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Relaxing into bliss consciousness

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It is probably quite obvious to most people that it is very difficult for us to experience deeply positive states while we are experiencing tension or stress. So the very first step to take if we wish to experience more peace, more happiness, more joy and so on, is to relax our body.

As our body relaxes, we simply feel more good feelings in our body. As tension and contraction are released, more space is created in our muscles, in our organs and in every part of the body that relaxes. As a result, blood can flow and circulate more freely, and oxygen can be delivered more easily to more parts of our body.

Not only do we feel more energy flowing through our body (as a result of improved blood circulation) but because more oxygen is reaching the cells of our body, we experience increased sensation, greater bodily awareness and a heightened sense of consciousness within the very cells of our body.

This is simply because oxygen feeds consciousness. The more oxygen we have in our system, the more consciousness we experience. The less oxygen we have flowing through our system, the more sleepy and unconscious we become. It is easy for anyone to observe this.

If you go for a walk in nature, as you are breathing in the fresh air you will feel more alive. When you get back home you will feel more alert, more bright, more awake. You will be more energised and more conscious of the physical sensation of energy flowing through your body.

However, if you spend several hours in an office, breathing very little fresh air and not using you body very much, you are likely to feel sleepy, sluggish, de-energised and not very alert. Your brain and your body have not been receiving their prime fuel, oxygen, so they start functioning at mediocre levels. And if this is happening day after day, problems can develop. The body and the brain lose their ability to function at optimum levels, and mental or physical illness can easily begin to occur. Whenever there is a lack of oxygen, you will find there is a lack of health, a lack of vitality and a lack of consciousness.

So what about the opposite situation? What if all the cells of the brain and the body are receiving an abundance of oxygen, through plenty of outdoor activity and conscious breathing practices such as yoga and meditation? It is simple. You have excellent health and radiant consciousness. The cells are receiving that which they most need in abundance, thus they thrive. And when the cells of your body are thriving, they allow for greater consciousness to flow through them.

I have written many articles about how to nutritionally provide the body with an abundance of oxygen, so I won’t go into great detail here. Suffice to say that essentially our diet should be comprised of an abundance of alkaline foods (essentially fruits and vegetables) which encourage the pH of our blood to remain alkaline. In this state, the blood can most efficiently carry its maximum capacity of oxygen around the body and deliver it to all the cells. Add to this plenty of dark green foods, rich in chlorophyll (especially healing superfoods like wheatgrass juice and spirulina) to enrich the blood with oxygen, and you will be doing well.

Of course, there is not such great benefit from enriching and increasing the bloods capacity to carry oxygen if we do not provide it with plenty of fresh oxygen, through spending plenty of time outdoors and through conscious breathing practices such as yoga and meditation.

Conscious breathing is a very important and effective way to clear the mind of accumulated debris. Thoughts and images flood into our mind everyday from a variety of sources, and many of them are not as healthy and positive as we need them to be. So when we sit (or move), and we breathe consciously – which means being fully aware of every single breath – we create a strength of focus that helps us to value the life-giving quality of our breath over the thoughts and images that enter our mind.

We see that each breath brings the gift of consciousness, of aliveness and energy. Thoughts cannot do this. So as we simply sit and take each breath fully, slowly and consciously – always alert to the mind’s many distraction techniques – we begin to see where life and love truly flow from. It is not from thoughts, but from each breath. This is why conscious breathing / meditation is such an enjoyable practice. We are getting back in touch with the source of our life energy, the source of our consciousness; the essence of our spiritual self; our breath.

So, when we choose to consciously nourish our body and our brain with an abundance of oxygen, we start to feel more alive, more conscious, more joyful and more connected to the beautiful planet upon which we life. This is a process of re-attuning to the natural and deeply harmonious energies of the universe, of relaxing back into being who we truly are. It is a process of healing.

As we heal our heart and our mind of all their dis-harmony and dysfunction, we realise that being alive is a truly blissful experience. No effort is required to experience life’s bliss. Quite the opposite. We see that all our striving for something more, something greater, something better only ever took us away from experiencing the delightful depths of our being. This more expansive and deeply peaceful state of awareness is always available to us, if we fully bring our attention out of thought, into our sensory experience of this moment, and allow the body to relax deeply. As we do this the heart naturally relaxes also and allows more spiritual light – the light of consciousness – to flood our awareness.

Deep relaxation and oxygenation (i.e. conscious breathing) are the keys to experiencing the natural bliss of our being. The more deeply we relax our body, the more that deeply held tensions are given the opportunity to be released, and where there was once tightness and contraction, there is now space. And then consciousness can flood in, awakening our cells on a deep level to the beautiful energy of life, to bliss.

