “badness” is created through our judgemental thought processes, and consequently plays out in our lives as a foundational core belief of the nature of mankind. It is the age old story of “good versus evil” – a battle between the light and the dark, in which every person decides for themselves which “side” they are on, and who they must fight against. This is a divided reality, created by a divided mind, and thus conflict is born.

The result of such a mindset is that humanity experiences itself at war with itself. But this is like one arm of your body trying to defeat the other arm of your body. It is like the “good cells” of your body trying to defeat the “bad cells”. You simply have an organism which is in conflict with itself, and destruction is inevitable.

You can see this conflict being played out within society itself, as the “bad people” try to fulfil their selfish agendas, while those who believe themselves to be the “good people” try and stop them. Do you see? It is a conflict.

All human beings are a part of the same living organism which we call ‘humanity’ – yet we are not treating each other as such. We have turned each other into enemies, through our judgement and dualistic perception of who is right and who is wrong, who is good and who is bad.

But rather than fixing our minds upon ideas of good and bad, it would be far wiser, and far more accurate to perceive things in terms of who is aligned to a state of love, and who needs help aligning to a state of love. Who is a healthy, and who is suffering from a deep sickness. Because the capacity to hurt another human being is a clear symptom of a very unwell and dysfunctional individual.

So how do we respond to those who are displaying such a capacity, perhaps even enjoying inflicting suffering on others (which many would term ‘evil’). Do we wage war against them? Do we try and beat them, battle with them, defeat them and so on? Well, let’s just ask one simple question: What actually solves the problem? Is it conflict and destruction, or is it healing?

Well, if we look at what the real problem is, we will find that it is the presence of destructive, hateful, uncaring and deeply selfish tendencies within humanity as a whole. Many of us will have witnessed such states arise at one point or another in our own life, if we have ever been involved in hostilities with another human being. It is not pleasant. But fortunately there is something inside us that knows how deeply destructive such states are, and it moves us to correct our behavioural and emotional trajectory, towards more positive states of being, ensuring that conflict does not turn into destruction.

The presence of selfish, aggressive and destructive tendencies is very much demonstrated by how cancer cells behave within the human body.

Cancer cells are simply normal, intelligent cells which have altered their function, so that rather than consuming oxygen (like all healthy cells do) and serving the greater good of the body as a whole organism, they have changed their food (because cancer cells feed on the fermentation of sugar rather than oxygen) and they are only interested in consuming more and more energy, even at the cost of all the healthy cells around them. It’s a bit like the difference between the life-giving properties of the Sun, and the energy-consuming properties of a black-hole. A healthy cell radiates energy and life, whereas a cancer cell consumes it.

So the really vital question is, can a cancerous cell which has switched into energy-consumption and destruction mode be switched back into life-giving mode? Can it become healthy again, can it be healed?

The answer is a resounding YES. It can.

That cell simply needs its food supply to be switched back to oxygen. That is all it needs, because its primary biological drive is to continue to exist. Therefore, like all intelligent life-forms, it will adapt to the environment in which it finds itself.

That is exactly how it became cancerous in the first place. There was a lack of oxygen in that particular part of the body (which is a consequence of many factors, including nutrition, breathing, exercise, circulation, emotional tensions and so on) and instead there was an abundance of sugar available for fermentation (due to the prevalence of sugar in our modern diet) so the cell simply adapted to the food that was more readily available. It did this only so it could continue to exist, as its intended food supply (oxygen) was not available in sufficient quantities.

So you can see that the cancer cells are not “bad” and they need not be destroyed, or fought against. They need to be healed. If they have changed once – from healthy to cancerous – then they will certainly change back. And there is an endless amount of proof that demonstrates this occurs when their inner environment is restored back to an oxygen-giving one, rather than an oxygen deficient one.

Our choice to heal instead of destroy comes down to our own mentality. If we perceive a threat, such as cancer, present in our life then we have a choice how we address it. Destruction or healing. And don’t be fooled into thinking that destruction is healing, because they couldn’t be more different from one another.

And in truth, when you consider how healthy cells become cancerous (through oxygen deficiency) it is more of a wake up call, rather than a threat that must be destroyed. It is simply our body telling us that we need to change our way of life. We need to be more loving, more conscious of nourishing ourselves in all the best ways possible, rather than settling for mediocrity in terms of lifestyle, health and consciousness.

So what about humanity as a whole? How can we relate this understanding of cancer cells to what is currently happening on the planet?

