Letting Go Into Love

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Put simply, our fears keep us in the dark, trapped in an illusory reality which is created entirely by anxious thoughts, separate from the Peace that our heart is always wanting to experience. The only way we can see this with any clarity is to try letting go of our fears, no matter how compelling and true they may seem, and notice how we feel without them.

I can guarantee you that you will feel freer.

It is very ironic, but many people are afraid of letting go of their fears, as if they were somehow a necessary part of their life. Many people subconsciously believe that if they let go of their fears they would be living in delusion, because they assume their fears help them to be prepared for the potential threat which their mind tells them is virtually everywhere.

But the threat is not “out there”. It is a state of mind created by the ego, which subsequently becomes an experience of fear in our body. The innate insecurity and fear of the ego needs a constant source of threat to perpetuate its existence as an entity of self-protection, because without threat, the ego would no longer be needed and we could be at peace with the world, enjoying the security, freedom and happiness generated by our heart.

Put simply, the ego oppresses the heart. It overrides it, negating and invalidating its communication and its truth, in favour of a mental reality created entirely by thought. The heart’s reality is not thought-based. It is feeling-based, and it connects us to the universe around us in such a profound way that we simply cannot understand with our mind. The heart truly knows what we need, what is nourishing for us. It knows what freedom feels like, it knows what joy and happiness feel like. It understands the vital importance of care and compassion.

The heart’s intelligence is vastly superior to any so-called intelligence that comes from the intellectual thinking mind, because the heart’s intelligence is coming from something greater than itself. It is just like the Internet on your computer is not being generated by your computer. Your computer is connecting to a greater source of information and knowledge and thus the internet flows through it, simply by virtue if it being connected.

We must do the same. We must disconnect from our fearful, thought-based mental programs, and connect to a higher source of information and wisdom, by connecting to our heart. Our heart is like the modem, the router which provides the signal which we must connect to, so that we can access the deeper form of knowledge and wisdom that fulfils us on every level.

Such deeper knowledge is not mental information that we can think about. It is intuitive, it is heartfelt. It is Love.

Alexander Bell

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Living in total harmony


The natural world is imbued with a deep and perfect harmony, and we can feel this when we spend time in nature. We relax, we feel more positive, more happy, more in touch with a sense of peace inside of ourselves.

This is how we are designed to feel, this is what the circuitry of our brain and body are wired for : effortless natural harmony.

Yet we create so much disharmony in our lives, most of which originates in our thoughts in the form of worries, judgements, doubts and a myriad of other types of negative thoughts. We think too much, this is obvious, and our thoughts create a sense of disharmony, tension, stress and agitation in our body.

We are all familiar with how these things feel. We just don’t feel good, we don’t feel balanced or at ease. We feel in a state of dis-ease, and inner harmony is totally absent.

But the good news is that the solution is not complicated. We do not need psychoanalysis. We do not need any lengthy practice, procedure, therapy, or healing to ‘fix’ us. We simply need to restore a feeling of harmony IN THIS MOMENT; which is the only moment that we need to deal with.

If we are experiencing a sense of inner disharmony in this moment, the immediate solution is to relax, let go of tension and stress, and restore harmony to our body. This can happen in less than a minute, and it all starts with our decision to pay attention to our body.

We get so lost in the realm of thoughts, and in the realm of time also, that we think the solutions to our perceived problems must also be found in those realms, and thus we project a feeling of peace and inner harmony into the future, once we have fixed the problems that our mind tells us we have.

Our mind may tell us “you work too much”, “you drink too much coffee”, “you spend too much time doing this or that”, and it makes us believe that once we have changed all these perceived ‘bad habits’ (which they may indeed be) only then will we feel better.

But the truth is that if you want to feel better, you don’t have to wait until you have changed your lifestyle. The essential thing to do is to become aware of yourself IN THIS MOMENT, and see exactly what you are creating for yoursélf. Are you lost in your thoughts (even thoughts about ‘self-improvement’ and becoming a ‘better person’)? Are you creating (or holding) tension in your body? Are you hurrying stressed, or feeling uptight? Or is your body relaxed, helping to you feel balanced and calm?

One thing is totally guaranteed; as you relax your body more, you will feel more calm, more balanced, more at ease, more comfortable and more peaceful. Everybody knows this, yet almost everybody forgets it. We HAVE to relax to feel better. In fact it is the most powerful thing we can do to reconnect with the feeling of peace which we all need to feel. If we don’t relax, we will not feel it. We might think it, but we need to feel it.

