Christ Consciousness

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Christ Consciousness

This is a term which some people associate with the New Age, and some people associate with Christianity. But no matter what associations this term may have for you (and of course it may have none), just consider for a moment what it must be like to experience the same state of consciousness as Jesus did.

Consider what it must have been like, being in the mind of Jesus. He had an intimate and communicative relationship with his divine spiritual parent, with God, the Divine Light. He clearly perceived the true nature and meaning of life, and the significance of the human heart within this earthly theatre.

He was completely in touch with the depth of Peace which all beings seek. He knew his purpose, and was focussed solely on that. He was not interested in materialism, in living a satisfying life, in building a business or becoming a better person. He was only interested in being of service to the Love of God, so that others might come to know that Love and the peace which results from it, and be set free from their pursuit of worldly things.

This was his state of consciousness. Can we ourselves know such a state of consciousness? Yes we can, and in fact it is completely inevitable. Of course, we do not have to label it as Christ Consciousness, because this may create resistance within people if they are not interested in Jesus, or it may make it seem like such a lofty and unobtainable state of consciousness that it creates a sense of futility about ever “reaching” it. However, it is certainly a state of consciousness that is accessible to human beings, if they free themselves from the illusion of ego to the sufficient degree, and open their heart fully to the divine consciousness which permeates Reality.

The reason I say this state of consciousness is inevitable is because in this state, everything is seen in its true light. It is simply Reality, perceived from within the depth of heart, illuminated by the transcendent light which shines from there. The kingdom of heaven within is encountered, and everything that was previously seen as external is understood for what it truly is. An expression of light.

Consider this… If you lived in a large room for a long time with only a small, dull light bulb to light up the room, you would not see the full detail of the room. You would not perceive the full depth of colour of the walls, the carpet, the ceiling, the patterns decorating the furniture and so on. The level of light in the room would determine what you perceived. Similarly, until the light of our consciousness is shining at full brightness (and until we reach Christ Consciousness, we will not truly know how bright it can go) we will only perceive reality to the degree with which our inner light is currently shining. Therefore, we may think we are seeing Reality, but we cannot truly know if we are until we know. And when you know, you know. How do you know? Because you finally understand the purpose of your life, and also your true relationship to the divine in a fully experiential way.

Is it arrogant to say you know, if you do truly know? If you say it with humility, of course not. It is not arrogant to tell someone that you climbed a mountain if you actually did. It is just a statement of fact that could be very useful to people who also wish to climb the mountain, and perhaps might like to know the easiest route. We all need every bit of help and support that is available to us, because we are all making the same journey, and it is a very challenging one. But we are made for this journey, and we will succeed because every experience we have makes us stronger and wiser. Even if we believe ourselves to be weak and foolish, that is just a belief held in the mind. If we let go of that belief, it is no longer true and it no longer has an influence on our being. In this way, all perceived weakness comes from thoughts. Our body is in fact stronger and more resilient than we can imagine.

One of my favourite funny little quotes is one that says “You came first in the race of over 100 million sperm cells. You are a born winner.” We have no idea of how strong we can be until we start climbing the mountain. And when we need strength, it is available to us, because our heart is also stronger than we can imagine.

The light which emanates from our heart is what is illuminating the room, so-to-speak. As our heart becomes healthier, stronger and more open, reality simply becomes brighter. We have all witnessed this – the world suddenly becoming a brighter place when something touches our heart, or inspires us. Suddenly the world looks different; we can see more beauty, more possibilities. The light-bulb is brighter, and we are seeing more of the true nature of reality.

The reason for this is that we can only see externally what is happening internally. If the light within our heart is dim, we cannot perceive an illuminated external reality. The outer world will also appear devoid of brightness. The future will look bleak if there is little light within our heart. Yet the moment this changes within our heart, this is the moment we will see a brighter world around us and a brighter horizon ahead of us. It must begin within our heart. This is why the spiritual path, the path of spiritual awakening, is about reacquainting ourselves with the realm of our own heart, allowing it to become strong once more, to open, blossom and flower as it is intended to.

But where does the mind come into this? Put simply, it is the thoughts that pass through our mind which create shadows on the landscape of reality, preventing us from seeing the luminescence of things as they truly are. Once all the shadows of doubt are eliminated, and the mind accepts reality as seen from the heart’s perspective, a divine alignment occurs within us. The mind ceases to argue with or contradict the heart, and instead it allows the heart to be in charge. When this happens, we are able to perceive the true depth of love that is present in the very fabric of the universe, which we realise is actually an ocean of intelligent consciousness, that has always been guiding us to awaken our heart to this truth. It is beyond words and beyond conceptual understanding, suffice to say that it is everything our heart has ever longed for, and beyond.

When the light comes on at full brightness, we see that we are not where we thought we were, doing what we thought we were doing. We are in fact in the lap of God, receiving God’s full loving attention, as God patiently yet gently tries to wake us up from our dream of separation. And we awaken to a deeply loving and compassionate face, which shines upon us like the Sun, as it has always done, and as it always will, for we are the most treasured and cherished creature within the whole of creation; a child of the Divine, growing up into the Light.

Alexander Bell
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