Saying “Yes” to full consciousness

“There will be times in your life when you will have the opportunity to say ‘Yes, I am ready to accept full consciousness, I am ready to be fully awake and fully responsible for my reality.’ But you will only say this if your heart feels strong, if you have no fear and no doubt. Only then can there be the certainty that you are ready to live as a fully awakened being (which you are destined to anyway.) It is only a matter of readiness.”

There is no avoiding it. Your attention has to be somewhere. And you have been given the full responsibility for where that somewhere should be. Considering what a powerful and creative force your attention is, it is a very big responsibility.

This great (and very beautiful) responsibility can be overwhelming for many people. It means becoming fully conscious of your total responsibility for your state of consciousness. No longer can you defer responsibility (and power) to some other outside force.

This is the very reason so many people choose unconsciousness, through their actions and through their thoughts. They are trying to forget this great responsibility. They are hoping they can forget it if they distract themselves enough, and lose themselves enough in worldly pursuits.

The mental realm of our thoughts is our greatest distraction tool. We have a television screen in our mind, which keeps our attention in our head, away from our centre, away from our heart, away from the depth of our being. We find this ability to ‘switch off’ very comforting, because we have become afraid of our depth. We know that within our being is a very powerful force, we know it is incredibly creative, but we don’t trust ourselves with it. So we try to forget about it.

But this truly is impossible, due to the innate drive towards greater consciousness that exists with us. We are collectively evolving as a species, and we are being required to be a vehicle of awakeness, of full vitality. We are fully destined to wake up to our full power, our true life purpose and our full responsibility in this world, because this is the only reason we are here.

We fear that this means doing something we don’t want to do, or being someone that we dont want to be. We also fear failure. We fear messing it up terribly and feeling like a total failure in the eyes of those around us (or perhaps in the eyes of ‘God’). So rather than confront with these strong fears (and because we don’t know how to) we simply turn away from the awareness of our original responsibility.

By doing this, we become unconscious once more; unconscious of our true purpose and how we are being asked to fulfil it, by stepping into our role as prescribed by the higher consciousness. It is a role of healing and a role of caring and service to others, but simultaneously it is the role that our heart has always been waiting for, because our heart knows how it can best shine. And it truly needs to shine, because this is its purpose.

If the heart is not shining, we will never feel fulfilled. Therefore, by consciously assuming full responsibility for your state of consciousness, and steering clear of all the various pulls towards unconsciousness (which are ultimately in the mind), you are choosing fulfilment on the deepest level. You are choosing to allow the light to shine from within your heart and let it light the way for others to do the same.

Maybe not everybody is ready to assume full responsibility, to accept Full Consciousness, but there will certainly be a time when they are, because the total fulfilment that every human heart longs for cannot be found in any other way. So as we realise this, we start to ask ourselves, “why would I want to waste anymore time? Why would I want to hide in the shadows one moment longer, when I can step out into the beautiful sunlight?”.

There is truly nothing to fear. We simply have to get used to being relaxed and comfortable in the full presence of divine consciousness, which is what flows through every one of us; through our mind, through our body and through our heart.

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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
to the world of joy, freedom and happiness we once knew..”

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Letting go of control

When we stop trying to be in control – of our own thoughts and emotions, and those of other people also – we experience a tremendous relief. Why?

Because control originates from fear. We fear that if we are not in control, then perhaps bad things will happen – things we do not want to happen. So control is all about fear, which is essentially the cause of all our inner tension & stress.

As we learn to trust, we can let go of needing to control everything, and we instantly relax. These words are almost synonymous: RELAX, LET GO, TRUST. If we wish to experience more peace, we have to trust more, and to trust we must let go and relax our body.

So, essentially, on a very practical level when you observe anxiety, tension and the need to control arising within you, you must first relax your body. This is how you say “I trust” with your entire being. It is not enough just to say it mentally, you have to make the statement with your being, by relaxing.

Then, as you calm down and you feel more at ease and relaxed, you observe that reality has changed. You feel safe; not threatened. You have created this reality with the statement that you have just made about reality with your being. By relaxing, you have affirmed that reality is not threatening. You have affirmed that it is safe to relax, therefore it is true.

And thus we create a reality of peace and safety for ourselves – not by protecting ourselves or contriving circumstances to our liking – but by being the master of reality, approaching it totally free of fear and anxiety. It is your friend, so open up to it, relax with it, share your heart with it and all that it brings to you. This is your purpose.