This process is a deeply enjoyable one, because as tensions leave the body harmony and ease are restored. We simply feel more at peace, while simultaneously feeling more alive. We have more energy and more joy. We feel lighter and more carefree. Life becomes a totally pleasurable experience, and not because of what we ‘do’, but because of how we feel. We realise that to enjoy life we do not need to go here and go there, to buy this and that, to improve ourselves or become more successful. We just need to relax our body fully, so that there are no barriers of tension. With such barriers removed, we can easily enjoy the feeling of life’s innate joy flowing effortlessly through the cells of our body, not just sometimes, but all the time.

Alexander Bell

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Living in the “New Earth”


This piece of writing is not about getting somewhere in the future. It is about your current state of consciousness and the reality it is creating for you, right now.

For example, how would you feel if you never had a negative or anxious thought pass through your mind ever again? How would you feel if you knew there was nothing in the universe to worry about, that there was no threat, no danger, no difficult circumstances waiting for you around the corner. Only peace, only goodness, only total security and safety…

It is your mind that determines all of these things, without exception.

If our mind is completely free of negative, anxious, critical and judgemental thoughts, we simply perceive the luminous goodness of reality, completely untainted by such distorting ideas. We experience a state of undisturbed peace that arises naturally from an untroubled heart which is no longer at the mercy of the mind’s endless fears and worries, judgements and mental hostilities.

Of course, we cannot deny that there is suffering and conflict in the world, but it is of paramount importance that we primarily remain aware of our own state of consciousness in every moment, as this is what determines whether we ourselves are also our engaged in states of conflict and suffering, or not. We never need to be, if we are conscious of each thought that we choose to energise with our attention.

If we are not alert to where our mind wanders, it will surely lead us back into states of doubt, fear, conflict, and judgement, because these are normal states of consciousness for most of the human collective. Therefore, there is a gravitational pull back towards them, created by our collective human consciousness.

A world in which many, many people are experiencing such dis-harmonious states of consciousness is what we currently have here on Earth. However, we are not bound to be a part of it, because it is only our state of consciousness that keeps us tied to this reality. If we engage in what I call “fear and conflict consciousness” (meaning that we entertain fearful, judgemental or hostile thoughts) we are literally opting-in to a reality of fear and conflict. Our thoughts create this reality in our mind, and consequently we attract external experiences and circumstances that match our mental picture of reality, thus manifesting what we mentally conceive. People call this “the law of attraction”.

So what happens if we do not buy in to any thoughts of fear and hostility? What happens if we steadfastly stay connected to “peace and trust consciousness” instead? This simply means that rather than fearing for the future, for our wellbeing and so on, we trust that we are safe, and we do not entertain any doubts. It also means that rather than judging and being critical of others, we accept and respect them, choosing to extend understanding and compassion to them instead. We wish them only peace.

This is “peace and trust consciousness”, and the reality it creates for us is not a mental reality, like before. The qualities of trust, peace and compassion are qualities of our heart, and therefore we experience the inner realm of our heart as our reality. And because we perceive this internally, it is simply projected ‘out there’ to appear as our seemingly external reality.

The reality of our heart is a reality of total security – completely free of fear and any sense of threat; free of hostility and conflict. It is a reality of total peace, and also joy.

This is the reality that we were designed to experience, because it is deeply harmonious by its very nature, and is completely attuned to the perfect harmony and divine beauty that exists in the rest of the universe. Negative or fearful thoughts are nothing more than a kind of interference that distorts our perception of what is ultimately real. Without them we simply see Reality as it truly is: divine, radiant, luminous, loving, conscious, intelligent, and infinite…

And so we come to understand that it is possible for some people to exist on this planet and experience the personal sense of hell created by their fears and hostile mental attitudes, while simultaneously others experience the heaven created by their fully trusting and peaceful hearts. Is this a planet of threat and danger, or is it a planet of peace and safety? Could it be both?

Not for long, because this is where the New Earth comes in.

The New Earth, a place of total peace and security, already exists. The easiest way to understand it is to imagine that it is currently overlaid upon our current earth, and at certain locations upon the planet the veil is thin, so to speak. Therefore, at these points, an awareness of the New Earth is accessible to people whose consciousness is aligned with a state of peace and fearlessness. Fear is the last barrier to our perception of the New Earth.

