The Deeper Meaning of Adam & Eve

The story of Adam and Eve has a metaphoric meaning. They were created in paradise, a place of pure goodness, joy, beauty and divine union. There was no duality, there was no good and bad. All was good, all was perfection. Then the snake whispered in Eve’s ear, sowing seeds of doubt, and that snake has continued to whisper in the ear of humanity ever since…

The moment those first shadows of doubt formed in Adam and Eve’s mind, spiritual darkness was born, and instantaneously they no longer inhabited Gods divine realm of light and perfection. In that moment, ignorance was born, the ability to seemingly hide from God was born. A world of duality was born, a world of good and bad, light and dark, honesty and dishonesty, love and hatred. Dark thoughts and destructive thoughts were born.

The snake, with its forked tongue, represents duality. The garden was a place of luminous unity, of perfection and divinity, of communion with and obedience to the creator, who knew precisely what was good for – and what was needed by – Adam and Eve. The mental realm of doubt which the snake proposed to Adam and Eve represents the dualistic perception of the world that most people see with their eyes today. A world of doubt, uncertainty, insecurity and fear, where people doubt the total providence of God.

Yet the pure realm of divinity, the metaphoric garden of Eden, still exists and is accessible by every one of us. All we need to do is fix the mistake of listening to the snake, which continues to talk in the ear of most human beings on a daily basis. Essentially, it is the voice of the ego which divides us from the world, divides us inside, telling us we are bad (thus creating the bad), divides us from our human brothers and sisters, and sets us against each other. The dualistic world of good and evil, light and shadow, exists solely because of the snake speech, because his words in Eve’s ear created that reality in her mind when she believed them.

The significance of the snakes forked tongue is that it represents his mode of speech, i.e. two sided. So we must ensure that we do not speak in the same manner, dividing up everything we perceive and creating conflict. We could say that there are good people and there a bad people, but in truth there are healthy people (those who live from their heart) and there are sick people (those who are alien to their own heart and are lost in the darkness of their mind). Perceived correctly, that is from a place higher than the dualistic mind, this is no longer a world of division, and conflict, and thus there is no need to fight.

The only need is for healing, and first we must heal ourselves of the division created by the voice of the ego, the snake which tells us we must be afraid, we must hide from God, from reality, from Truth. This of course is a lie, because God’s light is the method of healing, because it is Loving and transformative in its nature. We have also projected the darkness created by our doubt onto the Creator himself, perceiving him as a force of judgement and punishment, who gets displeased and angry. But this is a kind of anthropomorphism, projecting human qualities onto that which transcends the human and transcends the dualistic. We create an untrue image, which we live in fear of.

If you create an image, a vision in your own mind which you believe, then you inhabit the reality that concept creates. Like Adam and Eve did, we create the world of darkness in our mind, and we project it outwards; we perceive the outer world through this concept lens. So the opposite is true. If you ‘uncreate’ the reality you created (which exists purely in your mind) then you will no longer inhabit that world of darkness, dualism and conflict. You will no longer project it upon the outer world. This of course transforms our perception of the world we inhabit.

We no longer perceive an absence of divine light anywhere, spiritually. We no longer perceive shadows where God’s light is not present, because those shadows were only created by our own thoughts, like clouds cast shadows upon the ground. As the doubting, fearful, insecure, and mistrustful thoughts fade away – no longer fed by our attention – the shadows of doubt vanish in our experiential awareness, and we see the light shining everywhere. We see that God is everywhere, especially in our mind and in our heart, which is no longer contracted and held in tension due to fearful thinking). We see God’s light reflected in the material world around us, a world which itself is in fact a metaphor, a material projection of our heart (hence the similarity of spelling in the words “Heart” and “Earth”).

Earth is the deep beauty of our spiritual heart, made solid and tangible. We can actually use our relationship with the Earth, abundant with beauty, peace and deep harmony, as a vehicle to return to the kingdom of heaven within. It is a tool to reunie with God, and rediscover the unity of his truth; the divinity which was our original awareness in the Garden of Eden.

For we are still in the Garden. Earth is the Garden; we simply turned our mind from its perfection and beauty and instead contemplated visions of imperfection, fault, darkness and destruction, which we then manifested through our own words and actions upon the Earth plane. In a way, we spoke it into existence.

So as we look away from these dualistic mistruths, presented only by the thinking mind, and we bring our attention back to the Garden, back to our heart, back to the beauty and magnificence, back to a deeply felt place of trust, inner security, love and humility, we return home, and see that it was all just a bad dream. It can be over now, if we are willing to let go of all our doubts, and fully trust…

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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
to the world of joy, freedom and happiness we once knew..”

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