Love, Alex

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Video Blog : “Waking Up…”

If we completely clear this moment of thought, all mental problems and all mental suffering simply disappear, because we are not thinking. There are no dilemmas, there are no fears or worries, there is no judgement and no anger.

All emotional turbulence subsides, no longer stirred up by the mind. We then become aware of what we are feeling in our body – our physical presence in this world. Is our body tense? Are we holding ourselves in, keeping ourselves rigid and tight?

The inevitable next step is to relax, and to continue relaxing. With thinking put aside, no further tension is created, and we just enjoy being here, breathing, being calm inside, feeling grounded and connected to Life.

The mind may pop up with thoughts, like “What should I do now?” And the answer to this specific question is: You can do whatever you want to do. You are free. You can choose. You can stay where you are. You can sit on a mountainside for the rest of your life if you choose to, or you can fulfil your responsibilities in this world. You can help others or you can sit on the sofa eating chocolate bars all day. You can do your job and enjoy it, or you can complain about it. You can change your job. You can choose because You Are Free.

So whatever you choose to do, take responsibility for consciously choosing it, and choose wisely, knowing that your choices either nourish you, assist you to harmonious inside, to feel fulfilled and purposeful, or they do not. How you feel in this world is totally in your hands…

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Heaven on Earth, Here and Now


Heaven on Earth is a state of consciousness which is available to you in this present moment. Essentially, all you have to do is attune your mind to the necessary frequency, which is a frequency above and beyond that of thought – a much more harmonious and pure frequency, which resonates totally with your heart.

Therefore, all you need to do is bring your attention towards your heart; relax it, feel it beating in your chest… just experience what your heart feels like, and allow it to become free of tension. Because the tension is simply fear which has been allowed to take root in your heart, which naturally stops your attention fully occupying your heart as it designed to.

So learning to relax your heart is essential if you wish to perceive reality from the heart’s perspective, which is a much deeper and more real perspective than the perspective we get when we see the world through the lens of the thinking mind. It literally distorts everything, creating darkness and shadows in a realm where there need not be any.

Essentially, we need to practice seeing the world with our heart. It helps a lot to focus upon the natural world, to be in nature as much as possible, away from the disharmony and distraction that media and technology usually impose upon us. We then find our awareness attuning to the energy and vibration of the natural world, which is totally harmonious in its frequency. Because consciousness itself is a frequency, if it is not strongly anchored within our heart it will attune itself to the frequency of that which it beholds. And most people will give their attention indiscriminately to whatever comes in front of their eyes, because generally we are very undisciplined when it comes to where we put our attention.

This has to change if we are to become aware of the higher realm of light, which we truly need to, because this is the reality in which we discover who we truly are, and what life truly is, free of illusion, free of darkness. It is where our consciousness comes from and belongs

Reality is naturally totally luminous, so we simply need to remember how to perceive it in a very relaxed and receptive way, without projecting shadows upon it with our thoughts, without interfering with it, and without expecting anything. All that is needed is a trusting and open heart, and a clear mind, both of which come as a result of meditating. Many people like to believe they can bypass spiritual practice and come to Truth mentality, by reading about it, understanding in some way what it is, and avoiding the need for the clarity and openness which are necessary in both the heart and mind. But the mind must learn to attune to this new divine frequency, and the heart must learn how to remain relaxed and open in its presence.

The heart becomes stronger, emboldened by consciousness. The mind become focused and disciplined – a clear channel of perception. We can then allow ourselves to embody a higher frequency of consciousness, waking up long-dormant but essential parts of our being, which is a deeply fulfilling and illuminating experience.

Essentially, this is simply a process of remembrance; remembering the light, remembering our relationship with it, remembering our purpose. For some, when this awareness comes it seems “too good to be true” because they are so used to broken promises, to expectations ending in disappointment and pain. As a result, the heart will not be fully allowed to open up, because it is anticipating pain. This is where our courage is required. We have to open up and trust Life, even though our heart may feel vulnerable or afraid. Seeing that we are often anticipating pain, then releasing this fear and trusting we are safe to relax our heart is the most significant step to setting our heart free of darkness, isolation and unhappiness – all of which is illusion, upheld by our mental choices and tendencies.

As we let go into love, into trust, gratitude, light and freedom, we evolve. Our consciousness ascends to a higher frequency, and reality adjusts accordingly. But don’t waste any time thinking about any of this. Just take this opportunity, this present moment to bring your attention to your heart. Practice relaxing it, feeling it and enjoying it. Enjoy breathing life and consciousness into your body, feeling more grounded, feeling more alive and vital. Your heart becomes stronger as you do this, nourished by your attention, eager to serve you with its joy, love and gratitude as it welcomes you in its luminous realm, where you belong.

