Alex’s music

“Like travelling through another time & space…
taking you into a joyfully uplifting world…”

The New Album by Alexander Bell

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List of albums by Alexander Bell…

“Heaven on Earth” – 25 songs (on Bandcamp)

“Heaven on Earth” – 15 songs (iTunes Store).

“Heart Strings” – 11 violin songs (iTunes Store).

“Enlightenment” – 17 talks (on Bandcamp)

“Life is Round” – 8 early classics (iTunes Store).

FREE ALBUM OF 8 SONGS (zip file, 58 MB)

Happy listening…

Alexander Bell is a composer, writer, and teacher of inner-peace. You can read his latest blog posts about consciousness, spiritual awakening and healing here, or download his life-changing book “How To Live in Love“, or tune in to his beautiful Ambient Radio Station.