Our fears create a reality for us which is not peaceful, therefore they prevent us from inhabiting a peaceful reality, which is exactly what the New Earth is. So in this sense, fearlessness simply means that our heart is free of anxiety, perceiving no threat, free of insecurity and thus totally trusting. It is this trust that makes our heart and mind truly strong, while our peacefulness ensures that we are ever-gentle. We are free of self-doubt, but humble. We are meek. This is what is required of us if we wish to dwell within the new reality that awaits us. We are being asked to choose this way of being, so that we can access our new home. And the door is open to all who are willing to whole-heartedly choose peace.

Do not worry, because there is truly nothing to be afraid of. It is only our mind which contemplates any threat, but it need not do this. This is why it is important that we learn how to keep our mind focused on our peace, through regularly practicing simple meditation.

Meditation is something that everybody can do, without exception, because it is the simplest thing in the world. For example, if I asked you to move your attention away from these words, to something else – perhaps the sounds you can hear or the colours you can see around you – you would find this easy. And essentially, meditation is just the same. You are simply moving your attention away from the thoughts that pass through your mind, onto something else – such as your breathing, or the physical sensations within your body, or the beating of your heart. It is not so important which you choose.

What is important is that you realise that you are not compelled to be in thought. It is optional. We only choose it because it is what we have grown up doing, thus it is a well established habit. But because we can all recognise that thinking does not always create the peace and happiness that we want – often the opposite – then there is no great incentive to remain in thought. We can leave it and experience something else instead; something much more rewarding, enjoyable and nourishing. We can experience our peace, we can experience our freedom and joy, we can experience the beauty of our heart, from where Love and compassion spring forth.

Thinking simply keeps us stuck on a superficial level of reality, experiencing only the surface of Life, rather than swimming joyfully among the warm depths of being, as we are meant to.

So, what will we experience when we are consciously dwelling in the New Earth? Well, outwardly nothing will appear very different, because it is the inner-consciousness through which we perceive the world which has been transformed. It is important to remember that what we perceive as our external reality is nothing more than a projection of our internal state of consciousness. Therefore, if peace is our inner reality, it will also be perceived as an external reality, wherever we happen to be. It is important not to underestimate the power of our consciousness. It is a deeply transformative force. It can change the world that we perceive all around us.

On the New Earth we will also enjoy a fully conscious relationship with our Creator, with the Divine Intelligence which permeates the whole of creation. Again, it is only our fear that keeps us in a state of ignorance of this divine truth, which we are capable of experiencing wherever we are. When there is no fear of divine judgement or punishment, we willingly choose to experience conscious union with our Creator, with the Supreme Consciousness which many call God, because it is the very fabric of reality. It is not a separate ‘thing’. It is the essence of everything.

We fully belong in conscious union with our Creator. We have just been unconsciously resisting it and trying to avoid the inevitable realisation of it for so long because we were deeply convinced that it would result in pain. We had completely forgotten the unconditional and ever-forgiving love of our spiritual parent, yet we so desperately wanted to experience it within the depth of our being that we searched high and low within the dream that we call “life”, hoping that we would someday find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But like this life, the rainbow is illusory.

It is only when we finally see through the veil of this seemingly finite reality that we perceive the infinite and omnipresent loving intelligence that permeates it all – the Divine Supreme Consciousness. Seeing through the veil is like taking our attention away from the rainbow (creation) and looking towards that which creates the rainbow: the Sun (the creator).

Essentially, the rainbow is just a projection. It is comprised of light, but it is not light in its original form. It has separated itself out and thus created something undeniably beautiful. But if we are looking for the source of the beauty, we must lift our heads and see from where the light is shining. Then a purer form of light will reach our eyes and our hearts.

It is important to understand that it is this pure light that creates a pure reality. Only when our mind ceases to cast shadows and becomes fully aligned with the pure vibration and frequency of this light – which is the original essence of our consciousness – do we perceive this pure reality as our reality. Some might call it heaven-on-earth, some might call it Paradise, or the New Earth. Names do not really matter. What truly matters is that we realise this is available to us right now, in this moment. Future is just an illusion of thought. Heaven awaits us now, behind the veil of thoughts and the doubt, disbelief and fear that cloud our perception in any given moment. We don’t need to wait for a future moment to free ourselves from illusion.

Each moment holds the potential for our awareness to be liberated from all distorting ideas and beliefs and perceive the radiant beauty of the Divine Reality; God’s Reality, The Promised Land, The New Earth. We can step out of the shadows created by thought – all thought – right now, if that is what we truly desire. We should not imagine what we might experience, and it is wise not to expect anything. We need only to relax, to trust and keep our mind clear of any ideas or thoughts, so that we may clearly see exactly how things truly are, free of all mental distortions.