Well, there is conflict. This is plain to see. There are wars being waged. There are many power hungry individuals thinking only of themselves and how they can obtain more power and more money, irrespective of the effect on the rest of the human population.

Such individuals (and groups of individuals) are very much like cancer cells. They have forgotten (or have been denied) their true nourishment and their true source of security – which is love – and this has been replaced by an intense drive to find fulfilment and security through the pursuit of money and power. This is their ‘alternative food’, just like the cancerous cell gets its energy from the fermentation of sugar. It is a substitute, and one which the cell must adapt its nature to.

Greed and power create intense cravings (just like in the cancer cell) which temporarily satiate the individual and give the illusion of nourishment. But their highly addictive nature (just like sugar) drives the individual on and on in the pursuit of more and more, as they desperately seek a lasting satisfaction which will never be found. It is a deeply addictive and self-destructive path.

Power over others cannot be underestimated in its ability to corrupt even the most well-intentioned individual, if the security and warmth of love is not present in their lives. Power is nothing more than a substitute – the closest thing a starving individual can find to spiritual food, when they do not know where to look for it.

Human beings need the warmth and security of love flowing through their veins. Without it, reality is very bleak and very insecure indeed. And because we are designed – just like the smallest cell – to adapt to our surroundings in order to survive, if love is not present we will look for its substitute.

If we are surrounded by people who, in order to feel secure and important, are playing power games, manipulating each other, trying to come out on top, to be in control, (essentially so they can avoid a feeling of powerlessness and insecurity), then we will simply learn this way of creating the sense of security and the feeling of self-worth that we need. It is inevitable.

Therefore, in this way, human beings are very much a product of their environment. Adults who grew up in a very loving, caring and secure family environment are unlikely to be corrupted by power, because they know how deeply fulfilling and important love is. They know what it feels like, and they never stray far away from it because they know that it is essential to their life. They know that there is no substitute for love, therefore they are very unlikely to be tempted into sacrificing their core values for the desire for money or power over others.

Such desires simply will not arise in a human being who has love in their heart. They only arise in people who are lacking love and security, and don’t know how to experience them. So, out of desperation for a lasting sense of security, they choose that great security-provider which the material world offers in abundance: money.

Money seems like the perfect solution to address all our human insecurities. With money comes a greater ability to control ones material circumstances, and thus feel more secure. Highly insecure individuals also use money to control and influence the people around them, as they discover that not only does money bring security, but it also brings a feeling of power.

The power which enables people to totally control and influence their external environment, including the people within it, is one of the most highly addictive drugs on the planet for someone who has no inner sense of security. It seemingly gives them the ability to create all the pleasure they could ask for, whilst simultaneously avoiding the deep pain which exists in their heart, where love is absent.

So, as you can see, underneath the desire for money and power lies a deep insecurity and fear. Inside the adult is a scared child, who has learnt the rules of a complicated and corruptive adult game just so they can feel secure and worthy of praise. Power-hungry people are among the most afraid people on the planet, and it is very important to understand this so that rather than allowing anger and hatred to arise in response to their destructive and heartless actions, we can have compassion for them instead. It is a challenge, but we must do this.

We must extend forgiveness towards them. We must extend love. By doing this, we allow the possibility of their healing, because all corrupt cells of the human organism must be healed. If they choose to destroy themselves, it is their free will to do so, but it is not our place to destroy them. It is our purpose to allow the possibility of complete healing, and this can only occur through firstly understanding what is at the root of their destructive behaviour. When we fully understand, we will only want to offer them the possibility of freedom from their inner-prison, from their pain, through compassionately extending love towards them.

If we find it difficult to do this, and instead we wish suffering and destruction upon them, this is a clear sign that our own healing is not complete. We ourselves must be fully restored, like the cancer cell, back to our natural loving and life-giving state; a state where hostile or destructive tendencies no longer exist, because they were only part of the sickness, part of the dysfunction.

When we are restored to our naturally loving nature, we desire only healing, and we know with total certainty that love is fully capable of achieving this. This is our purpose now on this planet, to heal the division within our own species, by being an agent of unconditional love, extended to all beings in need of healing, of which there are many. Love has the power to do this, and its success is guaranteed. All we have to do is align ourselves with its all-forgiving and compassionate nature, and we become part of the solution.

Thank you.

