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We are all in need of healing in some shape or form, and this post is specifically about healing the heart and mind.

Does our mind need healing? Well, in truth, the mind is only divided by the thoughts which we give our attention to. The thoughts which belong to the ego that compare, judge, dissect, label and compartmentalise the entire universe.

If we were to take a sustained break from all such those, and especially those thoughts which emphasised ourself as being separate from the rest of the universe, we would start to experience the healing of the mind. We would sense our awareness joining with the consciousness that surrounds us, of which all living creatures partake, and which permeates the very air we breathe. It is only our thinking mind that divides up this consciousness, assuming that it is in some places, and in others it is not. It is everywhere, as it is the very fabric of reality, and we can perceive this when we are in a state of expanded consciousness, such as meditation for example.

And what of the heart? How does it heal? Well, essentially as it releases its deeply held tightness and tension (which is what fear is) the heart is able to accommodate more love. So when we encounter the pain in our heart that has come from holding it tight like a fist for so many years, we just need to consciously relax it, like we would any muscle, and say “yes!” to love.

To deny love is insane, and it is the cause of our deepest suffering, because our heart is designed to have love flowing through it. Our joy, happiness, security and sense of freedom are all a consequence of the openness of our heart. Of course, our heart can be open in some moments and then close again (often in response to other people) so we need to learn how to help our heart to be courageous in those moments and stay open. Although this may seem scary, we have to remember that experiencing love’s beautiful presence is the reward for doing so, and love can never hurt us. It is only closing our heart, and holding it in tension which is painful.

So, as we re-develop a sense of trust that it is totally safe (and very intelligent) to keep our heart open, we rediscover our true source of strength. We rediscover our passion and our inner fire. When love is allowed to flow within us, it can guide us. If we restrict it, it cannot do this. This is why it is very important that when we notice that we want to close our heart, we be brave and remain sensitive, remain open. This is true courage, and we are all capable of it. It is usually just a choice, that we allowed to become an unconscious reaction in response to certain triggers. If we watch ourselves, we can see when and why we choose to close our heart, become cold, become uncaring and so on. And as we see this, we can choose differently. It takes practice, but fortunately life gives us every day to do so, in every interaction, in every moment we are relating with the world.

It has been said that “Earth is a classroom, and love is the lesson” and this is a highly accurate description of why we experience all that occurs to us on a day-to-day basis. As we learn how to choose to think, speak and act in harmony with love’s invisible presence, we become an embodiment of love. We experience healing as we venture more and more into its protective and benevolent realm; a realm which is calling to all of us, all of the time. “Jump on board..”  it says, “and leave the world of loneliness and suffering far behind you…”

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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
to the world of joy, freedom and happiness we once knew..”

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Why choose suffering, when you can choose freedom?

The mental and emotional state (or ‘mood’) that we are experiencing in any given moment is what influences the choices we will make in those moments. If we are stressed or angry, we will make choices that will be very different from those we would make if we were feeling calm, balanced and happy. Positive choices come from positive states, and negative choices come from negative states. The choices we make are also likely to reinforce the state we are choosing from.

Being in a ‘negative’ state is very much a loop, a cycle. If we are not in a good mood, we are less likely to make positive and beneficial choices, and those choices will lead us to create further disharmony within ourselves, and possibly with the people around us, thus amplifying our negative state, and thus continuing the cycle.

It’s a bit like comfort eating. We feel insecure, so we might eat an indulgent, sugar-laden food to deal with that feeling, yet it makes us feel worse because it is not truly a nourishing food. So then to deal with this even worse feeling we have – which is perhaps compounded by a sense of guilt and self-criticism due to our awareness and judgment of our actions – we seek more emotional comfort by eating more food. You can thus see how easily obesity can arise within an individual who just wants to feel secure, but is making choices from a negative state, a state of insecurity and suffering, and thus creates not only more insecurity but also a long-term health problem. We should be very careful about making decisions when we are in a negative state of mind.

