From fear to joy, from darkness to light


A fear-based reality is simply a mind-based reality in which we repeatedly engage with thoughts of doubt, judgement, mistrust, and insecurity about ourselves and about life in general. Such disharmonious thought process all stem from fear, and they create a fearful reality for us – a reality in which we cannot be deeply happy, free, joyful and appreciative of the wondrous experience that life truly is. A fear based reality is a reality of uncertainty, darkness and loneliness, and we are all very familiar with what this experience is like.

But we are also familiar with what a joy-based reality feels like, because we have all been happy and joyful on occasions in our life, even if it was only in our childhood. We remember that foundational feeling of security, of feeling protected, supported and loved, free of fear. We have also all experienced moments of deep appreciation for the beauty of life, and felt a heartful connection to the natural world.

None of this is new. It is deeply, deeply familiar. So familiar in fact that when we reconnect to the full depth of this heart-based reality, we will laugh and we will also cry, realising how long we kept ourselves separate from it, and how close it has always been.

It is literally like coming home, after a long and painful absence. The pain dissolves, along with any fear or doubt, and our heart feels expansive and deep like the ocean. Our heart relaxes fully and opens itself, like a flower, to the world, knowing that it is safe to do so. Compassion floods in to our heart, as we more deeply understand the aching pain of separation that so many human beings are currently experiencing on this planet.

So how can we feel joy while we are aware of such deep global suffering?…

We feel joy simply because we are connected to our heart, and at some point joy will arise, because it is one of the facets of the heart. Compassion is another. Generosity is another. Good humour is another. There are many more, and they are all deeply imbued with a sense of intelligence, warmth and light. When we re-establish our identity within our heart, with love, these qualities shine through us, through our personality, and we become radiant examples of how Love manifests within the human form. This is the fulfilment of our life’s purpose, and restores our being back to its naturally joyful state of consciousness.

Alexander Bell

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You are not alone


I know that another’s pain is also my pain. If I can feel it – and I believe it is my responsibility to feel it – then it does not ‘belong’ to another person. It is ours. And because it is ours, we can heal it together. This means we need not struggle alone with our suffering and loneliness, because it is shared.

For me, this is what compassion and empathy are truly about. It is not saying “well, I feel good, so I am just going to have a good time…” It’s about recognising that you can ease the burden of another with the capacity of your compassionate heart. You can lighten the load by saying, “it’s okay, I feel your pain and I know that it can be transformed into peace. Have no fear, I will be with you through what you are experiencing.” Nobody can feel alone when there is someone willing to do this. I feel this is the most loving thing we can do for another person.

Of course, in society we are encouraged to think of ourselves, of what we want, our goals, our desires and so on, and this very much disconnects us from each other, because often our desires don’t always match. Even in spiritual circles, one person may be pursing peace through one method, and another person may prefer another method, and our paths and beliefs may seem to diverge, even though we all want to experience peace.

But in the space of compassion, we all meet, because there are no differing belief systems. We simply care, and this is our nature. We are a caring and compassionate species, and we care enough to put the wellbeing of another before the wellbeing of ourselves. This is the most noble facet of humanity. We will put thoughts of ourselves aside to assist another person. It is instinctive to us, and this is why humans are so special. They really care.

To a large degree, I believe this is what can remedy a lot of the sense of inner-isolation that I know many people feel. Just by having people show that they care, that we matter to them, even though we may not be their close friend. This is powerful and very healing.

But what is also vital is that we understand that there is a far greater, higher consciousness (which some call their ‘higher self’, some call the ‘angelic realm’, some call the ‘greater mind’) that is more than our small, separate, isolated ego. Our sense of loneliness and isolation come primarily because we are unaware and do not feel connected to this higher consciousness, which is conscious, loving and deeply intelligent. It is this intelligence which orchestrates our life experiences so that we may learn the lessons of compassion, humility, gentleness and love.

We have all heard it said that “everything happens for a reason” and it is true. Our heart wants us to return home, back to Love, because our heart is connected with the vast loving intelligence that is responsible for this whole earthly theatre. Our heart is like the auto-cue, or the prompter which tells us when something is required from us, when must do or say something. But whatever is required of us, ultimately it is Love. It might be some words, some action, some movement in a particular direction towards something which we need, or away from something which is harmful, but love is the guiding force, and it is guiding us towards itself.