It also helps greatly to bring our attention out of thinking, because it is our thoughts which create nearly all of the stress, tension and anxiety that we feel in our body. We can our body relax deeply, but if we then go back to worrying again, our body will tense up almost immediately. So we have to watch the mind, and see how it always wants to think in terms of ‘problems’.

It will present an endless stream of problems if we keep engaging with and energising its thought processes; but we do not have to. We can actually bring all of our attention out of thinking, and give it to something else instead. In meditation, people usually bring all their attention to their breathing, and to the feeling in their body also, but you can choose anything.

Many people like to use sound or music, like the sound of birds singing, or some beautiful music that makes them feel inspired, peaceful or happy. You can bring your attention to something visual, like the clouds passing across the sky, or a candle flame, or something else that you find easy to gaze upon.

The important thing is that you are not fighting your thoughts, and you are not afraid of thinking. You just observe your minds tendency to go towards thought, but gently bring it to something different instead. There is no force involved; and it is an effortless thing to do – especially when we are bringing our attention to something we find beautiful, like music or the magnificence of Mother Nature. In truth, anything which helps our body to relax, to feel more grounded and more harmonious, is helping us to experience life as it should be experienced.

We do not need to control our thoughts or our mind – just redirect its attention towards that which inspires us and helps us to feel the way we want to feel. And it is important to remember that as human beings, we are designed to feel, not just to think. And feeling peaceful is simple. We do not need to generate this state, contrive it or control anything. We just relax, and enjoy remaining relaxed. We can do this anywhere, anytime. But the best place to practice is always now.

Alexander Bell

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The Beauty Beyond Knowing

img 0728

For some people, the word ‘unknown’ has negative connotations. They imagine some kind of dark space where they cannot see what is around them, and their imagination creates all sorts of fearful visions that make them feel uncomfortable and immediately want to grasp for the security of what they know.

This is quite natural, but quite unnecesary because once we realise the luminous truth of what exists outside of the thinking mind, we realise that all darkness, negativity, fear and threat are created by the thinking mind. Without its interference, we see that the truth of reality is that it is profoundly alive, conscious, intelligent and loving. It is pure divine intelligence, and it is orchestrating all of our life experiences so that we can come to the point where we are ready to let go of our fears, open our heart and open our eyes to its enlightening Truth.

Yet the thinking mind cannot know this Truth. We have to perceive it through our heart, because it is a loving truth, imbued with loving consciousness. The thinking mind cannot comprehend it because thought operates on a different frequency to this reality of love, which exists within the frequency of the heart.

Therefore to the mind, this divine reality is “the unknown”, and will forever remain so. This is the mind’s greatest frustration, because it wants to understand everything, so there is nothing that remains unknown. For this reason, it attempts to turn everything into a thought, a conceptual understanding that can be held within its memory as knowledge, to be recalled when needed.

This is how the thinking mind creates security for itself, through knowledge, and it is actually a very primal function. Its logic operates on the premise that true security can only be experienced when everything is known, because there might just be some threat which is hidden somewhere that we cannot see. It equates not-knowing with the possibility of threat, in some shape or form, and thus attempts to know everything, so that it can feel totally safe, which is how every living creature wants to feel.

But true security does not come from the mind. In fact, the thinking mind is what creates all of our insecurity, and thus, fuelled by the need to find solutions to problems that it actually created, it prevents us from experiencing the true, deep security which comes from our heart.

By keeping us engaged upon the level of thought, the thinking mind feels more secure because it is keeping us separate from that which cannot be understood, thus keeping us in the realm of that which is ‘known’. Thus, it prevents us from letting ourselves go into experiences that take us out of thinking and into heightened states of expanded awareness and beyond the limitation of thought, such as joy, bliss, ecstasy and the depth of love.

However, as we learn how to quieten the anxious mind and reintegrate our awareness with our heart through practices such as meditation, it becomes more and more obvious to see that the universe in which we dwell is a loving, intelligent and conscious reality, of which we are part. We dwell within its spiritual body, with a body and mind of our own which mirrors the deep creative intelligence of the greater organism.

As we become more acquainted with the divine truth of Reality, of Life itself, we realise that it is asking us to work on its behalf; to care, help, nurture, and love those who are in need of these things. This is why we have a heart, so that we can feel our purpose, and be motivated by the powerful force of love that exists within us, the very same love that operates through the entirety of creation. It really is deeply magnificent.

So essentially all we need to do it to untangle ourselves from the complex realm of thought, of our insecure ego, of doubt and fear, so that we can perceive reality without the influence of such mental interference. This process requires our discipline and it requires mindfulness and alertness, but in truth it is an effortless process.