So when we notice a negative cycle influencing our choices, our behaviour and our communication, we have to interrupt it before it becomes even more destructive. After all, illnesses like depression, violence and self-hatred are all consequences of the spiralling downward path that have lead from less-than-beneficial choices and the psychological and emotional states they have established in our day-to-day life.


How do we interrupt this cycle? There are several ways. The most immediately affective one is to change the way you feel right now, by changing your breathing and changing your physical posture. When we straighten our body, stand tall, open our chest, relax our body and face, and breathe fully and deeply, we immediately feel different. We feel more alert, more calm, more grounded, strong and balanced. We consequently feel more empowered and courageous to make the decisions that we know are in the best interests of ourselves and those around us.

There are also lifestyle changes we can make that will have a more stabilising long-term effect….

Dietary changes such as reducing consumption of sugar (in all forms), reducing consumption of stimulants like coffee and chocolate, reducing over-consumption of heavy, cooked foods and choosing more fresh, raw, light and vital foods that will lift our mood and make us feel more positive.

We will also benefit immensely from become more active on a daily basis, and spending more time outdoors, breathing fresh air and oxygenating our body. The powerful influence of fresh air and physical activity cannot be overstated. It clears our mind and balances our body like nothing else can, and it essential for good health and a sense of inner wellness and vitality.

A simple meditation or yoga practice is also beneficial, not only for the positive effect it has on our pattern of breathing, but also because it helps us to become more aware of our thinking mind, how it operates, how thoughts arise and fall and how we do not need to be influenced by them. Such spiritual practices (along with many others) are supportive of the aforementioned dietary changes and changes in physical activity levels, because all 3 help us to bring our attention out of the mind and more into our body, so we feel more calm, less anxious, more grounded and more connected to our centre, which is our heart.


When we are more connected to our heart, we feel more tolerant, more patient, more kind and caring (including towards ourselves), so it is very important to strengthen this connection. A strong heart is not so subject to fear and worry. It trusts more, and it enjoys life more deeply. The superficial pleasures that we get from so many of the things that are available to us never last long. But by cultivating greater awareness of our heart – and thus of who we truly are – our appreciation and enjoyment of life takes on a new depth and dimension. We feel more fulfilled. We become a more joyful person who is stronger, more genuine, and more loving towards all those whom we encounter in life. We become a gift to the world, just through being alive.

This is the potential for all of us, and it all begins by taking full responsibility for how we feel in any given moment, rather than blaming others, blaming life or blaming God. As we take responsibility for how we feel, we realise that we have the freedom and ability to change it immediately, simply by interrupting the negative cycles of thought, emotion and posture when we see them in action. Our physiology and our emotions are the result of the thoughts that pass through our mind, which only affect us because we give them our attention and we believe them.


As an example, let’s look at fear, which is the most crippling of all human emotions, but in fact the easiest to avoid. When fearful thoughts are present in our mind and we are either engaging with them or resisting them (which is itself an act of fear) the consequence is that fear becomes manifest in our body. It does this through contraction and tension – our whole body tightens up, as does our heart, and we can suddenly feel very weak, totally devoid of energy, sometimes even paralysed.

The immediate antidote to this physical reaction is to relax our body, and breathe. If we relax our body and help it to remain relaxed, fear literally cannot take hold of our body. It is impossible. For fear to take grip, our body has to tense up and tighten, and if we are fully engaged with relaxing it, this cannot occur. Of course, the anxious thoughts may continue to try and drag our attention back into our mind, back into believing them, but we cannot believe a fearful thought and remain relaxed at the same time.

Relaxation is literally the best way to totally disempower even the most intensely fearful thought, because by relaxing rather than resisting (which is tension) we are allowing that thought to be present, while disconnecting it from any unpleasant feelings in our body. As such, there is no longer any need to resist it, because it does not affect the way we feel. That fear is nothing but a meaningless thought that is no longer remotely threatening or relevant or to you, because it no longer has any power to influence you.

