Freedom from fear

Starting in October, join the live Zoom video seminar:
• “Freedom from fear”, hosted by Alexander Bell •

Dates (fortnightly, Fridays): 18th October & 1st November

Time (UK / Portugal): 8pm – 9pm (Click here for other time zones)

Price: €5 per session, or both for €8

Location: Online via the Zoom app or desktop program. (The access link will be emailed to you after payment, below)

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October 18th (€5) / November 1st (€5)
Book both dates for €8

These video meetings use “Zoom” which is a simple online meeting platform: Either the Zoom App or the desktop program are needed to join a meeting. To download Zoom, or for any questions about using Zoom to connect to these meetings, click here. After booking, you will receive an email with more detailed instructions for connecting to this meeting. Thank you.

In this “Freedom from Fear” 3-part series you will learn:

• Where fear comes from, and how we recognise its influence externally and internally. Do we actually need fear?
• How to easily return to and remain in a grounded state, where fear cannot enter.
• How to stop inviting fear into your system through your practical choices, and where you choose to put your attention.
• How to practically respond to the presence of fearful thoughts, and to intense physical fear, so that it is transformed instantly.
• How to consciously gravitate towards and anchor ourselves in the polar opposite to fear, which is joy, faith, peace and trust.
• How to surrender to divine will, which is motivated by compassion for others (service), faith and trust, as opposed to egoic will, which is motivated by selfish gratification, insecurity and fear.
• Simple practices that you can do anywhere to challenge the intimidating presence of fear and remain calmly in your strength and at peace.

If you have a question that you would like answered during this online video meeting, first book your place above, and after booking use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your question. Thank you.


A few words about fear, by Alexander Bell

It is obvious that we are not supposed to live in fear, yet fear controls us in more ways than we know. Most of it is subconscious, and maintains deeply held tensions and resistance throughout our body, which perpetuates itself by controlling our choices, our sense of freedom, self-expression and joy.

Fear is simply a self-fulfilling prophecy, which essentially imprisons us and prevents us from fully expanding and enjoying the true depth and beauty of life. But trust is a self-fulfilling prophecy also, and it is our trust that we need to develop if we wish to be free from the darkness and suffering that fear creates in our mind and body.

When our trust in a higher force of protection, guidance and providence is total, fear can no longer get a grip upon our heart and disconnect us from the almighty power of Love. There are ways and practices of strengthening this connection so that it gradually becomes unbreakable, and this is what it is important to focus on at this challenging time in human history.

There are many strong influences in the media that are specifically generating fear and anger, and encouraging human minds to contemplate the darker side of their nature and a bleak view of the future. This is obviously not good for us, so we need to learn how to become immune to this flood of negative information, and to the thoughts and visions it generates in our mind. As well as this, we have all of our subconscious fear-based conditioning, which goes much deeper than we think and needs to come to light so we can see that it is fear-based. Seeing this we can then decide to let it go, and instead consciously make new choices based on faith and trust rather than fear. This is how we release our heart from the subtle grip that fear has upon it. This process strengthens us deeply and enables us to remain firmly rooted in a state of trust and peace, no matter what appears to be happening in the world.

If you would like a question answered during this online video meeting, first book your place above and after booking use the form below to submit your question. Thank you.