Alexander Bell

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The Ascension of Consciousness


If we dig deep into the ground, we will find that there are many layers to the land. The ground itself consists of humus, top soil, then sub soil, parent material then bedrock. Then, on a larger scale the earth consists of the crust, the mantle, the outer core and the inner core.

So what about consciousness? It is exactly the same. It has lower layers which transition and change in their qualities as they move into the upper layers. But really, it is more accurate to call them ‘frequencies’ than layers, because this is exactly what they are, and we literally attune to these frequencies with our mind, with our body and with our heart.

When we are tuning into certain frequencies with our mind (i.e. with our thought processes) then there is only a certain bandwidth available to us, and this bandwidth has a low frequency. When we are tuned into a particular frequency (which means we are giving our full attention to that real level of awareness – in this instance, thought) then we experience that frequency as our ‘reality’. We believe our thoughts are true, as they create pictures in our mind of what is actually happening. We project these pictures onto the outside world, and we colour our experiences based on what we think about what is happening.

For example, another person may be doing something quite innocently, but because of mistrustful thoughts that may be arising in our mind, we suspect them of having a hidden agenda. That is projection. Another example is we may have just watched the news, and then when we go outside for a walk, we are uneasy and suspicious of the people walking around us, in case they may pose some threat to us.

This is how the mind overlays its frequency upon the outer world, and literally changes our reality for us. This is why it is important to move beyond the low frequency of fearful and ego based thought, if we wish to glimpse reality from a higher perspective, free of the influence of the perpetually insecure ego.

So as we learn to move beyond thinking – and the best way to do this is to introduce meditation into our daily lives – then we realise how little we need to think. Yes, practical and creative thoughts are very important, but most of the other thoughts are not. We do not need to understand the world with our mind. And we cannot understand ourselves with our mind either, because who we are is beyond thought, which exists on a relatively low frequency.

To perceive and experience the higher frequencies of our being (which you could call our ‘higher self’) we have to move beyond thinking and start perceiving reality through our heart, in a more subtle, sensitive and intuitive way. This can be challenging at first for people who have relied totally upon their mental ideas, beliefs and concepts for their view of themselves and the world, but it is a gentle process of ‘re-attunement’ that everyone is capable of, because everyone has a heart and every human heart is thirsty for peace, for freedom and for happiness. This deep inner desire for freedom and for peace is what leads the heart joyfully forward away from the shadowy realm of fearful thinking and isolation.

Because it is our heart’s deepest desire, there is no struggle to raise our consciousness; to allow our consciousness to ascend to the higher realms of our being, where true intelligence and wisdom are found.

It is somewhat ironic that for our consciousness to ascend to more enlightened states of being, our awareness has to descend into our heart. We need to learn how to dwell in our heart, stay in touch with its much more subtle and gentle communication, and learn how to trust in the reality it shows us. It is a reality where there is no threat and no danger. A reality where we do not need to compete with each other and be better that each other, but instead help one-another to live in peace, with a compassionate and sensitive attitude that benefits everyone.

So we have to understand that for our awareness to ascend and move away from fearful, egoic thinking, we have to stop feeding the fearful mind and insecure ego. It is always asking for food, like a mischievous child always demanding more sugar, and if we simply say no, it starts to calm down and balance is soon restored.

We feed our fearful mind in so many ways, from consumption of the abundant ‘bad news media’ stories, to consumption of foods that make our body weak, to ignoring the heart’s needs for space, rest, quiet and nature. Denying the heart its needs is the same as feeding the ego, because it is the ego which chooses to deny the heart. The ego overrides the heart’s communication, and the ego keeps us busy and distracted with ‘entertainment’ or with perpetual productivity and endless ‘achieving’. All in the name of making ourselves better or more worthy. All in the name of ‘contributing to the society’.

If we really want to contribute to society in a powerful and much-needed way, we have to unplug ourselves from the fear motivated way of living that has become natural to most of the human population. We have to address our own needs for inner-harmony, for happiness and self-love and follow on from this by assisting others to do the same.

Globally this should be our priority, because a planet populated with humans who are operating from a heart-based operating system is a planet that will benefit us all, and enable us all to live peacefully together. We can only start where we are, so each of us must begin with ourselves, and remain alert to those around with who are in need of our compassion, who are in deep need of a caring person to lift them from their despair and troubles. It is sometimes enough just to show a person that you care.

