Instantaneous Awakening from suffering

Words & music by Alexander Bell

Imagine for a moment that you are feeling depressed…

For some that is easy, as they are very familiar with the sense of negativity, hopelessness, low energy and so on.  But just remember that feeling. Instantly, your body slumps, your face falls – its as if all the vital life force in your body has nearly disappeared.

Now remember the negative mindset that accompanied this feeling. The attitude of “what’s the point?” and “I can’t be bothered” and “life is too hard” and “I’m so stuck” etc.

These kind of thoughts always accompany depression. In fact, they actually feed it, and prolong the sense of futility and negativity. 

So what would happen, if amongst all these low feelings, you told yourself; “There is nothing wrong with what I am feeling. It is okay to feel this way” and you just felt it? If you didn’t carry on with the negative mental commentary and just observed what you are feeling, what changes?

Straight away, a negative situation has vanished, because you are no longer judging it, saying “I shouldn’t feel like this.” Instead, you are giving yourself permission to feel how you are feeling, without any negative judgment whatsoever.

This is a very liberating thing to do, and so simple. Our negative judgement of certain situations, feelings and emotions creates a negative energy within our being, which could so easily not be there. Yes, there may be sadness, there may be anger of frustration, but feeling these things helps us to know what to do with them. It helps energy to flow through us, rather than being blocked and stuck, as we resist things. If we tense up in response to feelings and emotions, we simply create suffering for ourselves.

I know from many years of first-hand experience that depression is not suffering. It is an energetic low in the body, experienced as a result of many factors, which are not so important to explain here. The suffering comes from our fight with how we are feeling. Trying to feel differently, or trying not to feel at all. 

There is not mental suffering present when you simply observe the energies which are present within you. There may be a lot of mental energy, there may be a lot of emotional energy. As you notice and observe what is going on, without comment or judgement, you no longer try and change or control the experience. The resistance disappears. You accept it, and you observe it. It is not complicated. 
Why not try now, with whatever you are feeling or whatever you are thinking… Be the observer, free of commentary, free of judgement. Just see it, with a relaxed mind and a relaxed body. Allow a sense of “okayness” to be there, with whatever is going on within you.

As resistance vanishes, peace naturally arises…

Alexander Bell

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The Truth is Harmony


Deep in the heart of every human being is the longing to remember their life purpose, their reason for being in existence, yet many people consciously doubt they have a purpose, and they spend their days, weeks, months and years simply going through the motions, finding temporary fulfilment through consumerism and distraction, trying to avoid the sense of isolation and emptiness that comes from not knowing who they truly are, and why they are really here.

But the answers are there in each one of us, and they are far less complicated than our mind expects them to be. Why? Because the answers do not take the form of thoughts, concepts, or mental understandings. The answers are experiential, and take the form of peace, joy, happiness, gratitude and inner-radiance, felt in our heart and throughout our being.

Put simply, our reason for being here is to remember these qualities and to embody them, bring them into the forefront of our lives, to the forefront of our awareness, so that they are not merely fleeting experiences, but ways of beings, facets of our true nature which shine from within us in their full beauty, unimpeded and unobstructed.

It is only when we forget our heart, our peace, our innate feelings of happiness and inner goodnes that we start thinking about life and questioning its purpose, looking for answers in our mind. But the answers are not there. All we can find in our mind are thoughts, concepts, mental understanding, opinions, beliefs and so on. Do these really help us to live a fulfilling life? Most of the time they just create disharmony within us, barriers between us and other people, and some degree confusion. And if we believe that we’ve got the answers, the situation is even worse. We can so easily delude ourselves that we ‘know’, yet still be lost in the illusory realm of thought. What do we truly know of any value, if we do not know peace, love and deep inner happiness?

People tend to hold on to their mental perspectives rather strongly, and they can be quite defensive if they are challenged in any way. This is why mental perspectives can never bring about universal harmony, because they usually differ from person to person. Even among spiritually inclined people (i.e. people who choose to look within for their sense of fulfilment and happiness) there can be many barriers to unconditional harmony, because they hold on to strong spiritual belief systems, about God, the Universe, human nature, the meaning of life and so on…

But if we just let go of our belief systems, and come back to experiencing a state of inner harmony, we would realise that this is the most essential basic foundation of our being. Because if there is disharmony within us, how do we see and experience the world around us? How can we experience the deep beauty of life if we are experiencing inner disharmony? It is impossible. And from a place of disharmony, we simply share it with the world, even if we don’t mean to. 

Therefore, if we are to live as fully conscious beings, this is the most primary and essential aspect of life that we must be aware of. Are we in a state of inner harmony, or not? Ask yourself this question right now.

Because if we are in disharmony, we are lost, adrift in foreign seas that cannot bring us home. But if we are experiencing and feeling life’s natural energy of harmony within our being, we are in touch with Truth and cannot become lost. Harmony is our compass. It will guide us back to where we belong; to the realms of deep inner peace, beauty, love and freedom. 

Inner-harmony is like a simple golden thread that comes from a divine origin, down into this dualistic reality which we believe to be so real. It is the only true thread of Reality, and if it is absent, we are not in touch with what is real, no matter how convincing, deep and wise our mental perspectives may appear to be. 

As we become more deeply acquainted with the presence of harmony in our body and clarity in our mind, Reality reveals itself to us more and more, until we are so familiar with what is true, that we cannot get lost in illusion again. Fear becomes a thing of the past, doubt fades away and what is left is a deep inner knowing – within our being – of who we are and what is ultimately true. The light shines bright within our heart, and we see this light mirrored in the outside world. 