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Awakening to full consciousness

By Alexander Bell

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What is being asked of us at this particular time in the unfolding story of humankind? What is required of us, so that we may continue our evolution peacefully, avoiding further destruction and suffering on this beautiful planet that we call home?

It is simple. Human ignorance and unconsciousness must come to an end, so that we are no longer living in the shadows, plagued by doubt and uncertainty, acting from fear and insecurity, venting our frustrations and our suffering in the world around us. We are being called to open our eyes and our hearts to the Truth of who we truly are, and what life truly is. We are being called to become fully conscious beings.

So what does it mean to become fully conscious? And should we be afraid of it? No, of course not. There is nothing to fear, because fear is purely a symptom of unconsciousness. We are being asked to release our fears, as they only obscure our perception of Reality, and keep us trapped in a protective cocoon which we created for ourselves in order to give us time to acclimatise and prepare for our inevitable awakening into full consciousness.

The best way to describe full consciousness is to liken it to seemingly being alone in a large room which was previously only lit by a dim light bulb, thus not fully seen. But in full consciousness, the light shines at its very brightest, and we see the full reality of where we truly are. The walls of the room fade away, and we see that in fact we are not alone, but rather we are in the full presence of a divine omniscient intelligence, which is deeply loving and supremely conscious. We realise that it has only ever been our choice to attempt to hide from this all-pervading conscious intelligence, because on a deep level we were afraid of it, inaccurately believing it to be a force of judgment and punishment. Therefore, not only did we deny its existence, but we actively tried to ‘bury our heads in the sand’, through practices which encouraged greater unconsciousness of it.

We learned to close our hearts, and to keep our bodies and our minds busy and distracted so that there was little chance of us experiencing moments of stillness and depth, thus getting a glimpse of what for us seemed like a most terrifying reality. Terrifying only because we realised there was absolutely no-where to hide within it. So in the name of self-protection we built a fear-based mental reality, constructed of thoughts in which we could immerse ourselves and hide, fully justified through our belief in harsh and uncaring external forces that would quite willingly allow us to suffer in pain, or sweep us aside entirely, so unimportant and insignificant did we consider ourselves to be.

Yet in our intricately detailed fear-based mental reality, something deeply vital was missing. Love. We realised that we had a deep need to experience Love, and without it we could not comfortably remain in our protective cocoon of ignorance. So to avoid opening our mind and our heart to the Truth, to the highest source of Love, the supreme consciousness, to God, we decided to place the Love that we needed in other human beings instead – usually (but not always) members of the opposite sex, whom we subsequently desired to be close to, in order to experience the Love that we so deeply longed for.

However, this way of experiencing love is totally unreliable, because it depends on the mood, temperament and behaviour of another human being – something which is completely out of our control. Yet we desperately try to control the lovingness of another person by controlling our own behaviour, believing that if we just act a certain way, say the right things and appear to be a certain kind of person, we will be worthy of love.

But this is not the kind of Love that we truly need. We need an unconditional love that accepts us exactly as we are, that sees the pure innocence of our heart and embraces it with the gentlest and warmest of energies imaginable. This is the Love that heals the deepest of wounds within our heart, and enables us to trust and feel safe enough to once again open ourselves fully to the divine consciousness, which is the essence of our reality.

So how do we experience this Love? How do we trust and feel safe? It is simple – we relax our heart. This is all that is needed.

We start with relaxing our muscles, relaxing our body, and we simply allow the relaxation to go deeper, into our heart. As our heart relaxes, fear evaporates and more consciousness is allowed to flow through our being. We perceive more inner light; we feel happier and more positive. We feel attuned to the deep harmony and the Love that is present in the natural world. We are simply seeing Reality more clearly, without the distorting filters of thoughts and fears.

As we rebuild our conscious relationship with Reality, and learn to trust its loving providence more and more, we actively choose to become more conscious, to open our heart and mind more to its radiant Truth. We recognise that fear was nothing more than a sort of illness, brought about by a mis-understanding of Reality. The division we experienced between ourselves and the Universe, between ourselves and God, is healed as we let go of all thoughts and beliefs of being separate. We learn to dwell consciously within our heart, trusting that we are completely safe, protected and guided, trusting that everything we truly need will be brought into our path by our loving parent, when we truly need it. Then once again we become like children, living in joy and gratitude upon this divine, living playground that we call Earth, Gaia, our heavenly home amongst the stars.

Alexander Bell

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Setting yourself free


Control is the antithesis of freedom. The more we try and control things in our life, including our own emotions and behaviour (and also other people’s), the more we will be strangling the natural free-flow of joy that is meant to be flowing through our heart and through our body.