When we realise that our attention doesn’t actually belong in thought, and that it belongs in our body and in our heart, we realise that all we need to do is to bring it there. We simply need to move our attention from one place to another. The easiest way for our attention to flow more into our body is simply to relax it. We relax everything and we feel our body; our muscles, our limbs, and also our physical senses like touch, body warmth etc. We just bring all our attention to feeling what we can feel in each moment. You can do this now and in every moment, if you simply decide to.

If you bring your attention into your body, it will not be in your mind. It is that simple. If you relax your body and enjoy the sensation of relaxation that you feel, that is where your awareness is. That is what you are conscious of. That is where you are, so that feeling of ease, relaxation and wellbeing is your reality.

It is the realm of feeling rather than the realm of thinking, and they are two totally different experiences. I recommend you observe and experiment to experience this for yourself, rather than just understanding it conceptually.

So, are your thoughts more real than your feelings? No, they are more illusory and more ethereal, because they are simply projections of light, of consciousness through mental ideas that create images which we equate to being as real as what we experience with our body, which obviously they are not. They are merely cinema projections upon the blank screen of our mind, and there is no substance to them whatsoever. They are merely pictures, which are superficial and cannot harm us in any way.

What we feel in our body and what we sense in our heart has such a greater depth than this that it is staggering that we ever choose to engage with mental realities over the actual reality of our being. Our heart brings us an experience of such profound depth and fulfilment that we cannot conceive of it or understand it. Perhaps this is what deters people from leaving the security of their thoughts – the fact that they cannot fathom the heart, they cannot know it’s depth and what they will experience there in the same way that they are used to knowing their own thoughts and their own mental understanding of reality.

There is a saying in English “better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t” which essentially means that knowing is better, even if what you know does not benefit you. And because of this mentality, people choose “knowing” their thoughts, over experiencing their heart, simply because they believe it is better to know. They believe it is better to stay in control rather than let go into the mystery of life.

I can assure you that dwelling in the living, conscious presence of the reality of your heart is the only way to live in total security and peace, totally free of threat and totally free of mental suffering. But knowing this is not enough. We need to experience this for ourselves. So be courageous, and explore the realm of not-knowing. Explore the boundless reality of your heart, where Eternal Love resides.

Alexander Bell

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Effortless Freedom


If we truly want to experience freedom, we have to start by letting go of the need to be in control. As we stop trying to control what we are feeling, what is happening around us, how people are behaving around us and even what other people are thinking about us, we totally relax. We accept whatever we are feeling in this moment, we accept our life circumstances as they are in this moment, and we give others the freedom to be exactly as they are.

When we cease our efforts to control and change everything, and instead we just focus on being in a relaxed and open state, we accept what this moment presents us with, both internally and externally, while remaining aware of how we can best respond to what is arising.

We hear the word “acceptance” a lot, and essentially what it means on a practical level is that we stop resisting things; e.g. external situations, inner thoughts and feelings and the people we find ourselves around.

When we resist something, our body tenses up, and it says “no, I don’t want to experience this, I don’t want to be open to this” and in a subtle way, we shut down our feelings, we shut down our sensitivity and to a degree we close our heart. This is all in the name of self-preservation, but it is based on the premise that by resisting something, we can be free of its influence.

But this is not totally accurate, because it assumes that that which we are resisting has the power to disturb our peace, has the power to make us suffer. But nothing is greater or stronger than Peace, nothing can conquer it, because it contains the full power of the universe. Everything, without exception, dissolves in the face of true Peace, if we remain open and allow it to flow through us in it’s true power. It is like a universal fire of consciousness that transforms everything it encounters into more consciousness.

But if we tense up our body in resistance to something – anything, because it really doesn’t matter what it is – then this flame of consciousness cannot burn brightly through our being. We cannot feel our true power as a being who is vaster than any single thing that can arise within our consciousness. Nothing is greater than our consciousness, therefore it cannot be threatened, and has no need to protect itself.

If we could just experience this for a few moments, just see how everything that arises within our inner and outer life is a small wave, whilst we are the vast ocean, we would never choose resistance again. We would see that it is resistance that creates our suffering, because by resisting we are enforcing the believe that who we truly are can be threatened.

When fears arise in our mind as thoughts or mental pictures, there is no need to push them away. There is no need to tense up in fear of those thoughts! They simply cannot harm you. It is only the fear of them, the physical resistance to them that is painful and that harms you, because your entire being contracts, and essentially stops your life-force flowing. Your heart contracts in tension and you stop allowing the power of the universe to flow through you in a peaceful and joyful manner. Instead you experience a diminished sense of inner-light as your entire life-force literally shrinks.