People argue worldwide about what is ultimately “true”, and therefore it is obvious that harmony is not at the heart of their communications! If it were, there would be no argument, no disagreement, no difference of opinion. Just a shared experience of inner harmony, mutually recognised and mutually enjoyed. This is where we all must meet. This is what unifies us all. 

So, on a very practical level, it is important to recognise how we create disharmony within ourselves. There are obvious causes – like watching the news, or listening to aggressive music for example – and then there are not such obvious causes – like eating foods that the body struggles to process. I often bring food into the picture because it simply cannot be avoided. Food is one of the most influential aspects of our day to day experience. It influences our energy levels, it influences the level of thoughts we find ourselves on, it influences our emotions, our degree of calmness or reactivity. It cannot be ignored, although many people try! You can read a whole separate article on how to eat for increased inner harmony here – but suffice to say that with simple, natural, easily digestible & unprocessed vegetarian food, rich in greens, low in sugars & free of stimulants, you cannot go far wrong. 

It is also important to consider what information you allow into your mind. If you read the newspapers and watch the news, you will undoubtedly be influenced to some degree by the negative messages which fill them. People who read & watch horror films and books, or listen to aggressive or depressive music and so on are not making it easier for themselves to enjoy prolonged states of inner harmony. We cannot escape the simple fact that every single thing influences us. Food, music, film, television, the way we talk, our living and work environment, the amount of technology we use, and so on. 

If we pay close attention we can observe what effect all these have upon us. We can then make changes, choose differently and bring in more harmonious elements (like filling our work place with beautiful plants, or spending lunch-breaks in the park instead of the cafeteria etc.) The more we bring in more natural energies, spend more of our free time in nature rather than indoors etc, the more we can influence the degree of harmony which we experience throughout the day. 

Meditation is practiced by millions of people worldwide for this very reason; it simply harmonises the body and mind, leaving us feeling balanced and positive. Most people worldwide get pulled into thought without consciously choosing to. Attention seems to get drawn into the mind automatically and before we know it, we are thinking about everything and anything, and dealing with the feelings this creates in our body, which are often not harmonious. 

But what would happen if we noticed when our mind tried to pull us into thinking, and we chose not to? What if we chose instead to give our attention to our body – to enjoy relaxing it, breathing more oxygen into it, stretching it, moving it if we need to…? 

Our body needs so much more attention than it usually gets, and the result of giving it more attention is – again – a greater sense of harmony, felt deeply throughout our body. Excercise oxygenates our body, gets our blood flowing, makes us feel stronger and more grounded. It is an essential aspect of living a harmonious and life. 

We have become used to a more sedentary life, and the result is that we simply lose our energy. For example, what do you do with your spare moments? Do you sit down, perhaps turn on the tv or radio, pick up a newspaper or magazine, browse social media sites, grab a coffee or a sandwich, smoke a cigarette? You could just as easily choose more active or more harmonising practices, like taking a quiet walk, listening to the birds, relaxing your body, meditating, putting on some inspiring music, making a healthy juice or smoothy and so on. Why not see what you can do? You have every single day of your life to practice, and the result is simply more and more harmony, felt throughout your entire being. And do you know how deeply harmonious you can feel? 

Alexander Bell

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What is influencing you?


Many people worldwide are familiar with the water experiments by Dr. Matsuri Emoto, who discovered that ‘good energies’ (such as positive words and images, harmonious music etc) created harmonious structures in water molecules, which he froze and observed under a microscope.

He also observed the opposite – that negative energies, such as unkind words, aggressive music and negative images, created very chaotic and disharmonious structures in the water molecules. Essentially, he proved that water is highly receptive and easily influenced by all energies. 

So what about our body which is composed of nearly 70% water? We are also very much influenced by the energies around us. And not only the energies around us… The thoughts that we give our attention to within our mind are influencing every cell of our body, often without us realising it, because every cell of our body contains water, which is simply reacting to the energy created by thoughts. 

You do not have to be a genius to observe that negative thoughts simply create a “negative” and disharmonious energy within our body. We can feel it. In fact, this is what emotions are. What we call “emotion” is the pool of digestive fluids in our stomach reacting to the energy of our thoughts, thus creating a strongly positive or negative feeling in our gut. Our gut feelings – liquid responding to the energy of thought.

Essentially, beyond the body, we could look at ourselves as an energy field. Whatever is the predominant energy in our ‘field’ is what we feel predominantly. Obviously, our thoughts influence our energy field, as does music and communications with others (which is why we should always speak positively, and never criticise or gossip about other people).

Food also massively influences our energy field, because each individual food has its own energy ‘signature’. As an example, take a lettuce leaf – there is a certain neutrality to it. It does not have a stimulating energy – like sweet foods do – and it does not have a heavy, grounding energy – like proteins and cereal grains do. It has a kind of peaceful energy, like most green vegetables do (and non-sweet fruits too, like avocado or cucumber). Sweet foods (including fruits) have a more ‘fiery’ energy field, and thus when we consume them our energy field is influenced to feel more this way. We can feel more easily irritated, and easily lose patience with others. You can see this most obviously in children, when they consume sugar. They become happy for a while (sugar being a drug) but then soon they become very irritable and moody, as the sugar leaves their system, and they feel the inner residue of the substance in their body.