This is the ultimate remedy to deep loneliness that many people feel. When we encounter love’s presence in our heart, we are reunited with everything that we have ever been searching or longing for. We cannot feel sad in love’s presence, we cannot feel alone. We feel humbled and deeply grateful. We finally feel complete, at peace. We have arrived back at where we were always meant to be; our home.

We remember who we truly are beyond all mental ideas, and we remember what relationship we have with the Universe. It is a very natural and heart-felt experience, and it effortless too, because it is why we are here. All our painful adult experiences have had a purpose, and that purpose is to resolve the separation within our heart; the separation from Love’s presence.

Alexander Bell

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The Fire in Our Heart


Just like the Sun burns brightly out in space, deep within our heart burns the flame of our consciousness. This is where our inner warmth comes from; it is where the brightness of our mind comes from, and this inner fire needs fuel. This is our primary job – to give our inner fire the fuel it needs.

We must do this in very practical ways, because we have a body, and our body requires us to be totally practical. We cannot fuel the heart’s fire with theories, philosophies, or deep mental understandings. This inner flame needs oxygen – it’s prime fuel – it needs attention, its strength needs renewing daily, and it needs to exist in a space of ease, relaxation and openness.

This last one is very important, because if we are holding tension in our chest, the heart struggles. If our body is tense, we feel it in our heart too, and thus our heart is restricted in its ability to expand, to open and share its consciousness, like a rose opens and shares its transcends scent.

If our heart is held in tension, how can we deeply breathe oxygen and vitality into it? How can our heart be strong if it is afraid? It cannot. We have to release the tension in our heart (which is how fear manifests in our body), and we have to be very aware that we are not creating more. How do we do this?

To release the tension in our heart, we relax it. It is that simple, and it is the only way.

So ask yourself this question… what makes your heart relax? Perhaps it might be certain types of music, perhaps it could be being in nature, or meditating… it could be many, many things. Just become aware of a few things now that help your heart to relax and feel freer.

These things are the practical tools you need to use every day in your life to help your heart remain relaxed and open. It needs to be strong, and it is strongest when it open and loving, because love is its power, its fire, its strengthening force. Love emboldens the heart and Love empowers the heart, because the heart is designed for Love, just like our lungs are designed for oxygen. We need to give them what they need, and in abundance, so they can be strong and healthy.

When our heart is relaxed and strong, when the fire of Love is burning brightly within it, our entire being is radiant. Love’s warmth and energy flood our body, and its light illuminates our mind. Our state of consciousness becomes very expansive because, in a very literal way, as our light is shining brighter, it reaches out further.

Our awareness radiates out and merges with the energy and the intelligence of the universe, and we no longer experience ourselves as separate from it. We no longer feel disconnected from everything, from life, from ourselves; we feel deeply connected and unified within.

This occurs because our energy, our light, our attention is no longer divided into a state of dualism through thinking. Thinking creates a dualistic perception of the world, where we see good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark etc. However, when our energy does not go into thinking, it instead creates a unified and whole experience for us through our heart. This is Love.

The fire of Loving consciousness is fuelled by our awareness being within our heart – and therefore we are feeling our heart. It is fuelled by the oxygen which we breathe in deeply, which fans the flames of its fire and creates greater consciousness, greater inner-awareness, greater light, greater passion and strength in our heart.

All we truly need to do is set the heart free from its tension, give it space to expand, and give it our full attention. In response, it will project and create for us a reality of total peace, total security and total beauty. A reality of such profound depth and fulfilment that we cannot imagine. This is the Reality of Love, and it awaits us now, as our heart awaits our attention.

Thank you,

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Evolving Your Spiritual Understanding


Human consciousness is now nicely saturated with the essential understanding that this present moment is all that exists – that future and past are just mental states. So it is time for collective wisdom to advance a little, so it can move away from a purely cerebral experience of this moment, to a deeply blissful one. The collective peak of our consciousness is now being witnessed, and people are really ‘getting it’ that this very moment contains everything that we need.

But we have to do more than get it. We have to embody presence, so that we are feeling it, experiencing deeply the sense of total fulfilment and the perfect harmony of life’s energy within our body, in every cell, as they vibrate with life’s innate joy.

It feels deeply blissful, because the body is free from the smallest drop of tension (all of which is created by the mind) thus there is no interference in our cells from disharmonious energies created by thought. There is only relaxation, expansiveness and a very tangible feeling of positive energy circulating freely through our body. If you relax your body now, you can feel it. This is a very grounded state, in which the ‘divine electric current’ of consciousness can continuously flow through us, because we are connected to the Earth, through the feeling our body.