Heart attacks occur when the heart has become so tense, so contracted, so unable to open to the natural forces of life, that it malfunctions and essentially collapses. This is the eventual consequence of allowing fear to build up, over and over again, without being challenged, without being released in some way. A person eventually finds that they have become so afraid that they simply cannot open their heart to life, and therefore they are unable continue to live.

If we truly want to live, and to live in happiness, we have to let go of the inner tensions within our heart and within our body. They arise all the time, and we notice them mostly as the accompanying thought (which originally created them) arises in our mind. It is usually a very common thought we have about our state of insecurity in life.

If we engage with and accept that thought as a fact each time it arises, we remain controlled by that fear. We remain fearful of the reality which that thought presents in our mind, and thus we shrink back once again in the face of something which has been created by our mind. This is what keeps our heart oppressed. Our heart has to be stronger than our thinking mind. It is essential. It has to be stronger if we are to allow ourselves to experience true freedom.

The good news is that no effort is required to let go of fear. No grand confrontation needs to be made. We simply have to relax our body. We simply bring our attention away from the thoughts, and come back to a sense of groundedness, a calm feeling of inner-security, of being totally safe and unthreatened in this moment. We do this by relaxing. A relaxed body is a statement to the entire universe that we perceive no threat. And if we perceive no threat, then no threat exists. Threat exists in the mind of the perceiver, not in the outside world. We decide whether the world is a threatening place or not.

If we tense up in response to every little thing that arises, everything we hear or read, every challenging situation, then we are affirming that life is a threatening experience. But if instead we choose to relax in the face of everything that arises, including fearful thoughts, then we affirm and experience the reality that we can remain connected to peace no matter what is happening in the world or in our mind. This is unshakeable peace, and it is something we would all deeply benefit from developing, because if our peace is unshakeable then our heart remains strong.

A strong heart means a life rich with happiness, rich with warmth, friendship, compassion and joy, because a strong heart is a free heart. It is free of tension, free of tightness, free of any form of restriction, and thus it can expand as it needs to. It can shine its light and share its love joyfully with the world as it truly needs to, and thus experience the fulfilment that comes from being a vessel of joyful care and compassion.

Alexander Bell

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What is really happening on Earth?


Many people would like to understand what is happening spiritually (i.e. energetically) on this planet, and it is very simple. More spiritual light (consciousness) is flooding onto the planet, and therefore into the lives of all human beings.

This is why it is essential to have a practice which grounds your energy in your body (and ultimately in your heart) because if your attention is usually in your mind and in your thoughts, as consciousness intensifies the reality of your mind will become more intensely experienced. Thus the effect of your thinking will be stronger upon you, and because most thinking has its roots in fear, you will notice yourself feeling more and more insecure, anxious and worried.

However, if you are easily able to direct your attention into your body and connect with your heart, the intensification of consciousness will result in greater feelings of love, joy and freedom, a greater appreciation of beauty and greater wonderment at the magnificence of life.

If you have a tendency toward anxiety and worry, the most useful practice to include in your daily life is regular periods of relaxation. When our body tenses up in fear, relaxation is the antidote. We cannot feel anxious and afraid while we are relaxed. It is impossible. They are mutually exclusive. And when you couple relaxing your body with conscious breathing – which means being aware that your breathing flows in and out regularly and consistently – it is impossible to get tangled up in fearful thoughts.

When we get involved in thoughts, our breathing usually stops and becomes shallow and irregular. But conscious breathing remedies this, and helps our attention stay with the fluid experience of breathing, with the sensations in our body, and it allows our energy to flow in a very relaxed and pleasant way.

When we practice this, we clearly see that fear is just a thought-created illusion, that we pour our attention (our energy) into and thus give a sense of reality to. But it is not real, because when we stop focusing on thoughts, this mind-made reality vanishes. And essentially that is all we need to do. Instead, we relax and allow our attention to move into our body, so that we are feeling the reality of who we are, from the heart’s perspective, which is a spiritual (i.e. energetic) perspective, full of warmth, energy, and vitality.

Alexander Bell


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From fear to joy, from darkness to light


A fear-based reality is simply a mind-based reality in which we repeatedly engage with thoughts of doubt, judgement, mistrust, and insecurity about ourselves and about life in general. Such disharmonious thought process all stem from fear, and they create a fearful reality for us – a reality in which we cannot be deeply happy, free, joyful and appreciative of the wondrous experience that life truly is. A fear based reality is a reality of uncertainty, darkness and loneliness, and we are all very familiar with what this experience is like.

