Christ Consciousness


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The easiest way to understand “Christ Consciousness” (the highest state of consciousness available in a human body) is to think in terms of brightness of light…

Imagine you are alone in a room, and that this room is your ‘reality’. The whole room is lit by a single lightbulb, which is connected to an adjustable ‘dimmer’ switch, set to the lowest possible brightness.

Unbeknown to you, the room is more exquisitely beautiful and ornate than you can ever imagine, but because the bulb is so dim, you only see vague shapes and colours in the room. This is like ‘ordinary’ consciousness.

Christ Consciousness is like turning up the brightness of the light to its maximum, thus enabling you to perceive in total glorious detail the full and actual reality of where you truly are. And you realise that you are far from alone, because with you in that room are the most beloved and loving friends from your distant past, whom you had long forgotten. They are there to share in your joy and happiness and to amplify it. They are there to converse, to laugh and to dance with you. They are your angels, and they have been waiting for you to turn up the light and become aware of them.

With the light of consciousness turned up to its brightest, there are no shadows, no nooks or crannies left unlit. You see everything, and everything is seen, and thus illuminated.

No only this, but there is a strong feeling of Love that is emanating from the structure of the room, which you were not aware of before, and upon closer inspection you see that the room is not constructed from bricks or from wood or any other inert material. It is made from a living fabric, that is alive, intelligent and conscious – totally aware of you in fact, and it is emanating love towards you, as a fire emanates heat.

This is Love’s True Reality, seen in its full luminous glory.

About Alexander Bell

Spiritual teacher, composer, author, father-of-four and expert on physical healing and rejuvenation. •
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  1. Denise Wrenn says:

    Lovely passage xxx

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