It was you who originally gave it its power (subconsciously) by allowing your body to respond to it with tension. But through consciously relaxing your body in the presence of that thought, any bringing attention away from the realm of thinking (the mind), your power and energy are reclaimed, and the thought becomes totally impotent and harmless. Thoughts only get their power and animation from our attention, in the same way that it is the light shining through a cinema filmreel that creates a moving, life-like image on the cinema screen. Remove the light (attention) and what you are left with is inanimate film, of no great interest to anyone.

And so it is with thought. It is we who choose which thoughts to animate and empower with our attention, and as we become more aware of our inherited beliefs, thought-patterns, opinions, judgements and fears, we can choose whether we want to continue giving life to them. If they do not truly serve us, then we can let them go, and give our attention to something more deeply nourishing and fulfilling, something which offers so much more depth than the thinking mind. Our heart.

Our heart needs no belief systems to serve us. It just needs our attention. With our attention, it can communicate with us in its subtle and profound way – a way which is far beyond the comprehension of the thinking mind. By attending to our heart, we find that we are moved in the direction that most inspires us, that most fills us with passion and enthusiasm. If we fully trust the guidance of our heart, we cannot go wrong, because it is following an invisible thread that extends through our life. It leads us in the direction where love can grow most exponentially, where healing can best occur, where joy can flourish and be shared. All we need to do is give it our attention, and rather than believing the communications that come from the fearful mind, we learn to fully trust our heart. It has the full power, wisdom and intelligence of the entire universe flowing through it, and it will you home.


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Tuning in to our heart

Consider this analogy… Your attention is like a radio tuner that can scan through different frequencies, and tune into its chosen station. When you tune into a station, that is the reality you experience. It is like choosing what song you want to listen to, and consequently feeling the way the song makes you feel. You are free to choose any song, thus any mood. We should choose carefully…

We can tune into the frequency of thought, and experience the reality that thinking creates. We can tune into the frequency of emotion, and experience the feelings that result from doing so. And we can also tune into the frequency of our heart and experience joy, compassion, gratitude and peace, sometimes just by simply feeling it beating in our chest. We always have such an option available to us.

Each frequency brings us a very real experience, but of varying depth. The reality created by thought is shallow and insubstantial, like watching a film on a cinema screen. The film is not real, you are just watching coloured light on a blank screen.

Conversely, the reality of joy is experienced in the depth of your heart, and sends a radiant joyful energy outwards through the whole of your body, illuminating your mind also. It is a very enriching and complete experience, full of warmth and light. It is deeply fulfilling for our entire being.

In contrast, the fear, contraction and absence of energy that we feel in our body when we tune into the frequency of negative thoughts brings a deep sense of disharmony into our entire being. We all know this. We feel uneasy, uncomfortable, agitated, perhaps anxious. And this is why it is good to learn how to tune out from such experiences, such unpleasant experiential realities, as they offer us not even the smallest bit enjoyment or pleasure, as our heart contracts and tightens up, bringing our awareness into more shadowy realms of consciousness.

So, to tune out of thoughts and the emotional disturbances they create in our body, and to tune back into a sense of balance, light and harmony, we need do only 2 things…

1: Relax our body
2: Give our full attention to our breathing

As the body relaxes, the oxygen from our breath can flow more freely around our body, and we become more aware of how we feel physically. Our cells become awakened as we become more deeply oxygenated and thus more grounded, no longer trapped in our mind. The relief this brings is wonderful and liberating.

As we continue to relax and follow our breath, we start to notice that our heart begins to relax also. We feel more peaceful, as anxiety and tension fades away. Sometimes at this point, our thinking mind will attempt try and spoil our peace with a thought of some sort. This is quite predictable, and not a problem, because as you see the mind doing this, you simply dismiss the thought before you get involved in it, and simply return you attention to your breathing and to relaxing your body.

Even if you do get involved in the thought momentarily, when you realise this has happened you simply recognise that you got distracted, and you just tune back in to your experiential bodily feeling, by coming back to your breathing, to your body, and to your heart if you wish. These are your anchors to this deeper, more grounded and expansive awareness

This space beyond thought is a space to be enjoyed deeply. It is the space of simply being. The effortless experience of who you are.