Essentially, we are raising ourselves (or ‘ascending’) from an ego-based consciousness that revolves entirely around our own desires, needs and fears, and opening our eyes to a brighter horizon, where we are not the centre of the world, but rather, Love is. Therefore we simply allow Love to be our guiding force, and allow it to motivate our choices, rather than fear.

This is the evolution of the human species, and it happening today. It is strengthened every time you choose to act from your heart, rather than from your ego. It is strengthened every time you choose to lift your mind out of its fear-based scenario about yourself and the world, and come into contact with what your heart is communicating. If it could speak, it would be telling you “relax, have no fear, you are totally safe and protected, trust me..”

A relaxed and open heart is the doorway to the life of peace, joy and happiness which awaits us all. And when we see how fearful thinking literally closes that door and keeps us locked in an illusory prison of fearful thoughts, we can easily find the incentive to choose to return to our heart and to put our full trust and faith in it. The alternative is simply a life of suffering, created and sustained through fear-based thinking, all of which is totally illusory. Our heart offers us the luminous Reality which we have always longed for, while the mind can only offer us a shadowy illusion. It is up to which we wish to inhabit…

Alexander Bell

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The Expansion of Self

img 0728

For one moment, imagine that you were the ocean, and imagine that you felt the powerful force that the ocean contains, moving in currents and waves through your vast body.

Now imagine that some of that ocean was captured in a cup, yet it remained aware of itself whilst in that cup. Imagine that you are that little bit of ocean, now in a small vessel, trying to remember that feeling of energy, vastness and awesome power that once flowed through you.

That memory of what your essence truly is, still remains within each molecule of you. They all vibrate with the same frequency as that vast, greater whole which you remember as the Ocean, your unlimited self, and you easily remind yourself of this by feeling the fluid nature of your essence.

You dismiss all ideas about the limiting nature of the vessel in which you are contained, and you perceive what you really are; you feel what you truly are, the energetic nature of your essence.

Now imagine that this vessel – in which you are seemingly contained – is left in the warm sunshine. You begin to feel yourself changing as the evaporation of your essence transmutes you into a more etheric form of being; a small cloud of energy, no longer so dense as to be weighed down by the gravity of the Earth. You are becoming a more spiritual, less material version of what you are.

The vessel no longer contains you as you rise up into the sky as an evaporated collection of energy. You are the same, but your form has ascended into a finer expression of your essence. You are aware of being, but the being feels so much freer that when you were contained in that vessel. You now feel uncontained and expansive. You now have the sky as your playground, free of gravity, as you are taken by the wind where the wind wishes to take you.

Surrendered and invulnerable, you feel the deep, exhilarating freedom of spaciousness, of the air, of limitlessness, as you realise that there is no separation between you and it. You feel one with the sky. You have joined its realm. You are the space, the energy and the freedom. You are it all.


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Christ Consciousness


(Scroll to watch the video: “Living in the New Earth”)

The easiest way to understand “Christ Consciousness” (the highest state of consciousness available in a human body) is to think in terms of brightness of light…

Imagine you are alone in a room, and that this room is your ‘reality’. The whole room is lit by a single lightbulb, which is connected to an adjustable ‘dimmer’ switch, set to the lowest possible brightness.

Unbeknown to you, the room is more exquisitely beautiful and ornate than you can ever imagine, but because the bulb is so dim, you only see vague shapes and colours in the room. This is like ‘ordinary’ consciousness.

Christ Consciousness is like turning up the brightness of the light to its maximum, thus enabling you to perceive in total glorious detail the full and actual reality of where you truly are. And you realise that you are far from alone, because with you in that room are the most beloved and loving friends from your distant past, whom you had long forgotten. They are there to share in your joy and happiness and to amplify it. They are there to converse, to laugh and to dance with you. They are your angels, and they have been waiting for you to turn up the light and become aware of them.

With the light of consciousness turned up to its brightest, there are no shadows, no nooks or crannies left unlit. You see everything, and everything is seen, and thus illuminated.

No only this, but there is a strong feeling of Love that is emanating from the structure of the room, which you were not aware of before, and upon closer inspection you see that the room is not constructed from bricks or from wood or any other inert material. It is made from a living fabric, that is alive, intelligent and conscious – totally aware of you in fact, and it is emanating love towards you, as a fire emanates heat.

This is Love’s True Reality, seen in its full luminous glory.

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