Heavy (& cooked) foods have a ‘denser’ energy field, making us feel the same way when we consume them – tired perhaps and a bit heavy. This is why I always recommend a raw food diet to someone who is experiencing a lot of tiredness. And in the same way, the antidote for someone who is too ‘fiery’ is to remove sugary foods from their diet and eat more calming, soothing foods like greens vegetables and non-sweet fruits. 

I have often heard people say “I am angry and I don’t know why” or “I feel tired & depressed”. I always ask them what the last food they ate was, and it usually proves to be what is influencing the way that they are feeling. And if we eat the same foods (e.g. heavy or rich cooked foods) day after day, we might go and complain to the doctor that we are suffering from chronic fatigue or depression, without even considering it could be our diet. Almost all energy imbalances (including emotional ones) can be solved with a change in diet.

Now, obviously, food is not the only thing that is influencing us to feel the way we feel, even though it is a very major contributory. What about anxious thought? What does that do to us? It creates tension in every cell of our body, because when the mind focusses on any thought, it contracts and “narrows in” on that thought. One thought can sometimes become our entire reality, and if that thought is a negative one, this limited perspective is mirrored in the body, and we experience a sense of contraction, tension and limitation in our entire being. People call this ‘fear’. The antidote? To relax. When we relax, we are making a physical statement that we feel safe, that we are not threatened. And why should we feel threatened by thought? It is insanity, but we seem to trust our thoughts so very much that we will let them make us feel completely dreadful! But the good news is that fear disappears instantly in relaxation. This is why relaxation is at the heart of all meditation practices, usually in partnership with focussing the mind, so that it does not get pulled in to further thought processes. 

So what else happens when we relax? Our entire experience changes; our energy changes, our feeling changes, our perspective changes. Everything within us changes in fact, and moves more into alignment with an experience of harmony. Also, our mind becomes less pressurised, because all the energy that was previously bouncing around in our thoughts is now allowed to flow into our body, as more inner space is created through relaxation. As energy flows more naturally through the body, we feel the good feelings which we are supposed to feel, just by being alive.

You see, we so easily forget the state of harmony which is our natural way of being. We forget it’s deeply vital importance in our lives, and we get caught up with pursuing other things, in hope that we might feel some peace at the end of it all. But peace is not a destination. Peace is the way to go through life. It is entirely possible to go through life peacefully, no matter what we are doing.

Yet when peace is forgotten, doing and achieving becomes our priority, and stress is created in the process. For some people, this become a way of life, and there is no time to relax, to feel a sense of inner harmony and gratitude for the way things are. But it is vital – absolutely vital – to our well being and happiness to do so. We all know this, yet we get caught up in other energy fields which do not have such a harmonious feeling. Most of the time, we get caught up in the energy of thought, and the effect thoughts have on our body becomes our usual way of feeling, with emotional turbulence a common theme in many people’s lives. 

This is why it is crucial that we have periods during the day of no-thought, where we are just aware of being here, free of mental chatter. Then we remember the simple peace and inner stillness that we feel when we are not being driven on and on by endless thought processes. Silence, peace and inner harmony are a soothing balm to the heart and soul; so deeply rejuvenating and nourishing. We must put experiencing them at the very top of our priority list. Because without them, what are we left with? Nothing of any real value at all. We feel empty, unfulfilled, sometimes even isolated and alone. Everyone knows these feelings, and everyone knows deep inside what they truly need, beyond material acquisition, beyond material security, and beyond mental “knowledge.”

We need to know peace, become deeply intimate with it, let it fully enter our lives and our hearts, so it can fully nourish us as only peace can. Then we remember the deep value of life. Then we feel the indescribable beauty of being alive.

So we must be very practical about this, rather than floating away on nice thoughts about peace and harmony. We must embody these energies, feel them – not later, but now, because this is the moment to fill with harmony and happiness. This is the portal right here, right now, to a very familiar realm of light, clarity amd positive energy. This moment is a gift, full of the potential of opening our eyes to life’s radiant light and transcendental beauty. This can happen right now. How?…

The first step is always to relax… because the moment you relax, more ease is present in the body, more harmony, more good feelings. It is a very obvious first step, and the most important one too. Then we remember that it actually feels good to be alive! There is no stress, no pressure. Just a sense of goodness and harmony within the body. This is our natural state, and simple relaxation can bring us back into alignment with it, in any moment.

If we don’t relax our body, we start chasing other ways of feeling good inside: satisfying foods, entertainment and distraction, social or sexual interactions and so on. Yet we need none of them. They create a dependence on external circumstances for our peace, and if we cannot have one of these experiences we cannot experience our peace.

So, only relaxation is needed. It is also helpful to watch how your mind tries to interfere with your peace, by presenting you with thoughts that create anxious feelings within you. Thoughts about future events, about things you have to do, about what someone else might have said or done that upset you. It really doesn’t matter what the thought is about, it’s primary effect is to create disharmony within you. So in your periods of relaxation, let your mind be focussed so that it doesn’t get pulled into thought at all. What can you focus it upon? Anything that works. For example, your breathing as it flows in and out of your body, or perhaps on some peaceful music, or a single candle flame in front of you. Something that your attention finds it easy to stay with, and return to when your mind wanders. 