This is essential, and it helps us be free of the mental reality created by our thoughts. We are not just thinking beings, we are feeling beings, and we should remember that all the positive feelings we want to experience are available to us now, if we come out of our mind, back into our body, and enjoy the feeling of simply relaxing and breathing. It is being, but it is not thinking about being. It is feeling our being. And when we are feeling our being, feeling our presence in our body in this world of energy, a much deeper kind of understanding can occur.

We can experientially understand our true relationship to higher consciousness, which is an expression of loving, energetic intelligence, just as we are. We feel our connection to that consciousness which is greater than us, and thus our identity changes from being something separate from it, to being an undivided part of it. But this can only be felt to be truly understood, because we cannot understand a feeling. If we try, it simply ceases to be a feeling and becomes a concept. So we must keep our attention with feeling, with our sensing. Thought is not at all needed for us to do this. It merely distracts us from the realm of feeling.

So the practice to remember is simple: Relax your body, and allow your breath to flow. If your attention goes into any thought (which essentially disrupts the flow) bring it back to your breathing and to the feeling of relaxation and of energy flowing in your body.

Each breath fuels the sensation of energy flowing in your body, because more oxygen means more consciousness – both in your body and also in your mental alertness. This is why conscious breathing is the central theme within most spiritual practices. Greater consciousness is always encouraged by a greater supply of oxygen. This is one if the main reasons why we feel more alive, more alert, more grounded and more balanced in nature. Our cells are being flooded with their prime fuel, oxygen, and we feel it.

Couple this abundant supply of oxygen with a sense of relaxation and ease within the tissues of the body, and you will find that experiencing the joyful depth of fully inhabiting your body, and feeling your heart in a very tangible way in this moment, is not only totally effortless and natural, it is also completely unavoidable.

Alexander Bell

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Living In Love’s Reality


Listen to this article, read by Alex…

I look at the natural beauty that surrounds us on this planet and I really feel that we are living in a paradise. Of course, the concrete jungles that we call cities and towns, in which a large percentage of the human population dwell, tend to make us forget what a deeply beautiful world this planet truly it. In these places, we don’t see the abundance of trees, plants and living creatures that populate the Earth, we don’t feel nature’s deeply harmonious and peaceful energy all around us. We see grey walls, grey roads and sharp edges everywhere. In these concrete jungles, we rarely hear the transcendental tone of a flowing river, the leaves blowing in the breeze, the magnificent birdsong echoing through the trees, the amazing night insects playing their divine orchestra.

Instead, we hear the dull monotonous drone of engines and machines everywhere, and we begin to attune to these frequencies without even realising it. We begin to feel uninspired, agitated, stressed and tired as all of these unnatural influences are absorbed by our deeply sensitive human nature. Such influences can make us forget our sensitivity, because our sensitivity is not being fed by the living, vibrant and deeply joyful energy of nature. This is essential soul food for every one of us, yet we forget it so easily. Instead we turn to entertainment and distraction in the form of technology and media. Our mind becomes hungry, and we feed upon the information that is streamed into our homes and work-places, even into our own pockets, upon our mobile devices that we carry around like holy books, checking religiously for a much awaited text, a news update, or a social media up date.

Yet when we finally get back into nature, into the sun, into the trees or amongst the grass and flowers, we realise how addicted we have become to the fast-hitting distraction and information that technology often brings us. We remember the beautiful feeling, the deep sense of peace and happiness that nature instils within us, which cannot be substituted. We remember our essential heartfelt connection to the natural world, from which we are truly not separate. We feel its providence and its deep beauty.

Being in nature is the best way to remind ourselves of what Love truly is. If Love were to have an appearance, a face which we could look into and gaze upon, it would look like the Earth. It would look like a luscious green valley, a deep green meadow abundant with wild flowers, a bluebell-thick forest floor, a stunning waterfall, a magnificent snow-topped mountain range, glowing radiantly in the setting sun. The power and beauty of the natural world clearly displays to us the power and beauty of Love. We feel its magnificence with us; it inspires us, takes our breath away, and excites our heart.

It is this sense of natural inspiration that we need to feel regularly. It is very important to us if we wish to maintain a state of inner-harmony, happiness and peace – our natural human state.

