Alexander Bell

“Be strong, but always gentle. Allow aggression, arrogance and ego to disappear from your life completely, leaving only peace, love and humility.” – Alexander Bell
Alexander Bell, 40, is a fully awakened English spiritual teacher, a father-of-four, a writer, composer of healing music and an authority on physical rejuvenation, including that of the heart. He has devoted his life to the communication of Divine Truth and to the teaching of perfect inner harmony and radiant health.

Alex has many passions: primarily the flowering of our innate divine consciousness, the nurturing of excellent health, joyful heart-centered communication, beautiful music and most importantly, teaching others.

Being extremely knowledgeable in the fields of the awakening the heart, physical health, rejuvenation, inner peace, and divine communion, Alex’s focus is to communicate practical information that can bring more understanding, awareness, health and happiness into the lives of others.

He recently wrote his first book (which is free to download):”How to Live in Love“. Into this very simple and easily accessible book he poured a lifetime of practical wisdom, all drawn from personal experience.

Alex likes to communicate in a way that is accessible to as many people as possible, not only the educated and knowledgeable, so that everyone can learn and understand the simple, practical ways of choosing excellent health, inner peace and perfect happiness. Many people settle for much less in this world, but Alex’s predominant message is that we deserve – and have already been given – the greatest gift imaginable: the radiant, luminous consciousness that is the essence of Life itself. Each one of us has the capacity to experience this, through our heart, mind and the entirety of our being.

Spiritually, Alex teaches that this world is merely a dream, a scripted play which has already been written, and we need only play our part, pay attention and follow our cues. Whilst we dream, we are continuously held in the loving embrace of The Divine, as we are gently called to our awakening. Divine Love is the golden thread that is leading us home and we need only ensure that we walk the path in Peace, with a trusting, loving and patient heart.

Alex sees that our reason for being here is to be of service to others who are less fortunate than ourselves. If we are not serving others we are simply serving our own ego, which simply keeps us lost in an illusory world of separation.

He teaches the importance of living simply, close to nature and nourishing our body with simple, light and nutritious vegetarian food, as well as clean air and pure water.

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The Story of Alex’s Awakening…

Alex’s first taste of spiritual wisdom was at the age of 17 when he was given the book “The way of Zen” by Alan Watts. Immediately his consciousness was aroused and he became very much fascinated by Zen Buddhism, consuming teachings and meditating as much as possible. He knew it held the answer to all of his mental suffering, of which he had endured much during his young life.

Alex’s path then brought him into contact with the teachings of some very well-known spiritual teachers (some alive, some deceased) which were absorbed on a deep level, remedying a lot of inner division, conflict and confusion, and bringing him back into touch with his sanity, his freedom and his natural joyful self.

It was when Alex met his final spiritual teacher – with whom he learned an immense amount about healing the body, healing the heart, and healing the mind – that Alex knew he has entered the most powerful phase of transformation in his life. Deep fears we released, trauma healed, and trust and joy were restored as the body was purified through many phases of detoxification, fasting and cleansing, in partnership with much deep meditation.

At the age of 27 he began teaching inner-freedom to others, supporting his message by teaching the importance of strengthening the body and the heart through optimum nutrition and detoxification. This remains an integral part of his work, along with the deep importance of meditation and harnessing the healing power of music and dance. Alex has composed over 80 healing ambient compositions over the past 20 years, which he specifically created to restore joy and peace to the heart.

Now aged 39, Alex teaches mostly through his writing, on this website and blog. He recently wrote his first full book “How to Live in Love“, which is an all-encompassing and deeply practical handbook to spiritual liberation.

Alex lives in the hills of Portugal with his wife and four children, teaching to small groups of people, and enjoying life’s greatest gifts – clean air, water, the peace of nature, sunshine, friendship and fatherhood.

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