We can tune into this space anytime, because it is always there. We just tune out from the level of thought, and we relax, breathe and come back to our body. We will always find it. Nothing could be simpler, and more effortlessly enjoyable. Try it now…

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The Meaning of Life

image11Scroll down to watch the video…

What gives life it’s meaning? It is caring. If we stop caring, life very quickly becomes meaningless and purposeless.

If we stop caring about ourselves and own health, if we stop caring about the people around us, our heart quickly begins to grow cold. With no love flowing through our thoughts, through our heart or through our actions, we turn instead to selfish consumerism, thinking only of what will bring us instant gratification; some respite from the sense of unease and dissatisfaction we inevitably feel from ignoring the basic need of ourself and others to be treated with gentleness, warmth and kindness.

This is the essence of the human malady – self preoccupation. We endlessly find things that are ‘not right’ about ourselves that we need to fix. We endlessly think about ourselves and how we appear to others. We endlessly think about how secure or insecure we feel in life, and consider how we make an make life better for ourselves, through obtaining more, achieving more, being more…

All this self-obsession begins in our mind, with thoughts about ourselves; thoughts about our position in our social circle, our family, in society, even in the universe perhaps, as we consider our importance and our value to the world. We are measuring ourselves endlessly; judging and determining what kind of person we are.

All this mental thought activity is what sucks our attention into a self-centred world, revolving around our sense of ego (which is an illusory creation of thought), and consequently we become totally blind to the needs of all the people around us.

We are social creatures, and we all benefit from sharing communications with others, from sharing warmth, humour, friendship and care. Just to be listened to attentively is an extremely important and nourishing thing for all human beings. If no-one is willing to listen to us, or give us their attention, one of our deep primary needs is not met, and we suffer with a sense of insignificance.

It is so important to be aware of the people around you, and to be available to them as a listening ear, a helping hand, and a kind and caring heart. This is actually our purpose in this world; to share the warmth of our heart in a very practical way in the world around us. And we find that it brings such a sense of joy and happiness to share our heart with others.

Our heart is designed for this purpose, and we feel this in a very tangible way when we engage with others in a caring and attentive manner. And there is no shortage of people in the world around us who will benefit from our kindness and warmth. It is almost like the stage is always set for us, and all we ever have to do is connect with our heart and play our part…

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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
to the world of joy, freedom and happiness we once knew..”

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Opening Our Eyes to the Divine Truth


Imagine being in a deeply beautiful place, but keeping your eyes firmly closed. Why would a person do this? Stubbornness? Disbelief? An interesting dream playing across the back of their eyelids?

Our primary purpose is to open our eyes, so that we understand exactly where we are, and what relationship we have with the essence of the environment in which we find ourselves. It is conscious, intelligent, loving and all-pervading, and it is always communicating with us.

Consider a fish in the ocean. It has a living relationship with the water, because it flows through the fish’s gills, providing life and energy to it. If the fish were intelligent enough, it might recognise the intelligence that also existed within the water – an intelligence that is vast and incomprehensible to a small mind, but evident nevertheless.

We are like fish, in a vast ocean of intelligent consciousness which is not separate from us. It gives us life and it gives us inspiration. It guides us, it supports us, and it brings us what we most need to become aware of its presence. It is fully aware of us, fully present to us in every moment of our lives.

To recognise it, we simply need to be present to it, and we do this by dis-engaging our attention from everything which is not it. Like thoughts for example, which are the most compulsive of human diversions. Also, when we fixate our attention upon any material object, a person or even a particular place, we are also in the realms of distraction, because we are in the realm of form. Spiritual awareness comes from perceiving the nature of the space in which all forms (including thoughts) exist.

Everything exists within a space of consciousness, which we call the Universe. There are many seemingly solid objects existing within this space, but they are not the space; although on closer inspection you would find that on the molecular level they are more space than substance.