When we forget our natural state of inner-harmony, we get caught up in the expressions of an inner sense disharmony, in judgements, irritation, negativity, hostility, fear, anger, frustration and so on. These are all too common experiences in the Earth’s human population, especially in the places where people are living more separately from nature. This is why I believe that tools for inner-peace, like meditation, yoga, tai-chi and so on, are much more important in the towns and cities, where people are much more heavily influenced by dis-harmonious, man-made energies. A lot of these energies feed our mind, and make us conceptualise ourselves and the experience of life. Living becomes a thinking experience which occurs in the mind, rather than feeling experience which takes place in our heart.

We are very much creatures of the heart, yet the modern world turns us into creatures of mind. This is very clear to see and observe, especially in the way people communicate with one another. You usually hear people talking about what they “think” – their opinions about other people, about the world. It is often about who is right and who is wrong, what is good and what is bad. This is merely a reflection of the dualistic nature of the mind. It sees division and separation everywhere, thus it sees life as a process of conflict, where everything is battling with everything else just to survive.

This is very much a human perception, which is also projected upon the natural world. Thus we even allow the mind to taint the beauty and perfection of nature through it perception of life as a battle of survival. Yet the natural world is not fighting; it is simply dancing with itself. Every single living creature is but a small wave of form upon the ocean of living energy, and it is perfectly in harmony with itself. Yet the dysfunctional human mind projects it’s own inner-conflict and dis-harmony upon this magnificent theatre of light, sound and form which we call the world, and creates something which is devoid of beauty, and full of struggle and conflict.

It is a bit like taking a beautiful film of a wild sea creature frolicking joyfully in the water and then over-laying the very ominous sounding music of the shark film “Jaws”. Something of joy and beauty becomes something full of threat. This is what the human mind does with the world.

And it does not help that we endlessly consume news stories full of conflict and suffering, danger, violence and threat. Such information has a powerful effect on the way that we feel and the way that we perceive the world. It influences the collective mindset to such a degree that we sometimes feel that we are being pulled into a collective “bad dream”, which is being envisioned by millions of anxious minds as they project a future devoid of happiness and joy; and full of conflict and misery.

But it is no more than this; merely anxious minds envisioning an uninspiring and fearful future, this creating a totally uninspiring and fearful present-moment reality. After all, our reality is our state of consciousness in this present moment. One person can be in heaven while another is in hell. Which is true, which is real?

Essentially, what you are feeling is what is real for you in this moment. People often enter into debates about what is conceptually real, but opinions will always be divided within the realm of thought. But who can negate the reality of what you are feeling? It is very real indeed, because it is being experienced throughout the depths of your being.

We allow our thoughts to influence the way we feel to a very large degree, and because so many of humanity’s collective thoughts are based on fear, division and hostility we very often feel afraid, divided and hostile. We also feel insecure, incomplete, and lacking on a very primal level, because thoughts are very insubstantial things, like clouds in the sky. They cannot nourish us. Yet we so often try to get nourishment from them, feeding our mental perspective on the world, bolstering our ego, trying to find some security in our beliefs. But ultimately this cannot happen, because our true and deepest sense of security comes from our heartfelt connection to the Earth, to its providence and love.

When we feel the nurturing energy of Mother Nature in our heart, we know that we are part of her family, because it is a very tangible experience, beyond any doubt. We feel supported, we feel guided and provided for. As we attune ourselves to the guidance and love of Mother Nature, which is always communicating to our heart, we relax. We feel safe in a way that is beyond comprehension. It is simply a feeling of total security, which does not need to be sustained by thought. It is Love’s Reality, the place in which we dwelled in our joyful childhood innocence, before the mind grew sophisticated with its thought processes.

We can return there, simply by bringing our attention away from the complexity and duality of the thinking mind, and back to the undivided realm of our heart. How we do this does not matter. It can be through music, through meditation, through singing, playing, dancing, being in nature. All that matters for us is that we do it, and do it often. We do not need to dwell in isolation for a single moment more, because we are truly not alone. We simply shut ourselves off in conceptual boxes of thought, of opinions and beliefs, and we wonder why we feel lonely or separate. It is because we do not belong there, with our head amongst the clouds, unable to see the magnificence of where we truly are, unable to feel the depth of our being and it’s connection to the entirety of creation. Instead, we think about it. We talk about it. We even argue about it! Oh, humanity, how unwell you are. But the remedy is close at hand. It is the arising of your awareness of where you truly belong and what you truly need. It is Love.