Being aware of your breathing is a very helpful tool to becoming more aware of your sense of being, beyond thinking. Breath is like the bridge between the physical and spiritual realm of being. When I say “spiritual” I mean that which you cannot see, hear, taste, smell, touch – the formless aspect of your self – the realm of awareness, consciousness, presence of being. In this space you are untouched  any material disturbance, including thought. Thought is like a wave upon the ocean, whereas you are the ocean itself. You are the space in which all arises and falls, the neutral observer of all creation and destruction. Pure awareness. 

As you relax and restore harmony to your being, you become more aware of this truth. When you are not tangled up in disharmony, in endless cycles of thought and desires, you simply abide with this natural sense of Universal Harmony, which is everywhere and which just so happens to flow through you also. The only question you need to ask yourself is, are you receptive to it? If the answer is ‘no’, you know exactly what to do…

Alexander Bell

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The consequences of your choices are intensifying…


Many people focus on the news, reported by the mainstream and alternative media, and use it as a basis for their view of the world – be it a positive one, a negative one, or somewhere in between.

But the very most important ‘event’ which is occurring on this planet – so much more important than all the news stories – is happening right here, right now, within your own state of consciousness, which is evolving in this very moment. 

Have you noticed? Slowly but surely, consciousness is intensifying. It is the very most important thing to be aware of, so I will explain what this means…

If your consciousness is invested in fears and worries, slowly but surely they will become more and more intense, until you are so convinced that such terrible things are about to occur that you will either have a nervous breakdown, a heart attack, or go crazy.

However, if your consciousness is invested in your peace, in your heart, your sense of inner joy and freedom will become more and more intense, until you feel as though you are overflowing with bliss, joy and happiness, and all you want to do is encourage everyone to open their eyes to this reality, to this truth – the highest reality we are capable of perceiving with our being.

So, it is clear that we have a choice of which experience we wish to become more and more intense. No longer can we indulge our fears and worries and tell ourselves “it does not matter what we think about”. It does matter, but up till now we have been shielded from the full effect of our choices of consciousness, because we have not been ready to use the full power of our consciousness safely and responsibly. It is like not giving a young person a hammer and nails to use, until you know for sure that they can use them responsibly and safely, without hurting themselves or someone else.

The time has come now on Earth for us to step forward and take full responsibility for our own consciousness, and thus our own experiences. No longer can we delude ourselves in blaming others, blaming God, blaming the government, the “powers that be” etc. for our unhappiness, for our sense of isolation, for our fear, anger or sadness. It is time for us to take full responsibility for all of these things, and by doing so, realise how we have been creating them with the choices that we make on the many levels of our being, in every moment, every day.

For example, we have a choice of what thoughts we believe, and in turn this influences how we behave and how we communicate, depending on the nature of the thoughts: good or bad, peaceful or not-so-peaceful. And if we transcend thought altogether and become aware of what lies beyond thought – the realm of silence, peace and inner beauty – then this awareness will also be expressed through our being in very benevolent and harmonious ways.

You see, it is the energy of harmony which it is imperative that we attune to. This harmony is experienced everywhere in the natural world, and more importantly, it is experienced within our entire being when we are in a state of peace, when we are in touch with a deeper part of ourselves than just our thoughts; in touch with our heart.

Negative thoughts are the biggest problem because of the disharmony they create within us, often without us even realising it. We might watch the news, believe the stories presented to us and think (perhaps subconsciously) “Oh my goodness, something bad is going to happen soon..” 

And what happens? Fear is created within us. Deep inner disharmony is experienced, in which every cell of the body contracts in fear. What can we do? How can we deal with this?

You see, in the distant past (and this also occurs within the animal kingdom) the fear would be a result of a threatening situation – like the presence of a predator for example – and the entire body would shift into ‘fight or flight’ mode. It would tense up and energetically prepare itself for an explosive burst of energy, so that it may either escape its predator with speed, or fight it with great aggression.

So what happens when we watch the news, for example, and we are told of a major global threat – a widescale global war perhaps? If we believe the story then we will most likely fear for our own well-being. We may think “Am I safe? How can I find safety in this situation?” and start to consider how we can find security for ourselves and our loved ones. This type of thinking comes from the ‘fight or flight’ mentality. “Flight” means to find safety. “Fight” means to destroy the threat.

So what if we are being convinced by the media stories that neither is possible? – that we cannot escape, and we cannot remove the threat. What on earth do we do then? We believe we are destined to suffer in pain, and so we become consumed by fear, as every cell of our body contracts, our muscles tighten, our breathing becomes restricted, and our attention fixates completely upon this fearful scenario that has been planted and encouraged to grow in our mind. This is the grip of fear.

But amidst all of this, what would happen if you relaxed your body? If you brought your attention away from those thoughts, and allowed your breathing to flow deeply and calmly (essentially, removing all the physiological symptoms of fear)? Would fear still be there? No. Amidst all the imagined threat, you would be in a state of harmony, relaxed and calm. 

Does that sound insane? I must tell you, it is the only sane course of action. Because to be in fear is to be in hell. But to be in a state of inner harmony and peace, completely irrespective of what appears to be occurring externally, is to be in contact with heaven; the transcendental realm of untouchable peace.

But really, we do not need to concern ourselves with such scenarios, because the threat we are being so thoroughly convinced of by the “bad news media” is not real. It is very convincing, and globally many people are envisaging its occurrence in the very near future because of the all-pervading influence of the media. But do you really trust the media and the news? And if so, why? 