This does not mean we should just do whatever we feel like doing, or speak without consideration of others, or engage with whatever thoughts come into our mind – we need to bring in intelligence, wisdom and sensitivity to all these actions.

When joy is in our heart and flowing through our body, we naturally think joyful and positive thoughts. Creativity flows and we feel more inspired, more energised and passionate about being alive. It is so important for us to feel this way, and when we do we inspire and uplift those around us. It really is a fantastic thing to witness, as joy spreads to others.

However, in our society we are used to being in control of ourselves. We are taught which behaviours are socially acceptable, and to live within such behavioural parameters we must control ourselves to a degree. We also learn that our happiness depends on certain external criteria; on success, on appearance, on consumerism and on productivity.

It is clear to see that the mechanics of society is all about productivity, and thus as part of society we are encouraged to be productive, and efficient in our productivity. Yet this is where joy is so easily lost and forgotten, because joy has nothing to do with productivity and efficiency.

Joy is all about enjoying our being. It has no mechanical or productive purpose. It’s only purpose is to shine and radiate positive energy, like all the stars, and the sun. As a consequence of joy radiating out from within us, we start to notice wonderful things happening around us. People are uplifted, they feel inspired, they want to be around us, because they also want to feel joy in their life.

Now, who wants to be around someone who is controlling? Who wants to be around someone who has is hiding what they really feel? It doesn’t feel good to be around someone who is not being genuine, because joy is absent, honesty is absent, respect is absent. The most respectful thing you can do for another person is to be honest with them – not about your mental thoughts and opinions – but honest with how you are feeling. Do not hide how you feel. Let it be seen. Then there is a good chance it can change, especially when shared with a compassionate and caring human being.

We often deny ourselves the opportunity to let go of so-called ‘negative’ emotions, because we hide them, control them and judge them. They stay within us, making us feel weak, sometimes even ill. Aspects of our being can only change when brought into the light of awareness, and especially when shared and seen non-judgementally by another. This is a very healing thing.

And then something amazing happens…

When we see that we are not ‘bad’ for feeling angry, or sad, or any other emotion, we actually feel okay about it. If our feelings and thoughts are not judged (and consequently controlled because of our judgement) there is nothing wrong with us. We are okay to be exactly as we are, feeling whatever we are feeling. This is a very liberating thing, to free ourselves of self-judgement, guilt and self-control of our emotions.

Our body instantly relaxes, knowing that what we are feeling is not ‘wrong’. Any tension and resistance in our body vanishes, to be replaced by ease and a sense of wellbeing. There is nothing wrong with how you are, and there is nothing wrong with who you are.

You do not need to punish yourself for what you choose, what you think or what you feel. Instead, forgive yourself, have compassion for yourself. Set yourself free from self-judgement, self-control, and self-condemnation; and as you do so, allow yourself to perceive the joy which comes from your complete freedom of being. The joy of being free…

Alexander Bell

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All are worthy of Love

By Alexander Bell

It is very natural for a child to want to please it’s parent. Every young child wants their parents approval because it feels good to be commended and approved of, especially by the person whom all young children consider to be God – their parent.

Very young children cannot conceive of a spiritual God. They simply hold their parent as the highest authority in their universe. As a baby, the parent is usually always there. The parent demonstrates that they are the highest authority, and showers the child with love and care. The child naturally worships the parent, sometimes even fears them, knowing how all-powerful they are in their lives. 

Just like most people prefer to see the sun shining, naturally the child wants to see a happy parent, because it feels nicer for them, and they know they will be treated more lovingly. They do not want to see an angry parent, for the opposite reasons. So the child learns quickly what pleases the parent. They become aware of the noises that get a good response and the actions they get praised for, and also the noises and actions which get a negative response. 

This is the birth of conscious intelligence. The ego gets born – the part of the child which suddenly wants to be in control of something external (the parent) for its own benefit. It desires a certain thing (praise), and fears the opposite. The birth of the ego is really the birth of fear also.

So you have a child which wants to please its parent. And if the parent is not so loving – highly critical perhaps, or even angry / aggressive – the child tries desperately hard to make their parent approve of them, to love them. Yet what the child does not understand is that their parent is not angry, critical or unloving because of them. It is not the child’s fault. But subconsciously the child believes it is. And if they are unable to make the adult behave more lovingly, the child feels like they are a failure. They believe there is nothing good enough within them to be worthy of approval, praise or love. 