As we re-attune our awareness to Love’s Reality, the Reality of our heart, we become deeply re-acquainted with what it is like to be there. We remember how totally natural it is to us. We remember how effortless it is to dwell there, because we belong there. It is not something new; it is something totally familiar on every level of our being. We recognise it instantly, and our mind, our heart, our body and our soul all join together and sing out in a heavenly chorus “Yes, yes, yes. This is it. This is what is real. This is where we belong. We are home.”

Alexander Bell

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Restoring Peace To The Heart

There is a great deal of pain in the heart of humanity. We are all – without exception – such deeply sensitive creatures, who are intended to dwell within the gentle and peaceful realm of our heart. Yet so many of our early experiences in this world encouraged us to close our heart to varying degrees, in order to protect ourselves from further pain in what often seems like such a harsh and insensitive world.

Nobody wants to experience pain in their heart because it is pretty much unbearable, therefore closing the heart is a natural response. Yet as a result, we lose our essential connection to life and to the divine energy of the universe, which occurs through our heart. We stop feeling our heart and our attention moves out of our body and into our mind, into thoughts, and life becomes a cerebral experience. We think about everything, we try to understand and process life through our thoughts, and we experience ourselves as an expression of our mental beliefs and opinions about who we are and what we stand for.

We begin to experience ourselves as almost 2 dimensional, because we are not feeling the depth of who we are. We are not feeling our heart. We have become disconnected from our intuition, from our sensitivity and our vulnerability. We become almost machine-like, as the rigidness, efficiency and unfeelingness of the mind becomes our entire operating system, our way of relating to the Universe in which we find ourselves. This is not living. This is fearing, this is controlling, this is hiding, all because we have forgotten the total peace and security of our heart.

What is the cost of this? It is the loss of joy, the loss of freedom and happiness. It is a very big price to pay, because our heart begins to wither, our body weakens, and we sense that we are losing the greatest gift that the Universe could ever bestow upon us: Vitality, Life.

We are here to live, and to experience the divine beauty that is an expression of our own heart. We see it all around us in the natural world, which is simply an outer material reflection of the inner spiritual paradise which we all carry around within us in our heart.

So how do we allow the wounded heart to heal, so that we can open up once again to life’s richness and beauty, and experience the beautiful depth of being alive? How we can we feel the divine magnificence of Love in our heart, and let our heart shine like a beacon of light, to help others who may be lost in the darkness?

Essentially, all we need to do is release the tension which is held deep within the heart. It is this which keeps the heart tight, in a cocoon of fearful self-protection and anxiety. And as everyone knows, to release tension all we need to do is relax. But how do we relax the heart?

We begin on the outer level, by relaxing our body and letting it be free of tension and stress. We restore peace to the body. There is no rush in doing this, because it is a very enjoyable process. As tension leaves the muscles, a feeling of relief comes in because we are finally experiencing some freedom from all the inner constriction that we carry around with us wherever we go, and it simply feels good.

This is the freedom which the body really needs – freedom from tensions and constriction. As we relax and the feeling of relief spreads over the whole body, the relaxation naturally spreads inwards towards our chest and into our heart, as that also relaxes and releases its tension. It is an effortless process, because tension naturally wants to be released, and the body wants to release it, so it can feel free once again.

If we simply sit still and quiet for a few moments and notice the state of our heart, we will see if it is relaxed and open; and whether love is flowing through us. Or we will see if the heart is tense and anxious, afraid for some reason. And it doesn’t matter what that reason may be. Fear is fear, no matter how noble its justification may be.

So with this simple awareness of our heart, we can be aware of what is motivating our actions, our thoughts and our words. Are we communicating from the love we are feeling in our heart, or are we communicating because we are afraid of something?

Our communications carry the energy of where we are communicating from, so even if our intention is to help another individual, if it comes from fear of what will happen to them if we do not say anything, this fear is what is conveyed to that person on a subliminal level. This is why our own sense of trust and inner-peace should be our priority, because then we can communicate those energies to others. If we fear for the future, how can we convey a message of trust and faith? People will simply pick up on the underlying energy of fear that is present within us, motivating our communications.

So if we are to communicate a message of true peace, love and faith, we must be feeling these things ourselves. And then we won’t even need to say anything in words, because our message will be clearly felt by those around us, as their heart naturally resonates to the peacefulness which is present in our own heart. If this peacefulness is not present, no amount of clever or convincing words can be a satisfactory substitute for it. Essentially, people respond to the energy which we are embodying, rather than the words we are speaking. Speak from your heart, and the hearts of others will hear you. This is how communication can lead to communion, which is its true and original purpose.