This goes to show us that everything is truly permeated with space, which itself is permeated with consciousness and intelligence. Therefore this intelligence is everywhere. But if we try too hard to understand this, we again stray into the realm of distraction, of mental constructs that fill up the spaciousness of our mind so that we lose perspective of the space itself.

This space is where we can look into the eyes of the divine, in the same way that when we look directly at another person, we are actually looking into a dark space in the center of their eye – their pupil. We can see them in there; we see their consciousness and their intelligence. The formless essence of that person is seen by us, through the depth of their eyes, which is essentially just a black hole.

Similarly, we look toward the spaciousness of life to see the all-pervading greater consciousness and intelligence. We cannot look with our thinking mind, because we will only be conscious of mental labels and conceptual ideas; all of which are thoughts. We need to see the space behind the thoughts. When the clouds of thought are not focused upon, and they are allowed to pass, we become aware of the nature of the sky through which they move. It is beautiful in a way which is beyond superficial recognition. Our own depth is what recognises the beautiful depth of the sky, of space, as like responds to like.

This is why looking at the vastness of the night sky fills us with awe. Something inside us responds to its vastness. Something recognises that vastness as an outer expression of itself – the same essence in fact, only projected outwardly. Consciousness recognises the deeply mysterious qualities of consciousness, and it becomes stirred up, awoken into action. It has a job to do; to see that spacious dimension within our existence – to bring it into our consciousness, our conscious awareness.

We are not supposed to be unconscious, we are not designed for it. We have just gotten side-tracked by an interesting daydream of form; a bit like a very compelling television program, which we lose ourselves in. This has happened to most of us to some degree.

Now it is time to step backwards, and see with a more expansive perspective that the content of the television screen is not actually where we are, and what is real. So we withdraw our attention from all thoughts and beliefs about the world, about reality, about ourselves, and what do we perceive? Space. A conscious and intelligent spaciousness, which only our own spacious consciousness can perceive. If we go into thinking about it, awareness of the space vanishes and we see only the content of the thoughts.

So we remain aware of the spaciousness of reality, of the universe, free from thought, and we perceive the spiritual (the non-material) dimension to existence, which is the source of our own intelligent awareness.

This is why meditation is such an essential practice in our daily lives, because it untangles our awareness from thoughts. Our mind becomes more spacious, and we become more grounded as our awareness moves back into our body as it relaxes and also becomes more spacious. Slowly, slowly we become more aware of our heart, as our breath gently brings us back to that inner realm of spacious light, of loving consciousness.

This is the inner realm, the kingdom of heaven within, from where our entire being is activated and begins to resonate like a beautiful bell, or a singing bowl. It is this resonance which opens up our perception to the frequency of divine consciousness. We become aware of it simply because we are resonating on its frequency, which is the frequency of the heart.

So, to simplify the whole process, we only need to attune our consciousness to our heart, simply by becoming aware of it. This is how consciousness works. It simply takes on the vibration – the energetic structure – of that which it is conscious of. Fear, joy, anger, sorrow, beauty… We give our attention to the outward expressions of such energies, and we resonate with them.

This is why choosing where to put our attention is the highest practice of intelligence, because by doing so, we choose the energetic quality of our reality. Our reality is simply the energetic frequency of our consciousness, and when it is aligned with the deeply harmonious frequencies which are encountered within our heart, we come to perceive the divine truth, a higher level of consciousness that simply awaits our decision to tune in to it.

So why do we postpone or avoid doing this? We are simply too attached to the lower frequencies of the material world, which bring us earthly pleasure, satisfaction, comfort and so on. We are addicted in a way to the highs and lows of the drama on the television screen of life. We are addicted to thoughts also, enjoying the illusory sense of security that they bring to our ego, and believing that at some point the realisation we are searching for will be found within them. It it cannot, because the frequency of thought does not match that of the higher consciousness, which essentially is Love. This is why we must walk through the doorway of our heart, and allow it to transform our consciousness to a state of deep harmony and peace, free of division, agitation, hostility and fear, all of which are created by the thinking mind.