Often the child, as it grows up, will learn to push themselves further, to be better, to excel and achieve more, all in response to a subconscious driving force to be a better person, a person who is worthy of love, a good person. But in the eyes of who? Who decides if you are worthy? Is it God? 

So what if you grew up in a very loving family, where you always felt appreciated and loved? There would be no sense of unworthiness. It simply would not develop. Because by being loved all the time, subconsciously in the child there is a belief that you deserve it. Therefore, young children don’t understand that they never, ever deserve to be treated unkindly or unlovingly. They believe that they deserve whatever treatment they get, therefore they must be bad on some level if they are being treated that way.

And so you have this human being who learns to see that there is ‘badness’ within them – they see flaws and faults. They see what is not good enough about themselves. They are critical of themselves, simply because they had a critical or unloving parent (who was probably also critical of themselves).

As the adult grows up and learns about God, their spiritual parent, they simply project their relationship with their biological father onto the understanding of who God is, their ‘heavenly father’. Therefore many people believe that they have to please God to be loved by God. They have to be ‘good enough’ and get rid of all their faults before they are worthy of being loved by God.

But children who are brought up in unconditionally loving families don’t feel this way. If they do become interested in religion, they are more likely to gravitate towards a religion in which Love is the predominant theme, and in which Gods unconditionally loving nature is the central theme.

Also, they wont see themselves through critical eyes, because they were never seen through critical eyes. They were not judged, so they will not judge. They were loved, so the foundations of their human experience were built with love.

If the foundations of a child’s upbringing were not totally loving ones, then a weakness is built in, and it will show itself at some point in the structure. Cracks will begin to appear in the personality, in the form of insecurity, self-doubt, anger with the self, even self-hatred in some cases. And this is all because the structure was built on something which does not possess the rock-solid strength of Love. 

If the structure was built on beliefs, such as “I am this” or “I am that” (e.g. “I am good, I am bad, I am strong, I am weak, I am the best, I am the worst, I am a success, I am a failure” etc) then there is no real strength in such a foundation. Why? Because such dualistic belief systems are held in the mind (consciously or subconsciously) and are prone to change, depending on outside circumstances. You may believe yourself to be a strong and successful person, until an unexpected life event challenges you and shakes your foundations in a way that you do not know how to deal with. This is a very common experience in many people’s lives. 

Love however is not a belief held in the mind. It is felt in the heart. And it is a way of being, not a way of thinking. Of course, our thoughts are influenced by this loving feeling, and we think more compassionate thoughts towards others, for the simple reason that we genuinely care. Many people in this world struggle to care, both for themselves and for others, and this is usually a result of a lack of genuine loving care in their upbringing, by either the mother or father, or sometimes both. They were simply not shown how to care. 

This is particularly common in boys and men, who look to their father as their role model as they are growing up. The mother is traditionally in the role of carer, giver and nurturer, but the father traditionally has the pressures of the outside world, the world of business and money, upon his shoulders and on his mind. Therefore it is a common situation that the father is stressed, tired, mentally absent, preoccupied, or simply not present in the household due to the amount of work that he has to do.

Therefore a child can easily grow up feeling that they are not the most important thing in their fathers life, when they so desperately want to be. A child simply wants to be the apple of their parents eye, and will do anything to get the loving attention of their parent. If good behaviour does not work, then sometimes out of frustration the child resorts to bad behaviour, which they find does at least get them some attention. 

They just want attention, they just want to be important to their parent, they just want to be loved. And it is the same for all adults, even if they are not aware of it. The desire for approval and acceptance plays out in romantic relationships with the opposite sex. They want to be loved by a woman, or by a man, because it heals the wound in the heart, and it counters the painful belief that they are unlovable. 

People who seek a relationship with God also want to experience approval and acceptance, love and forgiveness, because most human beings need to experience these things to heal the emotional inner wounds which were inflicted in their childhood. It is natural, and very important, because we all want to be healed. We all need to experience the beauty and perfection of our own heart, because that is what Life is calling us to do. If we do not, life continues to involve suffering to some degree.

Many people believe that they need to be pure before God will love them, because they see themselves as impure and imperfect. But what is the truth of this? Well, the light that shines within our heart is a pure light. It cannot be tainted or impure, because it is the presence of the divine within our physical being. And the divine is perfect, pure, and radiant – always. Nothing of this world can touch it, because it is spiritual and therefore other-worldly. It is similar to the light that shines from the sun. Nothing on earth can taint the sun’s light, only obscure it. It is the same with our thoughts. They obscure the light which comes from our heart, but they do not affect its purity. 