Peace and blessings,

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The Joy of Being Who You Already Are

“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back to the world of joy, freedom and happiness we once knew.”

As human intellect and intelligence evolves, as it is continually doing and which can be clearly observed through our astounding technological developments & advancements as a species, we find that, in very sophisticated ways, we are also more convincingly able to distract ourselves from the fact that we are not truly embracing the wondrous gift of being alive. We try to overlook and ignore what our heart tells us, that perhaps we are not living our lives to the fullest of our potential, embracing the fullness of our consciousness, really shining like the beautiful star that we truly are.

To someone who is very comfortable in their illusion, surrounded by all their favourite distractions and comforts, this may all sound like a tremendous effort. The very thought of “shining like a star” may seem quite exhausting, but it has nothing to do with effort, and everything to do with the joy which naturally bubbles up from within a healthy heart. When joy is flowing from within, we radiate an invisible energy of light that affects everything around us, and is transmitted into the collective consciousness to uplift the entire human family. This is how important our state of consciousness is.

But even from a very selfish point of view, our joy is essential to us because it reminds us of our true energetic potential. It reminds us how deeply important it is to simply be happy and to be in a positive state, because when we are the entire universe is transformed. We often think that life is very objective, an outside experience that we don’t have much influence upon, but the opposite is true. The reality of Life is totally subjective. The world which we truly inhabit is not the world “out there” but it is the realm of our inner state of consciousness.

We attune our awareness to certain levels of consciousness, and that is the realm which we experience as our reality, our world. The material world is really just a mirror that reflects to us where we are at, as we project our state of consciousness upon it. The beauty of the natural world is also constantly reminding us of the beautiful potential that our consciousness holds to be an expression of joy, because this Earth truly is an expression of that energy. You can hear it when the birds sing. You can see it in the exquisite colours of the flowers and the blossoms. You can even taste it in the delicious fruits, miraculously produced by the magnificent trees which populate this beautiful planet. It is all an expression of joy.

Our primary task and our main purpose on earth is to re-attune ourselves to this divine frequency, so that we are working in total harmony with the natural energies that permeate the planet. It may seem like a challenge, only because we have allowed our awareness to get pulled into the muddiness of the thinking mind, with its fears, doubts, worries, judgements, hostilities, criticisms and guilt. We have created an entire other world for ourselves, made of thought, separate from the joyful beauty of the earth, which exists solely in our mind. So much of our attention is given to it, that we bring these energies into our bodies, that begin to feel almost lifeless and devoid of energy. We also project them upon the earth, creating the same dullness that exists in our consciousness in vast forms upon the external world, such as huge concrete cities the sprawl across the landscape, in which we choose to immerse ourselves, believing that there is some kind of deep pleasure to be experienced within these vast lifeless labyrinths.

Yet human beings cannot create anything that comes close to the transcendent magnificence of nature, and the state of consciousness it evokes within our being. We can spend decades within a city, seemingly enjoying all the many pleasures and distractions it offers, and yet just one day in a beautiful natural place will set our heart singing like we have never known before.

We are creatures of nature. Our heart longs to sing like the beautiful song birds. We yearn to feel within us that beautiful freedom of not being restricted, of having no boundaries, no division between us and the love of the universe, which pours upon the earth from its divine source. But we need space to feel this. We are not designed to dwell within concrete boxes, separate from the energy and sounds of nature, unable to feel it’s soothing and revitalising presence. It is more important to us that we can imagine, yet we forget and we get lost in our heavy adult world, constructed of anxious thoughts, unwelcome obligations, frustrations and loneliness. How sad this is.

We choose this for ourselves, even though it is highly encouraged that we do so in society. But when we get to an age where we truly decide how we want to live our lives, we can set ourselves free from all that we allowed to weigh our heart down, including all the sophisticated adult belief systems that reinforced our sense of duty and obligation to such a joyless way of living.

If we want to be free, then we are free to be free. We are free to change our life, to let go of the things which do not nourish our heart, to live in the environment that we know our inner child will thrive in. Because that inner child does not disappear, dissolve or die. It is there right now, waiting for the next opportunity to be awoken and express its enthusiasm and joy, its innocence and happiness. This is where the light resides within you, within the joyful innocence of your ever-youthful heart, which only ever wants to be free to express itself. All you have to do is be brave enough to ignore everything which tells you why it should not – all the self-judgement, fear and adult self-restrictions, and let yourself be free to shine in the light of your heart’s joy. It is truly all your heart has ever wanted to do.

Alexander Bell

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