Does the media aspire to make your life richer, empower you, inform you how to be freer, happier, more loving? Or does it just present you, day after day, with reasons to be afraid? Reasons to be pessimistic? Reasons to be distrustful and suspicious? 

Some people may say “well the media is just showing the facts of reality, because these bad things are happening on earth, and the world is in turmoil..” Yes, bad things are happening on earth, but in terms of ‘world events’ they are significantly  in the minority because there is much goodness, and enormous positive change occurring on the planet. Truly wonderful things are happening, but if we allow our minds to be sucked into the pessimistic and fearful viewpoint propagated by the bad news media, we will have difficulty seeing the goodness. We will not become aware of the 90% positive news, occurring as the consciousness of humanity evolves towards higher realms and expressions of compassion, care, humility and peace; our minds will be fixated only upon the 10% bad news, which just so happens to be broadcast into every home, printed in every newspaper and transmitted on every radio station. No wonder people are struggling to see the light which illuminates our way forward as a species.

So what can we do? It is easy – do not rely on the media (in any shape of form) for your world view. If we spend more time in nature than we do consuming news stories, we will be informed of a much deeper truth; one that our heart instantly recognises as genuine. We will get a deep intuition of a bright and beautiful future for all inhabitants of planet earth, one that our heart has always longed for. And it will be so. The only question is whether we get there smoothly with minimal turbulence, or do we get there after much trauma and upheaval. We would be wise to choose the first, and each one of us certainly has the power to do so.

This is why it is essential that we establish a reliable way of staying connected to our sense of peace and trust in the path forward. Both will be tested, so they need to be strong to ensure we are not pulled into negativity and doubt.

For this purpose, relaxation and meditation are two of the most important tools to incorporate into our daily lives, because both restore peace to the body and bring greater awareness of our heart’s peace and our sense of inner harmony and positivity. It is these innate qualities which we need to focus our attention upon, because it is important that we are one of the people that brings hope to others who may not be so strong. This is a deeply important, yet very simple role that we can all play, just by being ourselves, relaxed and happy. 

Being in nature as much as possible is also a very powerful way to support our sense of inner harmony and peace. I would say it is essential on a daily basis to spend at least one hour in a peaceful natural environment, attuning to nature’s deep harmony and absorbing its peace, because it is like food for our heart and soul. 

Many people do not practice meditation because they find it difficult to address the power of their own mind, and the thoughts which come and go from there. So for those people I would say just forget the word ‘meditation’ and understand that the important thing is experiencing the peace which lies beyond thought. We cannot rely on thoughts for our peace because thoughts are dualistic by their very nature. For every positive thought, their is a counteractive negative thought, and as long as we are looking to our mind for solutions to any inner disharmony or disturbance, we leave the door open to the influence of all thoughts. 

The intelligent thing to do is to go right to the source of our peace, the source of our feelings of harmony, happiness and inner strength – our heart. A very simple and practical way of doing this – which everyone can do – is to put your hand on your heart and to feel it beating. Try it now. Put your hand on your heart, and feel your heart beating. As you do so, just continue to breathe in and out gently, without getting pulled into thinking. If you notice that you get involved in a thought, just relax, stay calm and come back to your breathing and the beating of your heart. This is all you need to do, and it is as easy as it sounds. You only need to move your attention away from your mental experience, toward your physiological experience, and observe that instead. 

Your natural physiological and mental state is one of total harmony, and when not interfered with by the anxious mind, this harmony is strong and deep. As we spend more time attending to this part of ourselves, nurturing it and feeding it with health and consciousness, we become like a strong tree, deeply rooted in peace and vitality, unmoved by the winds of change, no matter how strongly they may blow.

Alexander Bell

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Peace is not complicated… Just deeply beautiful

Where is peace to be found? Where is harmony to be fully experienced? And when will we ever ‘get there’?

How about right now?

Where is your attention in this moment? Is it in thought (which is often so compelling that we often do not even realise that we are thinking), or is your attention in a deeper place – in your body, in your sense of feeling, of being, of present-moment awareness, free of thought?

You see, often we find that we are thinking about peace rather than simply feeling it, experiencing the sense of inner spaciousness and harmony that comes from relaxing our body and moving our attention into our physical sense of presence.

There is only this moment, and in this moment you are either experiencing harmony or you are not. You can feel this for yourself. Is there tension within you right now, or do you feel calm and balanced? Is your breathing shallow and irregular, or is it flowing as it should? This moment is the only access point to the harmony and peace that we all wish to experience.

Thinking usually creates tension and disharmony within our being, and if you watch you will see this. If you notice that thoughts have created disharmony, you are easily able to restore harmony, simply by taking the time to relax your body and breathe fully and naturally. It is not complicated. Only thinking about matters makes them appear complicated. This is why we need to remember to be practical – to come back to our body, to its relaxation and harmony, where we are always guaranteed to find peace.

So now let’s come back to an awareness of this moment. You have a simple choice right now (and in every moment). To choose thinking – as we often do unconsciously – or to consciously move your attention into your body, into feeling your bodily presence, and the sense of inner space and freedom which exists there. We do this by becoming aware of our breathing and relaxing our body.

Thinking only keeps us stuck on the superficial level of being – a conceptual approximation of reality – whereas feeling takes us out of thought and into our present moment experience of reality – an much deeper, richer and enjoyable experience.