Alexander Bell

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War & Peace on Social Media


The potential for friendship on this planet is phenomenal. We know that there are over 7 billion people alive on this beautiful planet, and just imagine how it would feel to know that every single one of them was a friend. Just imagine if you held no grievances towards even a single person on the planet; that you felt only good-will towards all living beings. Well, you can.

Now, I am not saying this is easy, because we are challenged on a daily basis to remain tolerant, understanding and compassionate with the people we interact with, both on social media and in the real world.

For many, it can be particularly tempting to slip into hostile communications on social media, because it is a place where so many opinions are shared, and often with people who do not even know us personally, so that people can react rudely or unkindly even to something which was intended to be positive and constructive.

If someone disagrees with your opinion on social media, they often think nothing of insulting you in a very confrontational way. But this is an ever-present danger with opinions. They divide people. Of course, if your opinions are popular ones then you may have more positive responses than negative, but there will always be people who disagree with you, and will tell you so. And when they do, how do you respond? Maturely and respectfully? Or does the communication degrade into childish insults, as our ego gets a grip on us and influences our responses?

These are the many tests we face in our communications with others, and especially with this being the age of communication. Never before have our words and our opinions been available to so many people worldwide, as they are now thanks to information technology and social media.

So now more than ever, we need to learn the art of maintaining harmonious communications, by putting our ego aside, being more tolerant of the opinions of others, and being humble enough to say, “What I think is not so important..”

Because in truth, what we think is not so important that we should let it create a sense of conflict between ourselves and another person. Inter-personal harmony should always be the priority, because we have to carry around the feelings that result from our communications with others. Depending on how we communicate, we can either carry around the positive feelings and the clear conscience that comes from being understanding and tolerant in our communications, or we can carry the feeling of agitation and hostility that comes from trying to be ‘right’ and trying to ‘win’ the communication by putting another person down, or by being cold and insensitive with our words. We can choose. Tolerance, humility and non-reactivity will always leave us with a greater feeling of peace.

We all know how it feels when our ego clashes with another ego, and we feel the desire to be right, the desire to ‘win the battle’. The ego becomes very controlling, very clever with words and intellect; it does anything not to be wrong, because the ego does not like to be the loser, especially the ego of intelligent and strong individuals. Such an ego will rarely back down, because it cannot accept what it perceives be a ‘defeat’. In this way, petty differences of opinion about the most insignificant of things can turn into very hostile exchanges, with vitriol flying back and forth between individuals, aggression and hatred bubbling over as the original issue is forgotten, and the desire to dominate and wound the ego of the opposing party becomes the priority.

How sad it is that this should ever occur, when there is always the potential for brotherly or sisterly respect and warmth to flow between individuals in every sphere of communication. Respect is the key word here, because even if warmth is not forthcoming, at least we can respect that this fellow human being has a need to be understood, tolerated and treated respectfully. This means honouring their beliefs, their perspective and their feelings. When, as a bare minimum, respect is present in all our communications we feel the deep benefit of this. Our conscience remains clear. To know we have been respectful of another human being gives us a feeling of decency, a feeling of goodness and maturity within ourselves, and we need to feel this way.

Most people know how it feels to leave things on a ‘bad note’. It is not good to be left with a feeling of bitterness, of resentment or even hatred. These are very destructive feelings, and they destroy our peace of mind as well as the potential for positive relationships. To know that you have not forgiven someone and that you still harbour ill-will towards them leaves an imprint in your heart which affects your ability to be truly peaceful and happy. Because it is something which is unresolved, it will come back to you, over and over again until you decide to forgive that person.

And to forgive someone is actually only a matter of deciding to stop punishing them. That is all. You do not need to ‘do’ anything. Just stop wishing bad things upon them. Wish them peace instead. Hope that they may experience freedom from their suffering, from their hostilities. As you do this, you free yourself from the suffering created by your own hostility towards them.

As we forgive people (including ourselves) and we release ourselves from the hostility that comes from the desire to punish and dominate, more peace comes into our heart. The enemies that we perceived we had, disappear. There comes a point where we realise that there is no-one towards whom we bear malice. There is no-one whom we wish suffering upon.

This is a wonderful realisation, because in a very tangible way we feel that our heart has been set free from anger and hatred. We see that our mind has been freed from judgement, so that it is more able to enjoy a sense of kinship with all people. We have realised the profound importance of harmony, within our mind and within our entire being. We have opened up the possibility for an all-pervading tolerance, understanding and compassion that encompasses every living being. This is evolution. This is maturity. This is wisdom.

Alexander Bell




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