But we are also familiar with what a joy-based reality feels like, because we have all been happy and joyful on occasions in our life, even if it was only in our childhood. We remember that foundational feeling of security, of feeling protected, supported and loved, free of fear. We have also all experienced moments of deep appreciation for the beauty of life, and felt a heartful connection to the natural world.

None of this is new. It is deeply, deeply familiar. So familiar in fact that when we reconnect to the full depth of this heart-based reality, we will laugh and we will also cry, realising how long we kept ourselves separate from it, and how close it has always been.

It is literally like coming home, after a long and painful absence. The pain dissolves, along with any fear or doubt, and our heart feels expansive and deep like the ocean. Our heart relaxes fully and opens itself, like a flower, to the world, knowing that it is safe to do so. Compassion floods in to our heart, as we more deeply understand the aching pain of separation that so many human beings are currently experiencing on this planet.

So how can we feel joy while we are aware of such deep global suffering?…

We feel joy simply because we are connected to our heart, and at some point joy will arise, because it is one of the facets of the heart. Compassion is another. Generosity is another. Good humour is another. There are many more, and they are all deeply imbued with a sense of intelligence, warmth and light. When we re-establish our identity within our heart, with love, these qualities shine through us, through our personality, and we become radiant examples of how Love manifests within the human form. This is the fulfilment of our life’s purpose, and restores our being back to its naturally joyful state of consciousness.

Alexander Bell


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You are not alone


I know that another’s pain is also my pain. If I can feel it – and I believe it is my responsibility to feel it – then it does not ‘belong’ to another person. It is ours. And because it is ours, we can heal it together. This means we need not struggle alone with our suffering and loneliness, because it is shared.

For me, this is what compassion and empathy are truly about. It is not saying “well, I feel good, so I am just going to have a good time…” It’s about recognising that you can ease the burden of another with the capacity of your compassionate heart. You can lighten the load by saying, “it’s okay, I feel your pain and I know that it can be transformed into peace. Have no fear, I will be with you through what you are experiencing.” Nobody can feel alone when there is someone willing to do this. I feel this is the most loving thing we can do for another person.

Of course, in society we are encouraged to think of ourselves, of what we want, our goals, our desires and so on, and this very much disconnects us from each other, because often our desires don’t always match. Even in spiritual circles, one person may be pursing peace through one method, and another person may prefer another method, and our paths and beliefs may seem to diverge, even though we all want to experience peace.

But in the space of compassion, we all meet, because there are no differing belief systems. We simply care, and this is our nature. We are a caring and compassionate species, and we care enough to put the wellbeing of another before the wellbeing of ourselves. This is the most noble facet of humanity. We will put thoughts of ourselves aside to assist another person. It is instinctive to us, and this is why humans are so special. They really care.

To a large degree, I believe this is what can remedy a lot of the sense of inner-isolation that I know many people feel. Just by having people show that they care, that we matter to them, even though we may not be their close friend. This is powerful and very healing.

But what is also vital is that we understand that there is a far greater, higher consciousness (which some call their ‘higher self’, some call the ‘angelic realm’, some call the ‘greater mind’) that is more than our small, separate, isolated ego. Our sense of loneliness and isolation come primarily because we are unaware and do not feel connected to this higher consciousness, which is conscious, loving and deeply intelligent. It is this intelligence which orchestrates our life experiences so that we may learn the lessons of compassion, humility, gentleness and love.

We have all heard it said that “everything happens for a reason” and it is true. Our heart wants us to return home, back to Love, because our heart is connected with the vast loving intelligence that is responsible for this whole earthly theatre. Our heart is like the auto-cue, or the prompter which tells us when something is required from us, when must do or say something. But whatever is required of us, ultimately it is Love. It might be some words, some action, some movement in a particular direction towards something which we need, or away from something which is harmful, but love is the guiding force, and it is guiding us towards itself.

This is the ultimate remedy to deep loneliness that many people feel. When we encounter love’s presence in our heart, we are reunited with everything that we have ever been searching or longing for. We cannot feel sad in love’s presence, we cannot feel alone. We feel humbled and deeply grateful. We finally feel complete, at peace. We have arrived back at where we were always meant to be; our home.

We remember who we truly are beyond all mental ideas, and we remember what relationship we have with the Universe. It is a very natural and heart-felt experience, and it effortless too, because it is why we are here. All our painful adult experiences have had a purpose, and that purpose is to resolve the separation within our heart; the separation from Love’s presence.

Alexander Bell


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