Alexander Bell

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Oxygen and healing

Oxygen is the key to excellent health. Every cell of your body uses oxygen as its primary fuel. Every cell needs oxygen to function, to grow and to heal, and when our cells have an abundance of oxygen they function optimally, in perfect health. When they don’t, problems start to arise.

What actually happens to cells when there is a deficiency of oxygen is that they mutate, and they adapt to this situation. Their primary drive is to survive, and thus they start looking for an alternative food supply. This is usually sugar, which is found in abundance in the diet of most people in the form of fruit, sweeteners like honey and syrups, soft drinks, additives in many foods, and carbohydrates like rice, pasta, bread etc. (all of which are complex sugars). Even root vegetables.

Once you understand that the cells just want to survive, and that their first choice of fuel is oxygen, you can see how things can go wrong when they don’t get it. Once a group of cells have adapted themselves to sugar consumption, they start craving it, and we start craving it. What we should really be craving is oxygen, fresh air, which makes us feel awake, alert, alive and revitalised, but as our health levels decrease, we start looking to sweet food to give us the same sense of energy and awareness.

This is a mistake that many people make. They think they are tired because they need more energising food, but usually they need more oxygen. They are not breathing properly, they are not spending enough time in the fresh air, they are not being active enough to get their heart pumping and their lungs working. The body has gotten into a habit of lethargy, where it would rather stay indoors sitting down (usually consuming something), rather than outside in the elements inspiring and reviving itself with life-giving oxygen. When we notice this desire within ourselves, it should alert us to a problem, and we should change our sedentary habits for more active, outdoor ones wherever possible. Even if it means a short walk in the morning and in the evening (instead of sitting on the sofa), it will make a difference.

Now, consider the purpose of your blood. It is a transport system for oxygen. Blood flows around every part of our body, carrying the oxygen that every cell of your body needs. Your cells are totally dependent on your blood delivering their oxygen supply, and this is why it is important that :

a) We are breathing properly and breathing lots of fresh air for our blood to deliver

b) Our blood is healthy and strong, with a good capacity for carrying oxygen

Our blood pH should be very slightly alkaline (as opposed to acid) so that it can carry and deliver its optimum capacity of oxygen around the body. However, a lot of the foods and varying stimulants we consume encourage the blood to become more acidic, thus reducing its capacity for carrying oxygen.

Put simply, eating alkaline foods (such as green leaves and vegetables) increases and enriches the quality of our blood. It does this specifically because of the alkaline minerals which such foods contain, especially iron, which we all know is very important for the blood. Dark green foods, including superfoods like Spirulina and wheatgrass juice (which literally floods the blood with oxygen) are very enriching and strengthening for our blood. This is because of their iron content and their alkalinity, which is greatly attributed to their chlorophyll levels. Chlorophyll is incredibly similar in chemical structure to our blood, which is why it is the best way to nourish and strengthen our blood.

So, looking at the bigger picture, if a person’s diet revolves mainly around carbohydrates, protein, sugars (including fruit), processed foods and stimulants like coffee and chocolate (all of these ranging from slightly acidic to highly acidic) and alongside this, the person is also not very active and not getting a lot of fresh oxygen into their body through daily exercise, then the cells of their body are guaranteed to be oxygen deficient and their blood quality poor. They will struggle to find consistent and balanced levels of energy, motivation and enthusiasm, and they will often feel tired, lacklustre and easily irritable

These are the behavioural warning signs that our body has a problem, which is oxygen deficiency. This can lead to a variety of maladies that arise from the cells in various parts of our body not being able to function properly, due to lack of fuel. If a significant number of cells mutate from being oxygen-reliant to sugar-reliant, then illnesses such as cancer can present themselves.

I have learned that mutated cells can indeed be healed through flooding the body with oxygen, and simultaneously alkalising the blood with natural plant medicines like wheatgrass juice, commonly known to be nature’s greatest healer due to its incredibly high oxygen and chlorophyll levels. At the same time, all forms of sugar (including carbohydrates) need to be totally removed from the diet, so that the mutated cells cannot continue to survive on their chosen food source. If the cells wish to survive, as they inherently do, then they will have no choice other than to revert back to the consumption of oxygen as their food source, because that is all that is being made available.