Here you become aware of what is going on within you, the inner degree of harmony or disharmony, the energy of your life-force as it flows through your body. It is only here where we can truly feel a sense of harmony, peace and even the ecstasy of simply being alive! It is not fuelled by thought, it is fuelled by your attention being present in your body. This is what joy is. It is the vibrant flow of energy through the cells of your body, unencumbered by the heaviness and disharmony which thought creates.

This is why physical activity is so important to us, because it makes us feel healthy and strong. It brings us into our body, and we feel and experience what life is about, rather than endlessly thinking about it.

It is the same with food. Certain foods fuel this body-awareness – like vegetables for example (especially green ones) which are very grounding, mineralising and nourishing for our cells. In stark contrast, sugary foods (even natural sweeteners & dried fruit) give us a different energy, an energy that more feeds the mind, and fuels thought. A more unstable energy.

Experiment for yourself. Be aware – after each food you eat – of the energy which it has given you. Green vegetables have a very balancing and calming energy, which we feel in our body. It is a very harmonious and pleasant energy. Sweet foods however have a very different energy. It is often quite volatile, fractious and ungrounding. You can see this in children. Sweet foods almost guarantee mood swings and sometimes aggression, as the sugar leaves the child’s blood stream. Balancing vegetables and non-sweet fruits (avocados, cucumber, tomatoes etc.) do not do this. We can never blame a child when they are merely expressing the energy of the food which they have just consumed. We are exactly the same.

Alcohol is an extreme example of this. Sometimes we see violent behaviour in those who are in the grip of alcoholism, and this is because it’s just the way excessive alcohol consumption has on the body. A ‘good person’ can seemingly become a ‘bad person’ just as a result of what they have consumed. The body just expresses the energy of what we put into it.

Sometimes we think “I am depressed” or “I am angry” and so on, but it is often just the energetic effect of what we are eating. Like eating a lot of heavy or cooked foods, for example, is likely to bring our mood down, and our energy levels. Whereas eating more raw food – fruits, salads, smoothies & juices etc. – will naturally lift our mood, make us feel more energised, more naturally positive and cheerful. If you watch, you will see this very clearly.

Deep peace is only to be found in the body. It emanates from our heart and we feel it flow through our body, especially when we are relaxed. And when our heart relaxes – and it is most vital that it does so – we remember the wonderful depth of feeling that we are always capable of – the depth that we simply cannot access when stuck on the level of thought.

We cannot underestimate the importance of relaxation, and everyone knows this. Yet still we make life difficult for ourselves by voluntarily creating tension and stress within our body.

For example, have you ever tried drinking coffee and then trying to relax, to be calm? It is the same with sugar. We simply create stress for ourselves, and when there is stress in our body, the mind becomes more active, and starts to direct proceedings. We make more rash decisions, we become less sensitive to the people around us, we lose our patience more easily. These things happen simply because we are not grounded and balanced – not in a harmonious state of being. It is very simple.

We simply need to make wiser choices – choices that nourish and support the grounded, balanced and harmonious energy that we all enjoy, which in turn nourishes and supports us to lead a more peaceful, compassionate and tolerant life. Then we will not judge others – we will understand them. Because all hostile, judgemental or unfriendly behaviour comes from a lack of harmony within a person. We can see this in ourselves, if we look earnestly. When we are out if balance, we find it more challenging to be patient and understanding with people. No one is a ‘bad’ person. They are just suffering from inner disharmony, to varying degrees, usually as a result of their choices.

Often we are quick to blame others for upsetting us, for doing or saying something that we did not like, and we project our disharmony onto them, hoping they feel bad and making ourselves powerless to return to a state of harmony. This in turn keeps us in our mind, as we continue to mentally blame another person (or group of persons) for the disharmony we are experiencing. We feed a mental picture of events, which simply keeps us separate from the present moment experience of inner harmony and peace, experienced within the body.

We are all capable of experiencing and feeling a deep level of harmony, irrespective of external events; a harmony which is strong, grounded and unshakeable. But we need to support this experience with grounding, balancing nutrition, excercise and activity, and grounding practices such as relaxation, yoga and meditation and other harmony-inspiring practices.

Peace is not complicated. It only seems that way when we are not experiencing it and lost in the realm of thinking, as we often are. Peace is simply our natural state of relaxed, positive and harmonious being, accessible in this very moment if we choose it.

Thank you
Alexander Bell

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Holding Strong to a Positive and Beautiful Vision


Do you feel positive about the future? Or are you pessimistic about world events and the direction in which they appear to be leading?

It is very important to remember that we are not victims of “world events” – rather, we influence them. Our mental perspective on the external world – be it a positive or negative one – influences what happens ‘out there’ and directly affects what we experience to be real. Either you believe your fears, or you trust your heart. Reality adjusts accordingly.

For example: Imagine if all 6 billion people on this planet decided to be pessimistic, to be negative and fearful about life and what lies in store in our future here on Earth. That would create a global atmosphere of total gloom in the human population. The birds would continue to sing, the plants and trees would continue to flourish, but what of humanity? It would suck itself into a myre, creating exactly that which it feared, darkness and misery. That is all that fearful and negative thinking does. It creates darkness – mostly for ourselves. Do we want to choose this? I don’t believe so. Yet this is exactly the direction which negativity takes us in. Fortunately, thank God, there is much hope for the future in the hearts of the Earth’s human population because collectively our awareness has risen to such a degree that we no longer simply believe what we are told about what is happening in the world by the ‘bad news media’.

