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This beautiful 18 minute shaking / dance experience is designed to free your body & heart from deep tensions, and lead you into a state of joy and ecstasy. It is best performed in a low-lit place after sunset, in nature or in a spacious room where you will not be disturbed. A reasonably good sound-system with bass is recommended. It is best done with closed eyes.

Start by taking a few slow deep breaths and relaxing your body. Let your shoulders be loose, as well as your arms, your neck, your face, your hips and your knees. When you feel ready, press play and commence shaking your entire body in time to the music, up & down rhythmically and vigorously, like shaking a shaker or mixing a cocktail. As the music progresses, really get into the shaking and let the energy build up & flow through you. Breathe deeply while you shake your entire body. If you do this you will start to feel deeply alive, energised and ecstatic.

As the meditation progresses, when you notice an ecstatic or joyful feeling arising within you (as it is likely to do), just set your body free to express itself fully, in any way it wants to. Let your entire body move in a totally uncontrolled way, so that what you are feeling can be fully expressed and felt.

After 18 minutes, when the music ends, just sit quietly for 5 minutes and breathe gently, enjoying the feeling that is flowing through your heart and your body.

You can do this everyday if you have the time, but at least twice a week is recommended. The more you practice this, the more that light and joy are able to transform your being. Share it with your friends, and experience it in a group for a more amplified and powerful experience.

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