The mind of many human beings is filled with thoughts which are not aligned with the purity of this inner light. Thoughts of greed, selfishness, judgment, doubt, arrogance, hostility and even hatred. Such thoughts have no resonance with the beautiful divine light which shines in our heart. They couldn’t be more dissonant. But they come from our mind, from our ego. Yes, they do influence the heart in that they cause the heart to contract, to grow cold, to wither to some degree. But they cannot affect the purity of the heart. It is only the thoughts which are impure. 

So as long as we are listening to those thoughts, we feel ourselves as impure, because we attuning our state of consciousness to them, just by giving them our attention. However, if we just step outside and behold something beautiful, like our favourite flower, a magnificent tree or the delightful sound of a bird singing, instantly our awareness attunes to this thing of beauty. The impure influence of selfish thought is not present in that moment, as mother nature’s deep beauty fills our awareness and our heart responds. 

Are you still impure in that moment? No. Only if you take your attention away from the purity of natures beauty, and return your mind to the impurity of critical and negative thought do you experience a state of impurity. Your state of consciousness has changed, due to what you are choosing to be conscious of. 

So the idea of being pure enough to receive God’s Love is inaccurate, in that our heart is always a place of purity. Yet we have to bring our attention there, away from all the selfish, negative and self-critical thoughts that go round and round in the mind. They are simply old mental programs that we need to let go of. 

This is the purpose of meditation, of bringing our awareness to God’s radiant light, which shines within our heart. This is what purifies our consciousness, simply by choosing to become aware of it. We do not have to become a ‘better person’. And we do not have to get rid of any ‘evil thoughts’ either. We just have to learn how not to engage with them, energise them or believe them. We do this by learning how to bring our attention away from our thinking mind and back to our heart, where God’s loving presence can be fully experienced at any moment, no matter who you are, or what you have done. You are worthy.

Alexander Bell

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Creating Global Peace Together

By Alexander Bellnew PLANET

As many people are aware, there is increasing civil unrest in America as some very controversial decisions are being made by their new political leader. Many people are angry and many people are fearing for what the future may hold under this regime. Protests are happening all over the country, with people instigating organised “campaigns of resistance” in defiance of the decisions that are being made at the top level.

A lot can be learned from observing proceedings in the USA, especially the behaviour of the protesters and campaigners, and the language being used on the banners and placards that many of them display. These are people who want peace, justice and fairness, but are they really going about it the right way?

When we feel an injustice is being done, it is human nature to become angry about it because we are inherently caring and fair creatures. But the anger that arises must be channelled intelligently into a passion for solving the problem in the most effective way. Emotion has to be tempered by intelligence and wisdom if real solutions are to be found amongst challenging circumstances. If raw emotions are simply vented, or used as the foundations for an opposing movement, you simply have a state of conflict that is far more likely to encourage greater division and hostility than peace and resolution. And peace and resolution are what everybody is actually aiming for. So how are they obtained?

It was Mahatma Gandhi who said that we must “be the change that we wish to see in the world”, and we all want to see a more peaceful world, free of inequality and conflict, anger and hatred. So our priority must be to ensure that we are not playing host to any of these qualities ourselves, otherwise we will simply encourage their presence in the world around us.

A peaceful person, free of anger and free of the desire to fight will not instigate or escalate hostility in any way. Quite the opposite in fact. They will radiate a sense of harmlessness, friendliness and gentleness that will be felt in a very tangible way by the people around them. Many people might judge these qualities as soft or weak, but the sense of peacefulness they encourage is absolutely vital, especially in circumstances where there is unrest and volatility among large groups of people. If such peaceful attitudes are not encouraged, then violence and suffering are almost inevitable, and this is very sad because they really can be avoided.

Each of us has the power to contribute a more peaceful and ‘hostility-free’ attitude towards our environment, towards the people we engage with, and even towards political leaders and groups of people who we will never come into contact with. Everything we think and feel is added to the ‘collective consciousness’ of humanity, and it either adds to the pressure, or relieves it to a degree. And not only that, but more importantly for us we are not experiencing destructive emotions and states of mind that influence the way we perceive the world. We really can be free of fear, judgement, hostility, conflict, isolation and suffering, just by being very careful about what we think, what opinions we form and what emotions we encourage within our body. Thoughts of conflict, of “them and us”, of anger and hatred simply create a reality of conflict within our mind and our body, which is highly destructive for us.