The world is not what is shown on the news, it has nothing to do with the theatre of political events, it is not even slightly related to what some fear might happen as a result of being influenced by certain films, books and conspiracy theories. Such things only encourage fearful thinking and colour the lens of perception through which we look at the world. Instead we could just as readily take our cues from the natural world. We could wake up in the morning and rather than looking at the television, newspaper, or Internet to find out what is supposedly happening in the world and allow that to influence us, we could instead go outside and listen to the news that the birds are singing to us – a message that comes from a deeper place; a message of light, beauty, positivity and joy, which speaks directly to our heart and uplifts our spirits instantly. Which news source do you trust more? 

It is not naive to be optimistic about the world. It is very wise to be optimistic. It can take great strength to hold a position of positivity when all around you are encouraging negativity, and this is exactly what we must do. And then we are not one of the people encouraging negativity in others. We are supporting others with our positivity, and there are many people who need this kind of support, especially if they are unfriendly or hostile in their behaviour. Everyone needs positive support so that they may lift their awareness out of the darkness of their fears, and see a brighter, more expansive and peaceful horizon ahead of them.

Because this is truly possible. But we all must support this vision with our positive energy. And we must keep our mind focused on this vision – a vision of peace and harmony on Earth. Otherwise, if we envision a future without peace and global harmony, we are energetically supporting a vision of darkness on Earth, full of gloom and despair. This is a vision which is held by a fearful minority on Earth, but it is a weak vision, because it is not supported by the powerful energies of harmony and light that flow through the veins of this magnificent planet. These deeply life-affirming energies are also meant to be flowing through our veins.

This is where personal harmony and health come into the picture. A person who feels in good health will naturally experience a sense of harmony and strength  with themselves, because their life energy is flowing as it should, without frequent ailments that it must devote itself to healing. And a feeling of inner harmony will simply create a positive outlook in the mind, and enable you to see the harmony that exists absolutely everywhere, even if you live in a noisy and busy city. 

Harmony is the essence of reality, like wetness is the essence of water! Life’s energy is a deeply harmonious one, and we must ensure that we allow ourselves to experience this, through making wise choices in our practical daily lives. For example, enjoying as much time in nature as possible, allowing minimal influence from the mainstream ‘bad news’ media, eating lots of nourishing natural foods, (ideally vegetarian, fresh & organic), taking daily exercise in nature, enjoying ample quiet relaxation time for ourselves, and ample sleep so that our body can fully recharge and refresh itself overnight.

When we are fully supporting ourselves to live in a state of positivity and happiness, we become a contributing force to a bright and peaceful future on earth, and we help others to do the same. It is imperative that we allow ourselves to be part of the solution, because the solution is very real, and grows stronger through each person that chooses to recognise it. The solution is simply the focussed vision of peace on Earth, which already exists within the heart of each person that is alive on this planet. The only challenge is that our minds are being encouraged to believe in another vision, a vision of increasing conflict, darkness and misery, which is fed by individual fear and pessimism, which is in turn fed by the ‘bad news media’ on our tv screens, in the newspapers, on the radio and on the Internet.

But this vision is only fed to our mind, supported only by fear, which is not an energy at all, but more like an absence of energy. The vision of peace, however, exists as a deep blueprint within our heart, and is unceasingly supported by all of the energy in the entire Universe so that it may come to fruition. Humans like to know what is going on so that they can take an appropriate position on matters, but in this instance it is the other way round. What is going on is completely dictated by the position we choose to take – be it a positive or negative one. We cannot simply hope that good things will happen in the world so that we can feel positive about life on Earth, because there is much change underway that will shake our sense of stability and comfort, and fully test our ability to hold a positive perspective. And this is what is crucial. To hold a positive perspective, trusting in the power of positive vision to create a positive outcome. 

These are among the most testing times that we will ever know on Earth, therefore it is crucial that we have a strong foundation of positivity in our mind, health in our body and trust in our heart, so that we may hold strong to the vision of global peace and happiness that we all would so dearly love to see manifest on this beautiful planet. 

Thank you. Alexander Bell.

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The Dawning of the Age of Peace & Global Harmony

By Alexander Bell


The Dawning of the Age of Peace, Wisdom and Global Harmony on Earth

If you watch the news or read the newspapers, you might find it very hard to believe that we are now entering a time such as this. There seems to be so much conflict on the planet, so much disharmony and darkness within the human population. And to some degree this is true.

But something else is happening simultaneously, something that you are unlikely to see broadcast on the news and in the papers because it is not dramatic or sensationalist in the way that we have become used to. 

What is happening is truly magnificent beyond words, beyond our wildest dreams of happiness and joy, so it is difficult to understand it with our mind. But our heart can understand it very well. The heart can actually perceive spiritual light, and we become aware of this as a sense of happiness, positivity and joyful excitement experienced throughout our being. 

If you avoid the influence of the mainstream media – in fact, all media – and you spend plenty of time in nature, attuning to its perfect harmony, you will not feel pessimistic about the future. Any worries will dissolve, any fears about what lies ahead will be replaced by a sense of trust and optimism. Why? Because there is a spiritual renaissance happening on earth – a spiritual rebirth – which we are all involved in and which we are all being influenced by. Again, it is not something the mind can fully understand, but the heart can feel it.