Finally, it is worth considering how we can help oxygen flow around our body by allowing our body to be relaxed; free of tension and tightness. When we clench any part of our body, then circulation of blood and oxygen is reduced. So when we are anxious, stressed of worried and our whole body is carrying tension, then our blood cannot circulate as freely as it needs to. This is why relaxation is a vital part of any healing process. Not only does it bring relief to our nervous system, so that we feel calmer and safer, but it allows more space to be present in the muscles of our body, allowing blood and oxygen to flow more easily.

Relaxation simply feels good for our body, and helps us to feel more calm, balanced and grounded. This is also how we feel when we consume more alkaline foods, like leafy greens and vegetables. They are calming and grounding foods, and when eaten in partnership with good quality plant-based proteins, they create a sense of inner-strength and stability. Add to this heart-strengthening benefits of regular aerobic exercise like jogging, cycling, swimming, vigorous walking and so on, we can see that it is not difficult to create the optimum conditions for good health.

We just need to be aware of the choices we are making throughout our day, and see if they are choices that will lead us in the direction of greater health and vitality, or not. It is never too late to make more health-enhancing choices and it is always, always worth it.

“Develop the strength of your heart”

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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
to the world of joy, freedom and happiness we once knew..”

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Finding security in natural rhythms

Predictable natural rhythms create a sense of security in all living creatures. The rhythms of the sun and the moon, the rhythms of sleeping and waking, the rhythms of our daily meals and so on.

As babies, these natural rhythms created a sense of safety, a sense of reassuring predictability within us. And remember that while in the womb, the rhythms of our mothers body were our universe of rhythm also; heard and felt deeply by us. The sense of security they gave us was carried through to after we were born, when, as babies, we would feel safest when close to our mother’s body, feeling the rise and fall of her breathing, the beat of her heart. This significance of this within our psyche cannot be overstated.

So in our lives now, how do we reconnect with that sense of security and reassurance which these predictable rhythms brought us when we were young? The answer is that we connect with and follow the rhythms of the earth, of mother nature, of the moon and of the sun. We pay close attention to them, we adhere to them and attune to their tempo.

When we do this, we find it much easier to be calm and trusting, because on a very primal level we find deep security in rhythm. Our subconscious remembers being in the womb, being close to our mother, to our source of food and comfort in those first few years.

Our heart relaxes with a certain amount of natural predictability. It knows that a meal will be coming later. It knows a chance to sleep and rest will come at the end of the day. And of course, our heart itself is an instrument of rhythm. It beats within us, grounding us and simultaneously connecting us deeply to the outer world of natural rhythms.

And this also why people enjoy dancing so much, because within that rhythmic predictably that the human body likes so much, it finds occupation and purpose – to simply attune to the rhythms around it, and to enjoy them. While our body is attuned, engaged and occupied with rhythm in this natural and biological way, our spirit has the space and freedom it needs to expand, to lift up our heart, to soar and to dance in its own glorious way. This is the dance of the spirit, occurring fully within our own being, our own body and heart.

This is a joyful, blissful and effortlessly natural state is available to us all. The key is to begin observing and attuning to all of the natural rhythms that orchestrate life on this beautiful planet and to connect deeply with them, and with the grounding and stabilising rhythm of your own heartbeat. Our heart has a deep relationship with all the outer rhythms. It feels connected to the sun and the moon, and to everything in the natural world. As this connection becomes stronger, our heart becomes stronger, and is more easily able to play host to feelings of deep joy, deep compassion and deep Love.

This is our purpose, this self-remembrance through our heart. Where this leads us is into the beautiful unfolding mystery of life, which we learn to trust as it nudges, guides and directs us safely towards our destiny, which is complete union with Love.

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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
to the world of joy, freedom and happiness we once knew..”

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