At this time in the Earth’s history, we are being called forth to demonstrate our peace-loving nature, which is a very noble state of consciousness, and much needed on this planet. It is easy in this world to be reactive and judgemental, and for many people it comes automatically. But as we watch our mental and emotional choices more carefully, we see that there is another option. We must strive to feed the more compassionate part of our nature, our heart, which recognises that every human is struggling to some degree. Even those in high positions of power who are making decisions that affect millions of people. This is no easy task. To be a leader of millions of people requires immense inner strength and courage. If some of the more noble personality traits are not present, the individual will inevitably choose the path of least resistance, which is to fulfil the national political agenda of creating a greater sense of national security, identity and prosperity, which is often illusory.

So how can a leader really make a difference? He must be an example. If a nation is to be a peaceful nation, it requires a truly peaceful leader. This is absolutely essential. If a leader is bullish and aggressive, there is bound to be a reaction amongst the people, who simply respond towards him and his administration with the same aggressive attitude that is being demonstrated. There is a revolt, a counter-movement of resistance, exactly as we are witnessing in the USA right now.

Aggression begets aggression. Peace begets peace.

Choose peace.

Alexander Bell

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Freedom from negative thoughts


Here is a highly effective and simple technique to free yourself from the influence of negative thoughts which may be disturbing your peace, or creating a sense of anxiety or stress.

It operates on the simple premise that you do not reject the mind – to try and push away or get rid of any thoughts – as this simply energises them, and gives us the idea that they are threatening in some way, which they are not.

So, what we do is we see the thinking mind as exactly what it is. It is not the provider of absolute truth, which many people treat it as. It often behaves like a negative news channel, which wants to provoke emotions within you with its stories and information.

So this is what you do (and it is most effective at night, as you lie down before you fall asleep, although you can do it anytime). You begin by relaxing your body and accepting that your mind is going to tell you lots of things, as it usually does when we become quiet and still. There is no effort or desire to control it; you simply enjoy relaxing your body, ready for the mind’s inevitable news broadcast.

Now, you firmly decide that whatever your mind tells you, whether it is good or bad, convincing or not, terrifying or deeply exciting, you will not believe a single word of it. You will not respond to it emotionally. You will just notice it, objectively, while remaining relaxed and uninterested in pursuing any particular thought. The key to this state of objectivity is to allow your body to remain relaxed, as you gently breathe in and out. If you notice your body tense up (which is usually in response to a thought) you simply relax it again and enjoy focussing on your breathing.

When our body is in a relaxed state, there is more space within the tissues of the muscles, and our awareness can flow more freely through them. This simply feels very enjoyable, because freedom from tension is our natural physical state. We just have to notice how our involvement with thought interferes with this.

A very good thing to do is to say to your mind: “Okay, give me the worst you’ve got..” and just watch how your mind tries to produce thoughts that it thinks will make you feel bad. This is a very funny thing to do, because the mind can only present us with thoughts. Nothing more. Just thoughts. And thoughts simply cannot hurt you. It is only by choosing to engage with a thought that you might experience an emotional reaction that might be unpleasant for us. But the choice to engage is ours, and we usually only engage because we think there is some truth in the thought.

So when we decide to disbelieve every single thought, even just for a short period, this means that your mind can present you with whatever information it wants without you being influenced by what it is saying. This means the mind is not being controlled, it is being allowed. There is no fear of what it is saying,  therefore no desire to control it. This brings a sense of conscious freedom to our mind that it rarely experiences. You have taken a friendly attitude to your mind, because it offers no threat. You simply enjoy remaining calm, relaxed and totally unaffected by a single thought, including the positive ones, because you see that they are only thoughts. They are just like clouds in the sky of your mind. They are not reality, they have no substance. They are  just thoughts, and when you leave them alone, they pass.

This is a very simple way to disconnect how you feel from the thoughts that arise. And it is useful because thoughts mostly only create a disturbance in the natural sense of well-being and  peace which comes from our heart.

Now, the complicated problem that many people have is that they allow positive thoughts to influence the way they feel, but they don’t want negative thoughts to influence them. However, because thought is dualistic, a two-sided coin, then you cannot just choose one side of the coin (positivity) and reject the other side (negativity). The only way to be free of the influence of thought is to cut the cord completely, so you do not allow it to emotionally influence the way you feel  at all. This may sound very boring or cold and unfeeling to some people, but it is the only way not to be at the mercy of thoughts.

Without the influence of thought, Love is more heartfelt than sentimental. Joy is still totally available; and in fact it is heightened. Peace is still available, and it is deepened because these states of being come from the heart when it is relaxed and untroubled. Peace, joy and love, do not need to be evoked by thinking. They are the natural feelings that come from being alive within a healthy and relaxed body, free of the tension created by thinking.

You will see this as you try this very simple and liberating technique.

Alexander Bell


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