But how can this be happening while there is seemingly so much suffering still being experienced on the planet? We are currently involved in a worldwide process of healing. The human population is healing and the planet is healing. Some people are on the forefront of this process, meaning that their healing process is already fully underway and conscious to them, and some have even completed their healing. Many, many people are only just beginning though. There is a long journey ahead, but with each step more spiritual light – more freedom, joy and happiness – is entering into the lives of those who are in the process of healing.

And essentially, it is the heart which needs healing. The heart is the priority, because with a closed heart people simply perpetuate more suffering, within themselves and others. And nobody needs or wants more suffering on the planet. Even with global events in which many people suffer, a widespread healing occurs as a result of it. It is very hard to see this, because we quite rightly feel that large scale suffering is appalling; part of a world which is deeply troubled. 

Yet, have you experienced any suffering in your life? Has it not made you a stronger person? Has it not taught you the deep value of compassion, tolerance and understanding of others? These are the qualities in the human family which need to be developed, even though they are already strong in many societies and cultures. Of course, they are equally not so strong in other societies and cultures, where people tend to be more judgemental, hostile, uncaring of their fellow humans – but globally this is definitely a minority. Such qualities are not of the heart, and we are creatures of the heart. We are innately a compassionate, understanding and caring species, yet many people are ‘unwell’, so-to-speak. They are in the grip of their ego, their insecurity, and fear, which manifests itself as hostility, aggression, greed, uncaringness, selfishness and so on. 

The ego operates entirely on fear, even though this can be hard to see sometimes. It is afraid of many, many things, sometimes it is afraid of everything! But insecurity is at its core. True security comes from knowing our heart, knowing our connection to the greater whole, our relationship to the Universe, to the higher dimensions of spirituality and light. Total security comes through knowing who we truly are and why we are here. Yet sadly, many people on this planet do not know these things.

But this is changing. Meditation and yoga are now mainstream practices across the planet, whereas 50 years ago they were not. People are venturing inwards to find out who they really are, to find their sense of peace, to find their true relationship with Life. Communication between people has become a very conscious and central aspect to people’s daily lives – with instant communication devices now in everyone’s pockets. Therefore, people are now becoming highly conscious of how to communicate harmoniously and compassionately, which is absolutely vital considering how much we communicate in our daily lives. The result of this is that we become more aware of our connection to each other, and how important it is to be sensitive, kind and compassionate in all communications, as they affect us and others in very subtle yet strong ways. 

People simply want to experience more harmony. And through increased consciousness, they are learning the many, many ways of achieving this. This is the global movement towards collective peace. It is a slow and steady progress, but in the face of so much global unrest, conflict and suffering, people worldwide are realising that peace is what they want more than anything else. And we always prioritise that which we desire most.

People are bringing personal (and inter-personal) harmony to the top of their priority list, bringing it to the forefront of their mind, into the spotlight, so that they are focused on experiencing, creating and sharing more harmony in their lives. Because we cannot really enjoy anything if a sense of harmony is absent. We can enjoy distraction (television etc) to a degree, but when our screens are full of aggression, conflict, misery and unhappiness we start to wonder why on earth are we giving our attention to this? Do we want to experience those things? Do we want to watch other people experiencing those things? Do we want to fill our minds with such images?

Yet people watch violent films and programmes, and they listen to aggressive music and then find that they themselves don’t feel so peaceful or happy, and they simply express the energy that they have taken on board from such external influences. Food is the same. People eat fast food, junk food or food in which another creature has endured suffering, and wonder why they don’t feel so happy. Such things influence us far more than we realise, because we are in fact extremely sensitive creatures. We are de-sensitised by a great many aspects of modern society, and the end result is that at some point we become aware of a sense of emptiness within us and a deep sense of inner disharmony.

Because, if we are fully sensitive to our own heart and to our body in every way, we realise that they need to be nourished in the right way. A nourished heart will be radiant with peace and happiness – an experience which is totally within our grasp, at all times. And this is what the human population as a whole need to do – remember how to nourish their heart. This is the healing process. 

And it is as simple as removing unhealthy influences from our life (e.g. aggressive and negative films and programmes, negative media sources (like the news), unhealthy foods, aggressive or depressive music and so on). With less of these negative influences in our life, we will soon notice that we feel more harmonious within ourselves. We feel more positive about life. 

And if we add to this process by including as many healthy influences as we can (e.g. more time in nature, inspiring music, happy films & programmes, simple healthy, organic foods and so on) our entire experience of life will move into a new dimension. We will wonder how we could possibly have ever been so pessimistic, so negative, so unhappy, when life on Earth is such a magnificent gift. 

In such a state, we open up our life to so many wonderful possibilities, and we have a very powerful influence on the world around us, helping others on their own healing journey towards happiness and vitality.

Many people simply do not realise the degree to which they influence the world, and the degree to which they are responsible for their perception of the world. It is total. Yet we only realise this when we change our behaviour, when we make wiser choices; and then we see. This is all we need to do; make wiser choices.

Choices about what we allow to influence our state of harmony and well-being. Choices about how we influence others, mostly with our communications. Our choices in every single area of our life are shaping our reality, day by day. If we can be conscious enough, wise enough, sensitive enough and intelligent enough to choose all the things which nourish us in the right way, that feed our heart, our mind and our body with positive energy and harmony, we will begin to perceive – with tremendous excitement – the beauty of what is really occurring on this magnificent planet, as we collectively move towards peace on Earth, slowly but surely. 

Alexander Bell

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